Dec 20, 2012

BBJX Episode 21-28

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 21

 14th goes out to kneel in the rain all alone, in front of the Emperor’s quarters. ARE YOU FALLING FOR HIM YET?!?!? AND THEN. AND THEN.
9th, 10th, and 8th go out to KNEEL WITH HIM. OMGGGGGGG. THE BROMANCE!!!!!!!! AND TO MAKE IT BETTER, 4 of the other princes walk up and kneel with 9th, 10th, 8th, and 14th. OMG. And the dramatic music and the rain and the way they silently just kneel there in unity, OMG.
You have to admit. No matter how much you despised 8th for targeting 4th/13th, you have to love the 8th group’s bromance. They’re all so loyal and look out for each other.
The next day, Ruo Xi wakes up in her house. Yu Tan tells her that after 14th and the other princes knelt outside, the Emperor pardoned her. The servants discovered Ruo Xi collapsed in the garden.
“The Emperor’s heart is quite hard to understand. Rewards don’t necessarily mean favor and punishment doesn’t necessarily mean disfavor.”
14th and 10th come to visit Ruo Xi. I love 14th and 10th!!!
The doctor takes Ruo Xi’s pulse, and determines that she has a condition that’s resulted from long term stress, not just from her kneeling outside. Ruo Xi thinks to herself that in modern terms, the doctor is describing rheumatism. She avoids 14th and 10th’s concerns by making up an excuse. 14th promptly points out that this is what Ruo Xi always does, never telling them what’s wrong.
10th cutely tells Ruo Xi she should be happy, because 14th accomplished what she wanted. 14th modestly walks a bit over to the side, as 10th tells her that Lu Wu is allowed to stay with 13th. Ruo Xi immediately bows to 14th in gratitude.
Omg, I love 10th so much. He cutely says that if he had known about the situation, he would’ve gone and knelt with 14th too. 14th tells 10th that it’s not like the Emperor would relent even with more people kneeling. I think 10th is one of the happiest princes.
4th visits Ruo Xi. He tells her he can no longer ask the Emperor for her hand in marriage. Ruo Xi replies that she already predicted this would happen.
“You can hate me. It’s all my fault that I have wronged you.
Ruo Xi remains silent as she starts to cry. 4th tears up, but he leaves the room without saying anything else, leaving Ruo Xi there to break down in tears. Ruo Xi is completely heartbroken. This scene really got to me. :’(
Time for another dramatic hat-removal! The Crown Prince has been demoted by the Emperor. The princes are called to court *cue dramatic music* so the Crown Prince can give up his position. He takes off his hat as he tears up and begs for forgiveness.
Ruo Xi observes the changes after the Crown Prince’s demotion and 13th’s imprisonment. 4th becomes a very filial son to the Emperor. He withdraws from politics and focuses on having a simple life. 4th even gives up his usual burgundy robe for a plain one. Ruo Xi and 4th rarely meet after their ‘break up’.
4th: “Why don’t you hate me?”
Ruo Xi: “Why should I hate you? Because you didn’t keep your promise? What a joke. Do you have to hold onto your faith, only letting go at death?…I’m not willing to hold on and die. I would rather live freely…Only with endurance can one have happiness in the future.”


Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 22-24

Note: The first few screencaps aren’t all in chronological order because I mixed a few of the scenes up.

Episode 22
14th advises Ruo Xi to stop worrying about the past.
“Affairs of the past, just let them go. Some things there’s nothing you can do about. What you can do, you do. And there’s something out of your control. So why do you make things so hard on yourself?”
4th shields Ruo Xi from a stray arrow. His shoulder gets grazed in place of her. I really need kung fu scenes in BBJX. Think of all the princes as kung fu masters. I don’t even think I can handle it.
Ruo Xi: “Why?”
4th: “If you’re injured, I would feel pain.”
And 4th walks away like it’s nothing. Omg I’m still shipping 4th/Ruo Xi so badly.
Ruo Xi and 4th meet…
“I know I’m selfish and willful. Can the two of us have the remains of the memories of just us to. Even if you can’t marry me, I won’t let you forget me. At least, you can’t forget me before I can forget you.”
Ruo Xi flicks 4th on the forehead and smiles sadly. 4th raises his hand to his forehead and hugs Ruo Xi. Omg, I love part “you can’t forget me before I can forget you.” SO SAD.
8th basically gets framed, and his opportunity to become the Crown Prince is ruined. 4th is possibly the mastermind behind his demise. It’s so sad seeing 8th bro’s dream ruined, when he worked so hard to honor his mother and go against his lowly birth status. Basically, 8th wasn’t cautious enough. He didn’t watch his every step, and was too eager to become the Crown Prince. 8th returns home, and tells Ming Hui that perhaps 14th was the one who betrayed him. Uh, what?
Yu Tan asks Ruo Xi if she thinks 14th is the culprit. HUH? This never even crossed my mind, why are 8th/Ruo Xi suspecting 14th? WHAT ABOUT 4TH? Ruo Xi ignores 14th when he comes to visit her. She criticizes 14th for not begging for 8th, when he begged for 13th before. 14th explains that 8th has deeply offended the Emperor, and is also the one the Emperor fears most. This is the chance the Emperor has been waiting for to weaken 8th’s power.
Ruo Xi concludes that the dead falcon (which angered the Emperor and destroyed 8th’s reputation) must’ve been the work of 8th’s servants who were nearby. She wonders who has the power to orchestrate such a thing.
Ruo Xi: “And who is the one that will have the most to benefit from this matter?”
14th: “..You’re not mad because I didn’t beg for 8th brother. You suspect me! You’ve made up your mind that I was the one to give up brotherly ties to do something so despicable!”
Well, 14th sure caught on quickly. So, why do I believe 14th? Because he storms out of the room, and when he passes by 4th, he asks him if he’s the one who set up 8th brother. And also, 4th is the one with the brains for framing people. IT IS 4TH. I’M TELLING YOU!!!
14th: “I’m not a person who betrays my own kin”
The princes all wish Emperor a happy new year. But, 8th is unable to come to court, so Ming Hui comes in his place. Even though people are gossiping about her and 8th, Ming Hui remains composed and strong. The Emperor gives everyone a scroll with advice on it. Ming Hui’s says “Stay home and think about your mistakes.” Way to reprimand your son. Innocent 10th asks to see Ming Hui’s. Instead of hiding it in shame, she lets 10th read it. AHHH! I admire Ming Hui so much, omg. 8th truly has a wonderful wife by his side.
“I admired with my whole heart the lady who fights for 8th prince alone. She could avoid all of this, but she came with a smile, well-mannered. She turned all the mockeries into jokes.
Ming Hui: “I wanted to let everyone know that we don’t need anyone’s pity and we wouldn’t allow anyone to look down on us…You can do it to.”
Episode 23
So…I’m still shipping 14th and Ruo Xi. AND…The Emperor tells Ruo Xi he’s decided to grant Ruo Xi a marriage. 14th is similar to her in age, and they have a good relationship. SO…SHE CAN GET MARRIED TO 14TH! YES!!!!!!!!!!
“Thank you, Emperor. Your servant is will…
Your servant is unwilling!”
Ruo Xi is promptly whipped for her insubordination. 14th and 10th try to think of a way to save Ruo Xi. 14th tries to get Ruo Xi to tell her the truth, but she CAN’T because…she didn’t want to get married to him. >.< 14th says that she still doesn’t trust him, and that even 9th and 10th bros are doubting him. AWWWWW. After 14th and Yu Tan leave, Ruo Xi takes out the arrow that grazed 4th. She looks at it wistfully, undoubtedly thinking of 4th.
So, what’s the brilliant plan to save Ruo Xi? When 10th and 14th drink tea, they comment about how they miss Ruo Xi’s tea. ROFL, they’re so obvious, I love them. 9th just has this look on his face, like “Here they go..”. The Emperor says he likes Yu Tan’s tea. Way to crush their plan.
Episode 24
Ruo Xi is sent to the laundry department as her punishment. 4th, 10th, and 14th visit Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi entrusts 14th and 10th with a letter to give to Ruo Lan. Ruo Lan tells 8th that because of Ruo Xi, she learned to let go of her hate for him.
“We have to learn from her not to give up…Once, I hated Bei’Le’Ye, but after reading the letter, I know that the person who is making me unhappy isn’t someone else. It was myself.”
FINALLY. FINALLY Ruo Lan doesn’t hate 8th anymore!!
So, the last few episodes have been kinda slow, with Ruo Xi’s whole laundry ordeal. BUT OMG. EPIC 14TH BRO SCENE!!!!! As BBJX progresses into more politics and throne takeovers and sibling rivalry, we get more intense scenes like this one. I LOVE IT.

Anyway, 14th becomes a general. He’s sent out to war. After being sent off by the Emperor, he walks out of the court, and down the stairs, all to the epic music. He observes all the troops that are standing at attention before him. OMG. All the princes walk out and watch him depart. EPIC MUSIC + 14TH + BATTLE GEAR = INTENSITY OF BBJX. Omg, I can’t handle it.
9th comments that 14th is one of the best princes. 8th looks kinda down, so 10th tries to cheer him up. 4th is the first to walk away. He walks up the steps, while thumbing his beads. (idk if it’s a bracelet or one of those Buddhist bead thingys) The point is…4th is pretty scary. We all know he’s got a super master plan in his mind for winning the throne.
…No that is not Ruo Xi and 4th’s baby.
But these two with a baby is SO CUTE. It’s actually 13th and Lu Wu’s baby!!! AWWW. Ruo Xi touches 4th’s face, and 4th clasps her hand. He looks like he’s about to cry, but he leaves quickly.
“It seems that he’s carrying a thousand pounds of burdens. Just because to him, the imperial throne isn’t just the imperial throne. It’s also the future of 13th, my future. All these are heavily pressured upon his shoulders.”
14th prince’s name becomes well known throughout the Palace and the country. 14th has won a number of battles and has brought honor to the Emperor. He’s basically a celebrity amongst the palace maids. Haha, who can blame them?
After being away for a few years, 14th finally returns home. He visits Ruo Xi at the laundry department. The supervising eunuch seriously has this look on his face like, “Oh, here’s another prince to visit Ruo Xi!”
14th tells Ruo Xi that he’s asked the emperor to forgive Ruo Xi, and for her hand in marriage. But he found out that Ruo Xi rejected the emperor’s marriage arrangement before.
14th: “Why do you dislike me so much…you’d rather stay here, and wash clothes, but don’t want to marry me, right?…I have enough patience to wait for your answer.”
Ruo Xi: “It’s not your fault. You’re good, very good. It’s my fault.
14th: “Then I’m going to ask you…in your heart, do you have someone else? *silence* Fine. You already gave me an answer. Is it 8th prince or 4th prince?…looks like it’s 4th prince.”
LOL I love how 14th doesn’t even have to ask Ruo Xi anything, when she’s silent or gives a roundabout answer, 14th already knows the truth.
14th sits next to Ruo Xi, and says that ever since Ruo Xi risked her life for him in the horse race,
“I’ve determined to treat you the same way as 13th prince. Treat you as a friend, and treat you sincerely. I try my best to be your friend. I have achieved that, or at least I can say I have a clear conscience.”
“You still aren’t willing to marry me, right? *Ruo Xi only smiles at him* Whatever.”
LOL. “WHATEVER.” AHHHHHHHH 14TH. 14th reminds her again to follow the doctors advice to worry less and let go. AWWWWWWWWWWW.
At the end, Ruo Xi is brought back to serve in the palace because the Emperor is nearing the end of his life.

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 25

So, Ruo Xi resumes serving the Emperor. Continuing from episode 24, the Empress visits the Emperor. Ruo Xi asks Eunuch Li if he thinks 4th or 14th will become Emperor. Eunuch Li scolds Ruo Xi for being so curious, saying that they need to stay out of the palace affairs.
The Emperor asks the Empress which prince she prefers. We all know she’s completely lying when she says it doesn’t matter; they’re both her sons! [By the way, don't you love the earrings the ladies wear in the palace? They're so pretty that I would get my ears pierced just to wear them.]
Kang Xi: “Out of these two brothers, which one do you like?
Empress: The two of them are both my sons. There is no difference.
Kang Xi: To me, you’re more strict towards 4th prince.
Empress: …I only wish he can be a good role model for 14th prince.
Kang Xi:…Sometimes I suspect that the silent and reticent character of 4th prince was just because you were two strict towards him.
Here’s where I feel really bad for 4th, because his mom rejects him for no reason at all. He’s like the black sheep in his family. 8th was fortunate to have such a supportive mom. Even though she wasn’t of as high a status as the Empress, she loved 8th with all her heart. Whereas 4th never had a loving mom.
Unfortunately, a ruler of a country cannot be the same as regular normal people. Go out to work after sunrise. Come home for rest after sunset.
The Empress says that the princes are all true to the Emperor. The Emperor says that true or fake, it doesn’t matter.
“I only care about their future. They are all my own blood and flesh. I really hope the brothers won’t destroy each other.
Back to Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi wonders what the outcome will be if 14th or 4th ascends the throne. Ruo Xi’s reasoning makes complete sense. Which should be sacrificed–4th’s dream or the lives of the princes and other opponents?
“Emotionally, I hope it will not happen. I don’t want 4th prince to be upset, disappointed, and in pain. Rationally, I think that is the best solution to everything. 14th prince steps on the throne, everyone could still be alive. If 14th prince steps on the throne, will he really not kill those brothers who were not on his side?
The Emperor’s condition continues to worsen. The Eunuchs order all exits to be sealed off. No one can leave the palace. This is part of their plan to make sure no word spreads about the Emperor’s impending death.
4th intensely practices his calligraphy as he repeats the Emperor’s words in his head:
“I already ordered someone to draft the decree to give 14th prince the throne. Later on you’ll assist him with all your heart.
He writes the character for “peace”. After a eunuch informs him of the quarantine, (is that what it would be called?) 4th writes another character. *insert dramatic music here*
4th thinks to himself,
“The win or loss of so many years of hard work will all be determined by now.
He decides to prepare to enter the palace, leaving behind his calligraphy, which bears the character: Action.
Back in the Emperor’s room, the servants and officials are all waiting by his bedside. The Emperor passes away, and all the servants bow and begin to mourn. And, just like that, one of the officials goes, “oh, the emperor just told me the decree was drafted to pass the throne to 4th prince..and then he fainted!”
As the official says this, Eunuch Li looks at him in suspicion. With perfect timing, 4th enters the room and falls on his knees by the Emperor’s bed. The camera focuses on Ruo Xi to show her tearing up. The official takes this opportunity to reassert that 4th will be the new emperor. He bows in greeting to 4th, already calling him the emperor.
All the servants just sit there, until Ruo Xi bows and greets 4th as emperor. After looking at Ruo Xi bowing, Eunuch Li is the last one to bow to 4th.
4th orders that those who witnessed the Emperor’s death must be put in confinement so that the news doesn’t spread. Ruo Xi stays a week in a solitary room.
At court, 8th, 9th, and 10th come to confront 4th. They don’t address him as “emperor” yet. They’re suspicious of his ascension to the throne. Both 9th and 10th are outspoken and indignant about 4th’s actions. 8th keeps them in line, and reasons with 4th, asking how the emperor could change his will while he was dying. 4th orders Eunuch Li to recite the decree that granted 4th the throne. 9th calls out Eunuch Li for going along with 4th’s ploy.
“Didn’t my royal father treat you well when he was alive? However you dare to fake the Imperial order…
…Obviously, 4th’s kingship isn’t going so well with the other princes.
Suddenly a high ranking army official arrives to greet 4th. This puts 8th, 9th, and 10th back in line, because they know they can’t rival 4th’s military support. 4th grants 8th a position. 8th has no choice but to withdraw and accept 4th’s offer.
Back at 8th’s place, the three brothers fume over 4th getting the upper hand. 8th assures the brothers that although 4th controlled the opportune moment, 4th will have a lot of obstacles ahead. They’ll have a chance to push 4th off the throne eventually. 9th mentions that 4th’s mom won’t accept 4th’s kingship either.
So, here’s where I want 4th to become the best emperor ever just to prove himself to his mom. While gripping the white bangle 4th gave her, the Empress questions 4th…
“Tell me the truth. Are you really faking the posthumous decree?…He would never pass the throne to you!”
4th says that it doesn’t matter whether he or 14th ascends the throne, because she’ll still be Empress Dowager either way.
“..Why do you favor 14th brother? You really believe that I won’t be a good emperor?
The Empress throws his bracelet to the ground, shattering it to pieces. Poor 4th looks stunned.
“I need to follow the former Emperor’s posthumous wishes. Whether your Imperial Father gave the throne to my own son or not, I still speak for him.”
4th: “The Imperial Throne belongs to me. It is right and proper.”
“Right and proper? Is it really right and proper? Your heart knows better than anyone else…Even though everyone sees you as king, I don’t consider you to deserve it.”
…Obviously, things aren’t going so well with his mom either. I feel so bad for 4th. His eyes are so full of hurt. He’s never been accepted by his mom, even when he becomes Emperor. SHOW HER 4TH, SHOW HER!
Back to Ruo Xi. Ruo Xi is finally released from the quarantine. She reenters the palace, and sees 13th prince for the first time in 10 years. AHHHHHH. 13th looks haggard and has lost his former energy. Both Ruo Xi and 13th seem to be equally tired and weak. How ironic, when they used to be the “fearless” troublemakers.
Ruo Xi delays seeing 4th prince. But, 4th prince beats her to it, and visits her while she’s falling asleep. He simply wants to sleep beside her because he’s tired.
“This moment, I have hoped for it for a very long time. Just the two of us, belonging to each other. What is past is past.
4th has the shortest dream ever, and suddenly wakes up while calling Ruo Xi’s name. I expect them to start kissing, but THEY DON’T. 4th must be trying to restrain himself, because he leaves to go “take care of other business”. Yeahhhhh.
The next day, Yu Tan begs Ruo Xi to let her stay in the palace. Ruo Xi gets a beautiful new white outfit. (White is the color of mourning.)
4th brings 13th and 8th to show them something….the official that betrayed 4th is torn apart by horses. OMGGGGGGGGG. I was shocked by 4th’s decision to use HORSES, rather than giving him poison. DEFINITELY A FEAR TACTIC here. There’s a reason why he’s showing the official’s execution IN FRONT OF 8TH. Even 13th looks shocked.

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 26

Ruo Xi, 4th, and 14th get to eat together after being separated for 10 years. Ruo Xi thinks to herself that although they’ve been separated for so long, their reunion isn’t as happy as she thought it would be. 13th is very reserved and formal with 4th, always addressing him as “Emperor” and following the rules of etiquette.
“I wish for everyone else to respect me, even fear me, but I don’t want him to be like that. I’m always his 4th brother, not the Emperor to him.
Ruo Xi tries to reassure 4th by saying that 13th has to adjust to all the changes he’s gone through after being released from house arrest. He’ll eventually get used to it and warm up. Ruo Xi and 4th clasp hands.
“You two are the most important people to me.”
A doctor examines Ruo Xi. He determines that Ruo Xi’s illness is long-term due to stress. (Like a previous doctor diagnosed before) The doctor says that if Ruo Xi follows the prescription, the most he can guarantee her is 10 years. Poor 4th looks conflicted, while Ruo Xi calmly accepts the doctor’s prediction. (She’s probably already been anticipating this.)
After the doctor leaves, 4th back-hugs Ruo Xi and says he’s sorry. Ruo Xi calmly turns to face him..
“Don’t push all misfortunes onto yourself. Everything is fine now, but after 10 years, I don’t know if I want more time.”
Lu Wu and 13th!!! We don’t have enough of this love story!!! 13th tells Lu Wu that he must take care of all court matters himself, because other court officials can’t be trusted.
Lu Wu says that she doesn’t deserve to be treated this well by 13th.
“What ‘don’t deserve’? The most worthy event of my life is to have you by my side.”
13th says that he wants Lu Wu to become his Ce’Fujin. Lu Wu backs away and declines. She doesn’t want any titles–being with 13th is enough.
“These past ten years, if not for you, I would not be able to pass through. Now, I don’t want you to suffer from anything.”
4th and Ruo Xi live their dream life as a couple. Ruo Xi reads while 4th does some work. 4th has this huge grin on his face. AHHHHHH. They must have a happy ending they must have a happy ending they must..darn it, I already know the ending. Ruo Xi makes sure that 4th goes to bed instead of staying up late. 4th asks to sleep by Ruo Xi’s side because he has insomnia. Only when he’s with Ruo Xi can he truly sleep soundly. Awwww. Ruo Xi gives 4th a peck on the lips before going to sleep.
In the morning, 4th hugs Ruo Xi and tells her that he’s afraid their meeting was just a dream. Ruo Xi gives him a kiss on the cheek and asks him if a dream has that. 4th: “Do you really want to know?” AHAHAHA. OH, 4TH!
The Empress Dowager interrogates Eunuch Li about what really happened on the day of the Emperor’s death. Eunuch Li is clearly uncomfortably trying to maintain that 4th is the heir. He’s in a tough spot because he can’t tell the Empress the truth…it’s too big of a risk. As if on cue, 4th shows up and takes away Eunuch Li.
I had my breath held the entire time while watching this scene with Eunuch Li:
4th says that he wants to thank Eunuch Li for serving the former Emperor. Eunuch Li bows and says he doesn’t dare to accept. 4th: “Serve the wine.” OMG EUNUCH LI KNOWS WHAT’S COMING. AUGH AUGH AUGH. AND….EUNUCH WANG IS SERVING THE ‘WINE’. AHHHHHH.
Poor Eunuch Wang trembles as he walks forward, bringing the tray with the ‘wine’. HE KNOWSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! He gets on his knees and offers the wine to Eunuch Li. *cue intense music*
Eunuch Li raises his head and looks right at Eunuch Wang. AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
Time for the most dramatic hat removal EVER. Eunuch Li looks at 4th, and then raises his hands toward his hat. He calmly takes off his hat, glancing over at it as he lowers it.
“I think your Majesty for your kind favor, to let me have the chance to continue to serve the previous emperor.”
Eunuch Li places his hat on the ground, and takes the ‘wine’ glass with both hands. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. He drinks it all in one gulp and slowly puts down the cup. Eunuch Wang closes his eyes. 4th is watching the whole time.
The poison works quickly, and Eunuch Li collapses to the ground, instantly dead. 4th finally unclenches his fist, and he tears up. If I were Eunuch Wang, I’d probably start bawling right then and there. EUNUCH LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, in case you didn’t pick up on that…it wasn’t wine. It was poison. 4th had Eunuch Li killed in order to remove any question about his legitimacy. Eunuch Li’s death is more dramatic than the former Emperor’s. I’m not even kidding. Omg. )’:
So why are these hat-removals so dramatic? In 13th’s case, he’s giving up his reputation and his freedom. Crown Prince gave up his right to the throne. And Eunuch Li GAVE UP HIS LIFE. AHHHHH. It was so sad when Eunuch Li looked at his hat while he took it off. It’s like the symbol of his loyalty to the former Emperor and his life’s hard work.
More hints of 4th’s harsh ways are revealed when Ruo Xi and Yu Tan see a servant being severely beaten. Yu Tan informs Ruo Xi about her worries. Ruo Xi assures Yu Tan that she’ll take care of her.
Time for fake CG scene of 4th riding a fake horse in the night! I don’t get why they couldn’t just film 4th riding a horse at night…….the fake scene kinda ruined the coolness. Oh, and we get to see a fake crow!
Yup, 14th is back!!!! The first thing 14th does is go to the Emperor’s altar. All the royal officials and princes are at the altar. 10th, 9th, and 8th all look glad to see 14th back. Interestingly enough, it also shows 13th’s reaction. 4th arrives after 14th bows before the altar. 14th tears up…
“Imperial Father, I’ve arrived late. I couldn’t be with you at your passing. I am not filial.”
14th bows with his head to the ground and then gets up. *cue SUPER INTENSE MUSIC. You don’t even know how intense it is without the amazing OST.*
He turns to look at 4th with indignant, grieving eyes, and then walks slowly toward him. He stops and intensely glares at 4th, without greeting him as emperor. The tension is immense. OMGGGG 14TH’S STAREEEE. A servant goes, “How dare you not greet the Emperor?” only to be promptly side-kicked by 14th. The servant literally flies 10 feet just from 14th’s kick. This is so epic, omg. 13th looks at 14th leaving. Is it just me or does he look kinda sad?
4th calmly orders 14th’s general title to be removed. 8th’s group looks shocked. I feel pretty bad for 14th now. 4th may get the throne, but 14th gets amazingly epic scenes.
We’re just going from one intense scene to another! 13th tells 4th/Ruo Xi that Lu Wu left a note and disappeared. 13th desperately searches for Lu Wu.
We see Lu Wu at a pier by a lake. She has a flashback…
Lu Wu is ridiculed by 13th’s other wives. One of the wives suggests that Lu Wu let someone else raise her daughter (Cheng Huan) instead. Otherwise, people will look down on Cheng Huan for having a mother of low status. For the final punch, the wife snidely says that Lu Wu has shamed 13th. Lu Wu takes this all silently, and she sobs after the wife leaves.
Lu Wu takes Cheng Huan out to see some wildflowers. She and Cheng Huan bow to her deceased grandparents. Lu Wu apologizes out loud to them for not being a filial daughter. She tells Cheng Huan to bow to her grandparents in the future. OMG NOOOOOOOOOO. SHE’S GETTING READY TO LEAVE HER!!!!!

Bu Bu Jing Xi episode 27

13th frantically searches for Lu Wu on horseback along with a lot of eunuchs. Lu Wu sadly looks over the lake, and has a flashback to the night she left him. She places a letter next to 13th, who’s fast asleep on his desk. With a tear in her eye, she reaches out her hand to touch 13th’s face, but can’t bear to do so. She leaves quickly.
Back in the present, a eunuch sees Lu Wu’s distant figure and informs 13th. But 13th gets there too late. He desperately calls her name several times, before turning away to go search elsewhere. We see bubbles in the water…and Lu Wu drifting toward the bottom of the lake. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
Back in the palace, 4th tells Ruo Xi about his worries. Without 13th by his side, he feels vulnerable because he can’t tell what the other princes/officials are thinking.
“I was thinking what’s behind their masks. Loyal on the outside, just how much is genuine. I finally understand why kings are so aloof. When 13th was with me, I never felt this alone.”
Ruo Xi grasps his hands and says it’ll be fine once they find Lu Wu. An official reports to 4th that they found Lu Wu’s body in the river. 4th instructs him not to let anyone know, especially 13th.
Ruo Xi is in the other room, behind a jeweled curtain divider. (don’t know how else to describe those things..) The camera blurs 4th and shows Ruo Xi in the background. She hears the news and raises her hand to her mouth in shock. Omg I love the way they used the curtain thing. So pretty.
“Lu Wu couldn’t be this heartless. How can 13th prince deal with this? And Cheng Huan?…who will raise her?”
Ruo Xi is shocked by the news and cries for 13th, Lu Wu, and his daughter. She falls to the ground, and cries in 4th’s arms.
10 days later, 13th is still searching for Lu Wu since 4th doesn’t tell 13th the truth. Time for 13th angst.
13th drinks away his worries while looking at a painting of Lu Wu. His tears fall on her painting. AUGH AUGH AUGH. Ruo Xi remains worried about 13th’s wellbeing. 4th asks Ruo Xi to go talk to 13th, since he hasn’t come to court in a long time. 4th holds Ruo Xi’s hand before Ruo Xi walks away to go to 13th’s house. AUGH the shot where they show Ruo Xi’s hand leaving 4th’s hand is so symbolic of what is to come. :’(
And..I forgot to add these screencaps, but 13th has a lovely memory of when he painted Lu Wu’s portrait.
Ruo Xi visits 13th, who’s drinking in a dark room full of paintings of Lu Wu. I love the way they put Lu Wu’s painting in the background during the conversation.
“Why did she have to go? In just a few words, she’s erased the past ten years of our life together. Why? Even if there was something wrong with me, what about Cheng Huan? Why? Why?”
For that moment, Ruo Xi can only stay silent and look at 13th with sad eyes. She takes a drink of alcohol before beginning her long speech.
Ruo Xi drinks next to 13th and tells her story. 13th smokes the entire time, looking thoughtful. She recites an old letter she got from Lu Wu, which talks about Lu Wu’s tragic family background.
“She stayed with you in a difficult place for 10 years. That was her love for you. Now that she left by herself was because of her filial piety. If you sincerely love her, then please don’t compel her again. Let her in Jiang’nan live peacefully.”
Ruo Xi puts down the alcohol bottle and walks out, leaving 13th with a poem..
“I am destined to be separate from this love…If I live freely to allow wild flowers on my head, don’t ask me where I return to.”
Ruo Xi visits Cheng Huan and then talks alone with one of 13th’s wives. (The one who’s basically behind Lu Wu deciding to commit suicide.) Ruo Xi asks the wife what she told Lu Wu. She pretends not to know what Ruo Xi is talking about. Ruo Xi promptly grabs the wife and fiercely says that if she didn’t have a child, she would be dead. That was SO INTENSE.
Back at the palace, Ruo Xi tells 4th what happened. She says she suggested to 13th that Lu Wu was a victim of the Ming case (which resulted in the slaughter of her family) to help him let her go. Ruo Xi says that since she had to lie to 13th for the first time, she didn’t think it’d matter if it was a big or small lie. But she sees from the look on 4th’s face that he already knows the truth–in fact, what Ruo told 13th is TRUE. Whew. So…although Ruo Xi was lying, and thought what she said was a lie, she wasn’t because it turns out to be the truth. Confusing I know.
4th explains that when 13th requested to make Lu Wu his Fu Jin, 4th investigated her background per tradition. However, when he found out her background, he was unable to grant the marriage because it’d cause a ruckus amongst 8th’s gang.
As if on cue, we get a discussion amongst 8th’s group! This scene is perfect. The dark room reflects their bleak situation and heavy moods. I have to say that this conversation is one of the most significant ones in a long while.
9th informs the group about 13th and Lu Wu’s situation. 14th comments that 13th bro must be very sad. 9th, on the other hand, is unsympathetic and indignantly says that they were sad too when 4th and 13th made them suffer. If they had used Lu Wu to implicate 13th/4th, maybe 8th could’ve been emperor. 8th quietly puts 9th back into his place, and 14th backs up 8th’s opinion. It’s clear that 9th is the calculating one, while 8th and 14th have more empathy for their brother.
8th: “Why pour salt on his wound?”
9th: “8th brother, you want to be a good man.”
8th: “A person with novel character will take things the right way. The problems between men shouldn’t involve women.”
14th: “What 8th brother said is right. 13th brother was house-arrested for 10 years. During that time, only Lu Wu stayed with him. One can imagine how important Lu Wu is to 13th brother.”
8th: “…How do you think 13th brother would endure that?”
14th: “If he weren’t born in the Imperial Family, everything would turn out wonderfully. Too bad, we, as soon as we were born, were stranded in a big cage.”
At 14th’s last comment, 9th closes his eyes tiredly, 10th straightens up a bit, and 8th looks sad and grave. OMGGGGGG. THESE FOUR!!!!!!! I can’t help it, I love them. This scene is just too good!
Ruo Xi happily goes to visit 4th. However, she overhears the eunuch ask 4th to choose which lady to spend the night with. 4th quickly chooses another lady’s nameplate. Which means he’s not staying with Ruo Xi. Yup, this is part of the sacrifice you make to be the emperor’s woman. You share him with a whole bunch of other women.
Love the way Ruo Xi’s uncertainty is portrayed with the blurred plants/objects in front of her. Ruo Xi abruptly decides to leave, angry that 4th has such divided affections. She stays at Yu Tan’s place. Yu Tan informs Ruo Xi about which lady 4th is with, but assures her that his heart is with Ruo Xi.
The next day, Ruo Xi is mad at 4th. 4th, cutely enough, is happy that she’s jealous, and catches her in a backhug. He tells her he’ll do whatever she wants him to. Ruo Xi tells him to turn around, and surprises 4th by grabbing his braid. She makes him promise that only she can touch his hair. 4th cutely says that only she would dare to. Ruo Xi holds out her hand. 4th puts his hand in hers, but she slaps his hand, and holds out her hand again. 4th is confused, but Ruo Xi says she wants the handbag. 4th tries to go get it, but Ruo Xi is still holding onto his braid. ROFL.
4th visits Ruo Xi, who’s embroidering a New Year’s gift for Concubine De. 4th says that she’d rather have a different gift–that Ruo Xi becomes his wife and bears her a grandson. AWKWARD…
4th visits his mom while 14th is drinking tea with her. 14th begins to do the special bow to 4th, but 4th excuses him before he gets the chance to. 14th insists on following the etiquette “Little brother greets the Emperor.” This is another awkward encounter–4th, 14th, and their mom all together…
4th asks his mom why she’s refusing the title of Empress Dowager. She asks him if he really doesn’t know.
“You took over the imperial throne. Who let you take the Imperial Throne?”
4th: “It’s the Imperial Father.”
“Imperial Father wants to give the throne to you, or to your little brother?”
4th: “It’s me.”
4th asks how he could possibly have usurped the throne. She replies that he has great foresight.
14th: “Mother, these lies and rumors are made up by people with intentions. Mother, don’t be angry.”
Mom: “Look, even at this time, your blood brother is still on your side.”
4th: “Can it be that I’m not your son too?”
14th tries to calm mom down:
“The truth or the lie, what’s done is done, as long as brother is a good emperor, bringing wealth to his people, who’s emperor doesn’t matter.”
I feel bad for 14th for not getting his rightful throne, but I also feel bad for 4th, who’s always rejected by his mom. :’( I think 4th really needs a hug now.
4th: “My mother just has 14th brother in her heart. It doesn’t matter what I do, I could never compare to him..Do you think I’ll be a good emperor?”
Ruo Xi: “As long as you think so, you are.”
4th: “Do you know how hard it is to be a good emperor?..sometimes I’m more strict with myself than anyone else. But I’m also human. I also have my weak moments…there are many things that I can never tell anyone.”
Ruo Xi sheds a tear for 4th. I love this scene because 4th shares his insecurities with Ruo Xi. Being emperor isn’t as easy of a task as you’d think. It’s not just having tons of wives and ordering around your underlings. It’s difficult commanding an entire country and keeping your subordinates in check. Ruo Xi and 4th drink together.
4th tells Ruo Xi he has to go back to the Empress now. Ruo Xi is clearly unhappy. Ok, you may think it sucks that Ruo Xi has to put up with this, and it DOES, but you also have to remember that all the other wives have to put up with this too. 4th can’t just spend every moment with Ruo Xi and neglect his other wives, let alone his EMPRESS. Plus I actually like the empress a lot because she’s really kind and dotes on Ruo Xi.
Later on the Empress comes to visit Ruo Xi and tells her about the time when 4th stood in the rain for her. (I believe it was episode 21.) She says that she wants Ruo Xi to feel better.
“Maybe, only the cold rain could numb the pain in his heart.”

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 28

Happy meeting with the 8th bro group! 10th, 9th, and 14th laugh merrily together as they wish 8th’s well-being. Suddenly the mood turns sour when 8th hears his son setting off firecrackers. He orders a eunuch to stop his son, in case 4th somehow hears about the firecrackers going off. 9th says that 8th shouldn’t worry about setting off firecrackers in his own home. 10th and 8th try to silence 9th, but 9th insists on going on about how the former emperor didn’t even consider 8th as his son when he died. 8th interrupts 9th, telling him not to say anything else. 14th cautiously says that 4th may deal with 8th’s group again once he gets the chance.
14th tells the brothers about what his mom told 4th. 10th and 9th laugh happily at Concubine De’s victory over 4th. You can’t help but love how innocently happy they are at their little victory. I feel bad for 8th’s group because I know what’s gonna happen in the end. AUGH!!! 8th silences 9th and 10th’s laughter. He reminds them that 4th already tore apart one man who spread the rumors, which means that 4th knows about 8th’s group.
“He’s deep in his thinking and plots, never leaving a trace after executing his plan. Maybe, he’s already planned something and is executing it in the dark.”
9th is still overconfident. He says that there are 2 possibilities: Either 4th has compassion on them, to which 10th snorts and says “Stop dreaming.” ROFL. Or, 8th’s group still has power, so 4th won’t directly confront them. 9th confidently asks 8th why he’s given up. 8th ominously says that just like Ruo Xi predicted, 4th is his true enemy.
8th urgently tells Ruo Xi that Ruo Lan wants to see her. Ruo Lan is on her death bed. :’( Yeah, by now you should know that everyone in BBJX is dying off one by one…
Ruo Xi visits 8th’s estate. Qiao Hui is already turning on the waterworks when Ruo Xi arrives. Ruo Xi starts to cry, and 8th just has this sad resigned look on his face. He tells Ruo Xi not to cry, and to go in to see Ruo Lan. Ruo Xi holds back her tears, and looks back at 8th, as though for reassurance. 8th sadly turns and walks away.
And now for a super long conversation with Ruo Lan/Ruo Xi. Ruo Lan tells Ruo Xi about her dream of her mom and her lover.
Ruo Xi waits outside for Ruo Lan to wake up again. Qiao Hui tries to have Ruo Xi eat some food. 14th and 10th come to visit Ruo Xi. 10th informs her that he’s going to Mongolia for at least a year. Ruo Xi asks why, but then she realizes it’s because of 4th’s order. 14th asks how Ruo Xi has been, to which she just nods in reply.
“If he wants you, he should give you a title already. If he doesn’t want you, then he should release you from the palace. But now what are you? Let’s say your a palace maid, but even the palace eunuch has to bow his head to you..”
In true 14th confrontational style, 14th wonders what Ruo Xi is thinking. 4th’s not giving her a title doesn’t make sense to him. 10th hands over the soup to Ruo Xi, to get her to eat some more. She only takes a few sips. 14th and 10th look at each other worriedly.
14th says that 9th was sent to Tibet and 10th is going to Mongolia, so he’ll probably be the next one to be sent somewhere. Both 10th and 14th ask Ruo Xi if she ever wants to leave the palace.
“14th brother, this isn’t something she can decide freely. Not just her, but we also can’t do anything freely anymore.”
HMM I also wonder what Ruo Xi thinks. She’s always wanted to escape the palace life, but now that 4th is emperor, she wants to stay by his side even if it means being in the restrictive palace.
Ruo Xi: “I don’t know. There are times I wanted to, sometimes, I don’t want to.”
14th: “I think it’s because of HIM.” (aka 4th)
Ruo Xi quickly gets up to go visit Ruo Lan when she finds out Ruo Lan is awake. 14th stops her and asks if she remembers what he said to her a few years ago. Ruo Xi doesn’t seem to remember, so 14th lets her go on.
Ruo Lan gets into her final outfit–her riding outfit. She collapses and rests on Ruo Xi, reminiscing about her deceased lover.
Ruo Xi quickly goes to visit 8th. She kneels right when she gets in the room, and asks him to divorce Ruo Lan. WHAT? 14th and 10th look shocked because divorce is no light issue. 8th reservedly asks if this is Ruo Lan’s decision. Ruo Xi begs 8th to grant the divorce, because Ruo Lan doesn’t want to be married in the afterlife.
“You must’ve known that my sister’s heart was never by your side…I beg you to let my sister be free so she can be at ease to find her lover.”
10th tells Ruo Xi that if the emperor doesn’t agree to the divorce, 8th will be punished. Ming Yu pops in to say that 8th doesn’t have to do anything to get punished anyway. (because 4th always finds fault in 8th no matter what he does) Ming Hui urges 8th to grant the divorce.
AUGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! This whole time 8th hasn’t said anything. He gets up and writes the divorce letter. OMGGGGG. You can tell 8th’s heart is getting ripped out, but he remains composed. After finishing the letter, he throws down the calligraphy brush. He stamps the letter with his seal. 8th tosses aside the seal and walks out of the room.
“My whole life, I hoped to be your sister’s rival, didn’t realize she never even tried…I actually spent my life fighting with someone from my imagination. I don’t want to fight with her even after death.”
Ruo Xi reads the letter to Ruo Lan. Ruo Lan is glad that she can finally be free from her familial ties. She talks out loud to her deceased lover, reaches out her hand, and dies. Ruo Xi folds the letter and places it in Ruo Lan’s hand.
It’s night time. 8th is standing outside, crying silently. I remain a fan of Ming Yu:
“Your heart is hurting. My heart is also hurting like yours. I know my place in your heart isn’t the same as Ruo Lan. But to my prince, I will always be true to you, never forsake you. If you want to cry, I’ll cry with you. If you’re in pain, I’ll also be in pain with you. You’re never alone.”
IS THIS NOT ONE OF THE MOST QUOTE-WORTHY SCENES EVER? During Ming Yu’s little speech, you hear 8th suppressing his cries as he begins to tear up even more. He turns to look at her, with tears running down his cheeks and this look of UTTER SORROW. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG. He cries on Ming Yu’s shoulder.
Ming Yu’s voice starts to waver as she tears up. She pats him on the back as she says..
“8th prince, lay all the burdens down.”
Ruo Xi is mad that 4th won’t let her go back home for Ruo Lan’s funeral ceremony. 4th is rather possessive, but his fears are rational.
“I’m scared that once you leave, you won’t ever come back…I’m afraid that once you return to the home you dream of, your heart will never return here.
4th visits Ruo Xi at night. He touches her face and says, “I want you.” Apparently, he’s not here just to rest this time! Ruo Xi looks down uncomfortably.
“I will wait until your heart is willing.”
And so, 4th promptly decides to have “the talk”–”What do I have to do so you won’t resist me?”
He says that he wants Ruo Xi to have children for him, so she can be happy with them like she is with Cheng Huan.
“I resist because I know everyone’s endings.”
Ruo Xi makes an outrageous request–she wants to be empress.
“I cannot hurt her.”
Ruo Xi makes another request–she doesn’t want 4th to see Nian Fei anymore. (a concubine) 4th asks why she needs to make it so hard for him. Ruo Xi asks 4th what he’s gonna promise her then.
“Now I own the entire world, but all this means nothing without you. What I can give you is my heart.”
4th explains that he hasn’t given Ruo Xi a title because this way, he can see her everyday. In a gesture of acceptance, Ruo Xi lets down her hair.
Ruo Xi and 13th talk while watching the kids play. 13th mentions that he heard Ruo Xi is troubled that 14th was sent to guard tombs. 13th says it’s actually not that bad, and that 4th doesn’t want Ruo Xi to know about the princes’ issues. 4th doesn’t want Ruo Xi to be worried about the princes. 13th says that since they’re all brothers, the worst that can happen is house arrest. (13th clearly has no idea what the other princes are in for.) He goes on to say that 14th is outspoken and Concubine De is an obstacle for 4th.
“Ruo Xi, there are some things you can do nothing about. Just let go.”
In court, 4th’s officials inform him that they can wait no longer to grant Concubine De the title of Empress Dowager. Rumors are spreading that she doesn’t accept 4th as emperor.