Dec 27, 2016


I always on the go outdoors, I might not be as active as some of my other friends in outdoor sports activities, but nevertheless, I relish brisk walking, and sometimes jungle trekking and so on... and also spending time in the pool etc...

Did you know if you are an active person outdoors, you do need a powerful sunscreen to stay protected especially since we are living in a humid climate that often makes applying sunscreen kinda difficult. 

Don't you hate it when your sunscreen drips and whitens under wet conditions

However, I recently learned about the new SunPlay Sport UV that is formulated with the Wet Skin Technology, and realize I can now enjoy any outdoor sports activities as SunPlay's Sport UV provides me and my family with maximum sun protection.  

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I really like it that whether you are partaking in a short hour or long-hour outdoor sport activity,  Sunplay’s Sport UV has a quick dry formula that allows instant absorption on both wet and dry skin.. so it is ideal for swimming as well.....

It instantly cuts through water and form a protective barrier without dripping off or leaving white marks on skin. This uniquely designed sunscreen can actually resist sweat and water up to 4 hours and its high SPF of 120 and PA++++ helps to protect our skin against the harmful UVA & UVB rays.

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SunPlay Sport UV is also designed with Solarex-3 Technology that provides a unique 3-in-1 UV defence system to protect against sun damage and premature aging while keeping our skin hydrated at all times. It contains 8 UV filters that do not break down or degrade easily under the sun and thus ensuring long lasting protection to the skin. Awesome right......

The Sunplay’s Sport UV range includes Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist and Sunplay Sport UV Lotion.  The Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist SPF 120 (165ml) is in a mist form which can be applied conveniently at any time as it instantly cuts through and absorbs into the skin, leaving your skin feeling cool and refreshed. I prefer the Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist as it conveniently enables me to just spray it on my skin whenever I require it..

On the other  hand, the Sunplay Sport UV Lotion SPF 120 (35g) is a lightweight, non-greasy lotion type texture that spreads easily on the skin and absorbs instantly without leaving any sticky feeling or white splotches on your skin and with it's small bottle, it conveniently slips into your toiletry bag when you are traveling or in your handbag for you to use anytime......

The Sunplay Sport UV Body Mist is priced at RM58.90 (inclusive of GST) while the Sunplay Sport Lotion priced at RM43.50 (Inclusive of GST), and available in leading pharmacies and hypermarkets nationwide.


  1. They have body mist for this one too? Thats new for me. Need this!

  2. That was so easy to used! Thanks for letting me know about this :)

  3. Ooooh I like the concept of using a mist instead! Not a fan of slippery lotion here, especially when applying on my very energetic sons haha.

  4. Really need sunblock that is NUMBER 1. Not greasy NUMBER 2. Not white. Most of the sunblock out there are like labelling your own face - hello look at me, I'm wearing sunblock.

  5. This sounds Like a really interesting sunscreen, i do hate the ones that always make one drip off white juice (lol)
    I bet its a must try..

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  10. So fascinating, I love it. If its all the same to you find progressively like this.


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