Dec 18, 2012

BBJX episode 5 (from

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 5


Ming Yu is actually LIKABLE for once, as she shows off her amazing horse riding skills. I give her credit for that. Then she taunts Ruo Xi & Ruo Lan, hinting that they should have great skills too. 10th tries to keep Ming Yu in line, but the poor guy is obviously overpowered by her. Poor poor 10th. He seems to have accepted his marriage though. Ming Yu paired with 10th is actually kinda cute, when she’s not being a brat. Ruo Lan steps up to the challenge and displays her horse riding skills. 8th looks on in pride.

Here’s where I ship 8th and Ruo Lan SO MUCH. I mean, they’re already married, they might as well end up together.
8th gets to talk to Ruo Lan alone, and begs her to forgive and forget. He doesn’t want her to be so unhappy and cold toward him. He wants to do all he can to make her happy. But, Ruo Lan continues to carefully treat him with reserved respect. Which gets me wondering what 8th bro did so wrong that Ruo Lan has been avoiding him all these years.
8th: “Ruo Lan, what do I have to do to give you happiness? We’re already married. Will the rest of our lives be like this? We can’t even count as acquaintances!”
Ruo Lan: “If Bei’li is willing, I’m willing to be so.”
8th: “Ruo Lan, I’m unwilling! I would rather you be angry at me or hate me. I will try my best to repay you.”
Poor poor 8th. Unrequited love always hurts.
Later on, we find out the back story–Ruo Lan loved the guy who taught her how to horseback ride, but she was forced into the marriage with 8th. 8th/Emperor sent the guy to the frontlines of the battlefield, so he died. Ruo Lan miscarried her baby when she heard about his death. So to this day she can’t forget him.
OH. SO IT’S THE UNREQUITED LOVE CARD!!! COMBINED with the forced-unhappy-marriage card!

Now that Ruo Xi can’t be besties with 10th, she’s moved on to 13th. 13th is my favorite prince aside from 10th. Why doesn’t Ruo Xi just marry 13th? 13th is fascinated by the concept of ‘democracy’ which he heard from Ruo Xi’s drunken talk. He speculates that in a different society, people could all be equal, chase their own happiness, and be free from the emperor’s control. Um, if 13th isn’t compatible with Ruo Xi, I don’t know who is.
She even gets him to do the PEACE SIGN with her. They are so cute together!! WHY AREN’T THEY THE OTP?!?!? They talk about self-determination and revolutionary ideas! They’re ‘ancient people with modern ideas’!

13th and Ruo Xi become drinking buddies, along with a very intelligent courtesan. Ruo Xi, 13th, and the courtesan are just about the most progressive thinkers out there so far. 13th can’t bear to see Ruo Xi suffocated by the palace life if she gets chosen by the Emperor. The courtesan comments that it’s a pity she was born in this era.

Erm, these screenshots are simply because this scene was so PRETTY, especially the middle right pic, with the blurred beads for bokeh. And the bottom two pics–I love the angle!!! Anyway, 8th bro is still kinda confusing, because he randomly gives Ruo Xi an expensive bracelet. Er….

“Dad, Mom, I miss you so much. How can I not miss you? If I stay here any longer, I’m afraid I’ll forget who I am. Heavens, just who am I? Am I Ruo Xi or Zhang Xiao?”
On New Year’s Eve, Ruo Xi realizes that she even forgot to pray for her parents. (a custom on New Year’s) She broods over how she’s scared of forgetting herself. I enjoyed this little bit of self-reflection because it’s bound to come up when you’ve switched bodies, thus switching identities. How can she stay true to who she really is, rather than just adapting to the role of Ruo Xi?
8th randomly appears and comforts her. Um, ok? Aside from how beautiful the scenes are with 8th/Ruo Xi, I don’t really get what’s up with his random appearances and gestures of kindness. I’m a bit confused. So far though, I think 8th should just treat Ruo Xi like a daughter or a niece. After all, she is his sister-in-law. Aside from the amazingly shippy moments, I’m not really shipping him with Ruo Xi. Because she and 13th are meant to be, although they’re not the OTP.

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