Feb 29, 2016

Jerlynn'L the new Kid's skin care on the Block

Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my humble blog again.. so, what did you do over the weekend? On Saturday, I was at Mid Valley Megamall to check out the new kids' skin care on the block... It was held at the MegaKidz playland and I brought my daughter along..

Favorite Asian Sports Star nominee, Pandelela Rinong

Drumrolls please... do you know.... this year's Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2016 has been made more interesting with the nomination of our very own Malaysian diver, Pandelela Rinong, for the category of Favorite Asian Sports Star. Yes, yes! YES!!!

Feb 27, 2016

First Intense Treatment Essence by Pure Beauty

So yours truly was at the exclusive launch of the First Intense Treatment Essence by Pure Beauty a few days ago. This launch was held in partnership with CLEO, Malaysia’s leading young women’s magazine at the gorgeous WOLO Penthouse in Bukit Bintang..

Pure Beauty is a brand exclusive to Watsons. The products are developed and made in Korea with the promise of using the best of natural ingredients supported with latest science & technology...

Feb 26, 2016

Living without pain (Sponsored Post)

Did you know that the word "pain" is said to be derived from the Latin "poena" meaning a fine, a penalty.. so, at times, I guess it is a punishment for us when we misbehave, over indulge, or do things we should not and find ourselves in pain. 

How? Like do dangerous stunts and get into accidents (example, my youngest daughter once decided to balance herself and stand on her doll's stroller and she fell over with a horrible gash in her gums and bruises all over), over indulge in sweet desserts to end up with diabetic or even a horrible toothache and so on....

11 facts about the Kids Choice Awards

Oh my gawwwd....It’s that slime of the year again! The Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards is returning with amazing musical performances, outstanding celebrities and slimy surprises this 12th March !

Kids love this time of the year.. don't ask me why... even my 12 year old daughter is a huge fan and kept asking me, "Mommy, since you are a blogger, aren't you getting invites.. and if you can get invites, can I come along..."

Feb 25, 2016

Cindua Mato the Musical

I was at the Istana Budaya recently, a couple of days ago to check out the new Musical 'Randai' play  they had scheduled for 25-27 of March at the Panggung Sari theatre there . I am pretty sure it is going to be a very interesting play as the line up of actors and actresses are pretty star studded such as Remy Ishak, Azhan Rani, Ashraf Muslim as well as the lovely Puteri Aishah Sulaiman.

(Barisan artis popular seperti Remy Ishak, Azhan Rani, Ashraf Muslim dan Puteri Aishah Sulaiman akan menjayakan pementasan Panggung Seni Ekstravaganza Muzikal Randai “Cindua Mato” pada 25-27 Mac ini di Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya (IB).)

The First Smartphone Hotel in Malaysia

Yours truly was over at the Dorsett Kuala Lumpur to check out this strategic partnership between one of the leading hotel brands in Asia as well as the launch of Trendi Travel. 

Dorsett is the first hotel brand in Malaysia to leverage on technology in this manner, bringing the hospitality industry to the next level by providing their guests with complimentary mobile phones to use throughout their stay there.. 

Feb 24, 2016

Delicious healthy meals at your doorstep

Feeling too tired or lazy to cook and your family is expecting dinner from you? Have no fear, Shogun2U is here... 

LOL....yes, I made that up but seriously, Shogun2U is heaven sent when it comes to times when you have people dropping by or your family members expecting a good meal and you are just to knackered out and exhausted.. or feeling sooo lazy...

Feb 23, 2016


A couple of weeks back, I was stunned by the arrival of a huge box at my home, all wrapped in bubble wrap... my lovely step daughter Alyssa was with me, so she volunteered to be the one (,y model) unboxing it as I took some pictures, since I cannot quite take photos of myself opening the box nor do I quite like to be photographed not in make up, since it was a rest day for me...

Yes, skin care is important for me, and I love have days I put on full make up and go out, but on rest days, there are days I just tend to leave my face bare of make up to enable it to breathe.... I do not really know how true is it but well, I did go through a pretty bad phase once in my twenties when I was busy trying to be a 'model'.. yes, this woman was once reasonably pretty and narcissistic enough to think she could be a model or celebrity once upon a time...ages ago... and it was also the time I put on all sorts of make up and foundations and my skin got really messed up as a result.

Feb 22, 2016

The Launching of Tanah Aina Coffee Table book

It was a lovely warm and balmy Sunday afternoon and I was at the Saloma Theatre Restaurant along Jalan Ampang and I have to admit I was stunned to see the set up... upon registration, we got to walk along a covered and very lush green pathway to the restaurant surrounded by all kinds of plants , pebbles and pictures of all of the different Tanah Aina Eco Resorts there were....

I was actually here for the launch of Tanah Aina Coffee Table Book and a hi-tea, but nothing in my mind could have prepared me for such a grand launch of epic proportions....

Feb 20, 2016

Narcissistic me.... this blog post is about me... hahaha

Ok, today is the day I am gonna be 'perasan' (narcissistic) and am blogging about my own person.. my personality and to let my friends/ readers get a glimpse and some insight about me...

Once upon a time back in my high school days I dreamt of being a journalist... I wanted to be able to write and travel.. , it was definitely one of my ambitions back then. However I

Feb 19, 2016

HTC One A9 Launch & CNY Media Appreciation Dinner

LeveL7even @Hilton Kuala Lumpur was  bustling with an almost carnival-like atmosphere when I got off the elevator. Everyone knows that HTC is a global leader in mobile innovation and design, so I was here to check out the latest additions to the award winning HTC smartphone family...

Upon registration, I was handed my goodie bag, press release and also a game card... Apparently I had to complete 4 tasks at 4 different game station before I can earn myself a stamp, and then only can I return the card to the counter for my lucky draw...

KL Tower's Secretaries week 'Suatu Masa...' with Dato M Nasir

KL Tower, the beautiful jewel in the sky is majestically poised at 421 meters tall....It is the sixth tallest telecommunications tower in the world, built to improve the quality of telecommunications and broadcasting transmission here in KL... and I was there at the KL Tower yesterday to for the press conference of the upcoming Secretaries Week to be held second half of April 2016.. Since my other half was away, I brought my mini me along as she had never been on top of the KL Tower before.

Feb 18, 2016

Roaring Lions and Dragon Dance Performance at Concorde Shah Alam

Like a blogger friend said.. there is nothing more thrilling then to watch a lion dance performance and it can make even us grown ups feel like little kiddies standing at the sidelines clapping away gleefully...to more or less quote famous food blogger Miss Ivy from www.foodmsia.com ...

I know I feel the thrill every time I see a lion dance performance and I can never resist watching one whenever I can... so that is why this CNY I have probably seen about a dozen or so lion dance performances... and all of them are pretty fun and unique in their own ways...Northern Lion dance... Southern Lion dance but when it comes to dragon dance... errmm... I have yet to see one... well, at least until yesterday at the Concorde Hotel Shah Alam....when I finally got to see my first dragon dance, and probably the last one of the year..

Keio Plaza Hotel makes dreams come true...

A majority of women love cute stuff, Hello Kitty, dreams of being a princess or looking like one, and love indulging in beautiful and scrumptious desserts.. and while you are in Japan, of course, there is nothing better than experiencing and learning about Japan’s culture  and healthy Japanese food… Now there is one hotel in Tokyo, that makes these dreams a reality for their guests…

Feb 17, 2016

16 useful travel tips....

So you want to travel... great!!! Once you have chosen the destination of your trip, determine where you will be going. Are you traveling to multiple locations (ie Seoul, Busan, Jeju or just Seoul)? Are there multiple airports? Do be careful and double check your destination airports and the hotels you book as there are places that has two such as in Japan : Haneda or Narita; Korea: Gimpo and Incheon  or even three airports such as in Kuala Lumpur : KLIA1, KLIA2 and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport; New York City: JFK, LaGuardia and Newark International Airport... 

Feb 16, 2016

Yummy Bika Milk Biscuits...

Everyone knows that nutrition is essential for your child’s mental and physical vitality. It gives them the energy, help to sharpen their minds and help them grow and learn...

Feb 15, 2016

Fairy Tale fun run for Valentine's Day

Yours truly and her mini me was up early at 5am to get ready for our fun run.  It was my mini me's first fun run and I asked her if she was really up to it as it was a 4 km run or walk at least...and surprising she said yes... Since I felt silly attending a Valentine's Day themed fun run all by myself, I brought her along. 

We were there early to get out car park, knowing the crowd the fun run was expecting as well as well, Kepong Metropolitan Park is notorious for double, triple parking even outside the park....especially on a weekend!!!!

Feb 14, 2016

How to have soft, clear beautiful skin....and stay young...

Every woman wants to stay young and beautiful their whole life. Anyone reading this has a different opinion?? Hands up or comment below… heheheh.. Anyway, these are half a dozen important rules on how to stay young and beautiful….

 1) Take care of your skin
UV rays are harmful and causes wrinkles and other signs of ageing. Do pay special attention to protect your skin from sun damage when you go on holidays or if you live in a hot humid country like Malaysia.

Exfoliation is also one of the most important secrets of youthful appearance! It is the best way to keep your skin soft and glowing, it helps to keep your pores from clogging (keeps acne under control), helps with uneven skin tone, keeps lines and wrinkles in check…

Invest in good moisturizers and take good care of your skin daily and never leave it dehydrated or lacking moisture.

Feb 13, 2016

KL SOGO's Chinese New Year celebration...

Yesterday, yours truly was at KL SOGO at their invitation. I was definitely thrilled because I was going to be watching one of the best lion dances in the country perform. And why not... 

KL SOGO brought in the Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association all the way from Muar  for the day, Kun Seng Keng Lion and Dragon Dance Association is the 58-time winner of the World Chinese Lion Dance Championship!! And once you have watched their performance, most of the lion dances around pale in comparison.

Pakistan Expo "PEXPO KL" in Mid Valley Exhibition Center

So yours truly was at the Mid Valley Exhibition Center yesterday to check out the inauguration day of the Made in Pakistan exhibition. The mood there was sure very festive and there were many dignitaries and ambassadors around to give support to this made in Pakistan expo better known as "PEXPO"

And why not because this is the first ever exhibition on such a large scale organized in Malaysia showcasing a wide range of exhibits by 63 Pakistani companies, most of them who are here in Malaysia for the first time to study the market and source out Malaysian consumers taste and preferences. These companies are not to be underestimated though as many of them have since established a business relationship in Europe and North America, and they are not interested to explore potentials in South East Asia.

Feb 12, 2016

Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park

As you all know, my daughter and I were at the launch of the new Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon Park recently.. and well, after spending time there, we decided to visit the animals at the Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park because both of us love animals and I am just crazy over trying to take their pictures....despite having just so so cameras, since the demise of my Sony RX100....These pictures are all taken on my Samsung WB250F, and is fortunately not too bad....

Feb 11, 2016

Pakistan Expo (PEXPO) 2016

Heaven knows I have always admired the very lovely colonial style mansion that was the Pakistan High Commission, situated just right next to the Renaissance Hotel and right opposite the MaTiC.

So when I was invited to attend a Press Conference there yesterday, I was thrilled ...  but of course, since it was inside the Pakistan High Commission, there are definitely protocols and also the need to be able to carry yourself properly, but all is good. I am not about to behave like a wild monkey , despite it being the year of the Fire Monkey right... LOL

Feb 10, 2016


Today being the third day of Chinese New Year had me up early and headed over to the Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) at about 9.30am . 

This was because the Malaysian Inbound Tourism Association (MITA) invited me over there. They had organized a series of Lion Dance Performance there to surprise and greet the tourists who were in Kuala Lumpur for the Chinese New Year holidays, there.....

How I planned a holiday overseas with less than RM300....

Living in a big city with cost of living escalating, causes our stress levels to also rise... therefore it is of utmost importance for me to indulge myself and to go on a vacation somewhere... 

I need that break every now and then, from all the stresses in life that come from juggling work, family, relationships etc...I am sure everyone else needs a change of environment from time to time... but the one thing that is stopping people from going on a nice vacation, a nice holiday to somewhere they want to go...is money... right??

Well... what would you say if  I tell you that I have just booked a trip out of Malaysia on a flight for less than RM200 and can you believe me when I am telling you I got a hotel stay for 2 nights in a very clean and lovely place with nice ambience for less than RM100???

Unbelievable right?? But I did it... read on to find out how...

Feb 9, 2016

How to get from Penang to KL in 3 hours plus

(The ETS train pic credit to thestar.com.my)
My elder daughter came home on Chinese New Year's eve on the KTMB ETS train from Butterworth/ Penang to Kuala Lumpur KL Sentral, and the Gold Service high-speed limited stopping train took just about four hours to make the trip from Butterworth Station to KL Sentral Station!!!

Feb 8, 2016

Fun on New Year's Eve with my girls...

My elder daughter came home on Saturday evening, after announcing she was coming back from Penang and well, since it was the eve of Chinese New Year and this blogger... haha... what kind of blogger is she... has never stepped foot yet at the Mid Valley Megamall (since Christmas).. famed for it's outstanding and lovely festive decorations, I decided to bring the girls there for some bonding time as well as selfie time....or photo time... and shopping.. heheh

We were at The Gardens at Mid Valley and Mid Valley Megamall at 9.45am!!! Crazy I know but well, I wanted to get a parking lot and I wanted it to be easy to get a parking I want.. hahaha and yes, I got the parking I wanted right in front of the lift... heheh...ok, not RIGHT in front, but steps away..

Feb 6, 2016

Samsung Electronic's Innovations for 2016!!!

The view from the KL Convention Centre is so serene and never fails to impress me... and of course.. it is an amazing view of the Petronas Twin Towers and of the KLCC park...and it is pretty much soothing to the eye of the beholder...

I was at the KL Convention Centre early Monday morning for the Samsung Forum 2016....

Feb 5, 2016

Rana Daggubati launches Country Club Fitness FTX in Malaysia

Did you know there was some excitement  at the Patent House along Jalan Bukit Bintang recently... And why not Rana Daggubati, who was the main character in the recent Bollywood film, Baahubali: The Beginning (https://www.facebook.com/RanaDaggubati/) was in town. Rana who flew in all the way from Hyderabad, was also rated as the #1 Most Desirable Man in 2014 by Hyderabad Times. He was here in Kuala Lumpur to grace the launch of the Country Club Fitness FTX Kuala Lumpur Branch as its spokesperson and ambassador.

Dining at the KIP Hotel

As you know, the KIP Hotel is a very lovely business class hotel which is vibrant and very inviting along Jalan Kuching... If you do not know, read HERE ... What about the food? 

When it comes to dining (or feasting)... there are currently two main places... though they have drinks available at Aqua by The Pool on the 5th Floor, and even at the  AtSixlounge area on the 6th Floor of the hotel and also I really can't wait to see The Atop, once the place is opened... 

Feb 4, 2016

Sponsored Video/Post: Your Unforgettable Weekend in Singapore

Singapore is one of my favourite places to visit because I find it safe, clean and there is just so much to see and do. I can never turn down a trip to Singapore but sadly I do not seem to have enough time to go to all the places I want to whenever I visit Singapore.

To make the most of my time during my next visit there, I’ve decided to do some research on the places that I want to visit. 

Beauty Review: The Face Shop Calendula Eden Essential Moisture Toner

I got a parcel today, and being a woman, I get so excited every time I get a parcel... who doesn't like receiving parcels or surprises??? Anyway, this parcel came all the way from Korea!! Yaayyy... my K Beauty product... 

I have always been a huge fan of both Japanese and Korean beauty as I strongly believe that they are much more gentle and suited for our Asian skin then those beauty products from USA or Europe...

Feb 3, 2016

Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon at Sunway Lagoon

Yours truly and her mini me the cutie monkee was most excited to be among the first few hundreds to discover the new Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon at Sunway Lagoon yesterday... (2/2/2016).. It was located in ten acres of lush tropical rainforest (painstakingly planted and nurtured by the Sunway Group.. Yeah.. because, well if you remember, this place was a barren tin ore mine many, many years ago....). Anyway this hidden world is now open to the public beginning today!!! Yup.....it's open now!!!!

Feb 2, 2016

#GREEN 24 movement by AirAsia and AirAsiaX in KL

So yours truly and her mini me were both at the APW Bangsar to check out the AirAsia and AirAsiaX #GREEN24 community event that was held there... We brought along a couple of bags of recyclables and dropped it off at the collection corner in return for a lovely AirAsia #Green24 shopping bag and a t-shirt.... How cool was that....

Anyway, other then the collection of recyclables items, there was even a marketplace where  environmental organisations were gathered to promote climate action and help educate those who wanted to know more on how we could play our part in saving our dear mother earth....

See What A Difference A Stay Makes at KIP Hotel Kuala Lumpur (Hotel Review)

So yours truly was over at the KIP Hotel with the family - my hubby and daughter in tow to check out the newly opened KIP Hotel and a little temporary change in life we need. Because, face it, with all the normal routine in our lives , sometimes it can be draggy and we do need a break from routine, and indulge in a trip somewhere. It doesn't really need to be too far away... For me it could be just checking into some nice hotel and spending time with family , kids and friends relaxing, chilling out etc....

Anyway this gorgeous hotel was opened to public since October 2015 and is located off the busy Jalan Kuching at the thriving Sri Utara commercial district... And if you do not know where it is... you actually cannot miss the red, white, grey KIP Hotel from Batu Caves or Jalan Kuching... and it is not too far from the Tesco Hypermarket near Taman Wahyu...