Dec 18, 2012

BBJX Episode 18-20

Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 18

We leave off with Ruo Xi asking 4th if he’s willing to marry her. 4th DOESN’T EVEN FLINCH, and just looks at her with this gentle look in his eyes.
4th: “Right now, I’m not willing to.”
Ruo Xi: “If I have to marry Crown Prince, I’d rather die.”
4th: “That won’t do either. Don’t forget, I saved your life. Without my permission, you’re not allowed to die.”
Omg, can 4th be any cooler?
4th: “You can only wait.”
Ruo Xi: “Wait?”
*4th puts the hairpin back in Ruo Xi’s hair* “Since you’re already wearing my hairpin and you said you want to marry me, what do you think you have to wait for?”
Yes, he apparently he can. It gets better.
“You’ve just recovered. You should rest more and recuperate. You look really pale right now, I don’t want to marry an ugly woman.”
And then 4th walks away. OMG.

Ruo Xi returns back home to find 8th standing in the courtyard.
“I couldn’t possibly watch you marry this kind of person. Even if you don’t marry me, I don’t want you to suffer with him.”
Ruo Xi remains distant with 8th. *cue the sad music* She indirectly makes jabs at him by talking about how none of them can control their own destiny, make their own decisions, etc. etc. Which…I don’t really understand, I mean SHE’S the one who walked out on the relationship, not him. 8th still wanted to be with her, but how could he possibly give up THE THRONE? I’m actually on 8th’s side because we found out later that Ruo Xi just wanted him to give up the throne to show his love for her….
8th: “You have someone else in your heart, don’t you?”
Ruo Xi: “Don’t tell me that you want to control my heart as well?”
8th: “I hope it’s not 4th brother. Otherwise you’ll only suffer…”
Haha, this whole conversation is so ironic, because for one, YES 8th wanted Ruo Xi’s heart to belong to him. And YES Ruo Xi is gonna fall in love with 4th. And lastly, 4th is gonna end up being Emperor.
After his depressing conversation with Ruo Xi, 8th goes to visit his dying mother. They have the saddest conversation ever…
Mom: “Who doesn’t look at birth status?…If I had come from a good family, your path wouldn’t have to be so rocky.”
8th: “…in your eyes, how many are my accomplishments?”
Mom: “ definitely haven’t lost to your other brothers…”
8th: “What is bestowed by others cannot be compared to what one earns by his own means. If I didn’t have the strength, would I dare to rise to the challenge…These many years, everything I’ve done was all to enable us to gain a sense of self respect and not let others belittle us.”
Mom says she knows 8th will succeed (again, really bittersweet because we the viewers know the outcome) and that she’ll help him.
8th: “No matter how lowly our births, we’ll surely attain wealth and rank in our future.”
8th leaves, and as his mom looks at him walking away, she says
“The only way I can help is to not drag you down.”
She refuses to take her medicine, in order to quicken her death. What gets me is that the servants have no choice but to obey her. Omg. 8th’s mom didn’t get a very large role, but she nailed this scene. It was so sad because she knowingly talked to her son for the last time of her life. This is where I really feel for 8th, because he’s trying to hard to defy his lowly birth status, especially for the sake of his mother. And now his mom has sacrificed herself for his sake.

8th’s mom passes away. Ruo Xi tries to write a letter to 8th, but can’t think of what to say. She goes over to their quarters. She simply bows three times near the gate, in the direction of their house. The emperor passes by, and only pauses for a moment outside the house.
“So this is the Emperor’s love, but a mere moment’s worth.”

Time for 14th to try and talk some sense into Ruo Xi!
“One can call you heartless, but you actually bowed your head before Liang Concubine’s place. One can call you compassionate, but…even completely unrelated people can say consoling words [to 8th bro]. But you remain indifferent like you don’t even know. You didn’t even offer basic words asking how he is. Ruo Xi, do you really not care at all about 8th brother?…Do you know how disappointed 8th brother is?
Ruo Xi: “14th prince, do you know what longing feels like? It’s like a needle in your heart. How the heart is wounded, how the heart hurts, you don’t understand. Since two people can no longer be together, then why hinder them by doing things that make it so hard to let go, to let their heart continue to hurt? Now the more it hurts, the easier it is for him to forget. I would rather he feel hurt now, then forget me completely. From now on, he won’t think of me anymore.
14th: “A needle in the heart? What seemed like heartlessness is actually heartfelt concern. If you’re willing to wait, if it’s still possible…”
Ruo Xi: “Wait? There’s no turning back anymore. Moreover, will His Majesty let me wait forever?”
14th: “Then can you forget 8th bro?”
Ruo Xi: “I’ve already forgotten.”
14th gives in, and gives Ruo Xi advice on what to do in the future.

4th bro and Ruo Xi talk in the snow, as they look at tree blossoms. 4th asks Ruo Xi what’s wrong, and Ruo Xi says that it’s getting harder and harder to survive in the palace. 4th says that not everyone wants to hear the truth. Ruo Xi replies that if he wants her to put on an act, she can, but she thinks 4th prince would rather hear the truth, even if it hurts. I love how candid they are!
“Ruo Xi, do you not understand your own heart? Too many fears and too many concerns. Everyday you tried to balance yourself, and you’re too careful.”
Ruo Xi flicks her forehead, and tells her to go inside to stay warm. Ruo Xi returns home and wonders if 4th understands her own heart. She decides she needs to understand herself better, and takes off her precious bracelet.

Ruo Xi entrusts 14th with her bracelet, asking him to return it to 8th bro for her. 13th and 4th bro walk up, so 14th holds up the bracelet, and says that it’d be impolite for him to decline it. LOL 14th is implying that it’s a gift for himself. I love 14th’s guts. As if on cue, 13th leaves 4th to talk with Ruo Xi alone. Ruo Xi says that it’s not what 4th thinks it is. He says he doesn’t care what she was doing; he just doesn’t want her to fight with 14th again.

^included this simply because of how pretty it is!! Nothing significant really happened in this scene…love the bokeh from the light coming through teh door.

^bottom right pic: I GOT A PIC OF 4TH’S SMIRK!!!!!!!!!
4th: “From today onwards, never lie to me. Because I’m the same as you. I’d rather hear the ugly truth than have you lie to deceive me.”
Ruo Xi: “Then can you promise never to lie to me?”
4th points out how careful Ruo Xi is, always making sure never to let anyone get the advantage over her.
4th: “I promise you.”
Ruo Xi: “Why?”
4th: “No particular reason. I ought to.” *SWOON*
Ruo Xi: “What if there are some thing I’m not willing to talk about. Then what?”
4th: “You can directly tell me you don’t want to talk about it. But never lie to deceive me.”
Um, I really love 4th. I love how 4th and Ruo Xi can speak on equal terms with each other. Ruo Xi can be sure that 4th will be honest with her, and she can be bold enough to make her own requests. Ruo Xi says that she has something to ask him. *cue epic suspenseful music*
She writes the word “throne” on his hand, and asks if he wants it or not.


Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 19

We start where we left off–Ruo Xi’s question: Does 4th want the throne? 4th admits that he does. Ruo Xi asks if 13th knows about his ambitions. 4th says that he doesn’t have to tell 13th, because 13th knows what he’s thinking already. Ruo Xi asks why 4th is taking the risk to tell her the truth.
“The bet you placed was too big. Although I didn’t want to gamble, I was afraid that if I missed this chance, you’ll keep your heart closed too tightly. If I missed this chance, i don’t know if there will be another one. Telling others isn’t something you would do.”
4th takes his turn to get the truth out of Ruo Xi. He leans near her, and asks her if 10th’s kick hurt. (from the last episode, when 10th thought Ruo Xi was just another maid, and kicked her out of anger) Ruo Xi admits it hurts, but not too much. 4th gives her some medicine.
4th asks why Ruo Xi is so shaken up after talking to the emperor. They discuss political matters, and then 4th cutely says that when the time is right, he’ll ask the emperor for her hand in marriage. He holds out his hand to Ruo Xi. At first she gives him a low high five, but then obliges and puts her hand in his. AHHHHHHHHHHH.
“The more your heart is afraid, the more your face has to be calm. If others can’t figure you out, they won’t easily make moves. Who would be like you, and wear their emotions on their sleeves?”
4th leaves Ruo Xi with his bit of “iceberg” advice, and snatches her calligraphy practice paper as he departs. He says he’ll take it to see if she improves her calligraphy the next time. AND HE LEAVES WITH THIS HUGE GRIN ON HIS FACE. AHHHHHHH.
10th and Ming Yu have some marriage problems. 10th is hopelessly in love with Ming Yu, but can’t bring himself to come right out and declare his love for her. Ming Yu is jealous about 10th and Ruo Xi, and thinks that 10th doesn’t love her. Ruo Xi smartly brings them together with some sly words. 10th and Ming Yu become a happy couple, just like newlyweds. This little love story is so cute!!! It’s quite refreshing, especially when I know 4th/Ruo Xi won’t work out so smoothly.
And, of course, right after Ming Yu & 10th’s cute story, we get angsty 8th bro. 14th returns Ruo Xi’s bracelet to 8th. 8th gives this heartbreaking little smile, and then smashes the bracelet into bits with an ink holder. He ominously says that Ruo Xi has chosen to be with 4th, and then has flashbacks of his happier days with Ruo Xi. Omg I still feel bad for 8th prince, even though I hated him in the next couple episodes. And 14th has to watch his brother break the bracelet. If you’re wondering why 14th just won’t shut up about how Ruo Xi should be nicer to 8th, now you know why.
As if on cue, 14th finds Ruo Xi to tell her that he finally gave 8th the bracelet. He tells her about 8th’s insecurities about her and 4th.
14th: “8th brother said that ever since you entered the palace, you treated 4th different from the others…8th brother constantly paid attention to your every action…”
Ruo Xi: “I really didn’t know this is what he thought from the start to the end. That’s because he never showed his true thoughts. He never really trusted me.”
Ruo Xi feels hurt by 8th’s distrust, and 14th asks if Ruo Xi really loves 4th. Ruo Xi confesses that she does, (more out of frustration, just to tell 14th off) and runs away.
She bumps into 4th and 13th. Both of the princes know that something is wrong with Ruo Xi. 13th smartly walks away to leave 4th and Ruo Xi alone. Ruo Xi says she doesn’t want to talk about what happened. 4th accepts it, and doesn’t force her to talk about it.
“In the Forbidden City, I am not alone. 4th prince is willing to listen to my fears, worries, and troubles. He always reminds me of the unforseen danger. He could open himself to me…it’s a good beginning.”
Ruo Xi meets 8th bro to clear some things up.
“If I am more resigned to fate, if I have more tolerance, and am more forgiving, if I have less prejudice, perhaps 8th prince and I will have a different ending…Everything is like that jade bangle, regardless of its past glory, and beauty, it has already become dust…I don’t ask to be forgiven. I only want to sincerely wish that you take good care of yourself.”
8th bro says he’s glad Ruo Xi is speaking frankly with him, and the two depart. Somehow this is even sadder because 8th bro hardly says anything. Just like when he broke the bangle bracelet, he has this little sad smile on his face. :’( So sad, 8th bro!!!
Ruo Xi decides to play a trick on 4th. She puts salt in his dessert. Since 4th is eating with the emperor and the rest of the princes, he can’t say anything about it. He only drinks lots of tea because he’s so thirsty.
Ruo Xi is prepared to face 4th’s wrath. 4th asks for Ruo Xi’s hand. He takes her hand and whisks her away (LITERALLY). OMG. 4th notes that Ruo Xi is no longer scared of him. She asks why she should be scared. 4th threateningly raises his finger, ready to give her another flick in the forehead. She admits that she was just a little scared of him before. 4th walks away, and says that he’s not saying anything because he’s too thirsty.
Ruo Xi hangs out with 13th. This scene is so bittersweet, omg. Ruo Xi knows what’s gonna happen to 13th in the future, which is why she’s so sad while she’s drinking with him. She knows it might be the last time they get to hang out together. 13th talks about what his ideal life would be if he weren’t royalty.
“But, I’m already born into royalty. Even if I could escape, I’d still be thinking of my favorite brother. I don’t want to leave him all alone to face all the danger.”
Ruo Xi is moved to tears by his words, because she knows what’s to come.

 Bu Bu Jing Xin: Ep 20

Again, leaving where we left off in episode 19, Ruo Xi and 13th talk while drinking together. This is so sad because 13th is basically giving her his last words. :’( Ruo Xi tells 13th that she can’t tell 4th about her and 8th. She has her own reasons, and she can’t take this risk. 13th doesn’t press her for answers, and simply says he knows she has her reasons. And THIS is why Ruo Xi likes 4th and 13th so much! They simply trust her judgment without questioning her actions.
“Actually, 4th brother hides his ideas very deeply, and it’s extremely hard for him to get too close to anyone. Although I can help to share some of his worries, however, he’s lonesome after all…Ruo Xi, as long as you’re willing, you really can open 4th brother’s heart. And only you can, because you can understand his ambition and understand his pain.”
Ruo Xi silently listens to all that 13th says, while leaning on her alcohol bottle.
“You don’t take anyone’s side or push anyone down…But, if you get involved in our brothers’ feud, you’ll lose everything…But you? Why do you make sacrifices for our personal battles? They shouldn’t be your sacrifices.”
The next day, 4th is accused of spreading slanderous rumors about Crown Prince. Ruo Xi, who’s watching from the sidelines, realizes that this is all a trap set by 8th bro. Annnd this is where I don’t feel bad for 8th anymore. 4th denies any involvement in this case. 13th steps up to take the blame for 4th prince. AND 8TH SMIRKS. HE SMIRKS. AWETHJAEARTWEMTJEATWEJAKLGTJARLOYHJ!!!!! 10th speaks up, saying that everyone knows 4th and 13th are friends. 14th steps forward to speak in their defense. GO 14TH!
“In my opinion, this matter isn’t something 4th brother would do…He is usually the most filial..He definitely won’t do something so immoral.”
Emperor asks 4th if this is really 13th’s doing. Ruo Xi comments that this is a trap–4th can’t answer yes or no. 4th can only say he doesn’t know. 13th is ordered to solitary confinement.

13th removes his hat, as 4th tears up and clenches his fist. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. ARE YOU CRYING YET?
4th is left all alone, kneeling in the room. His hands are bloody because of the broken tea cup in front of him. Ruo Xi kneels beside him and puts her hand on his shoulder. In tears, she begs him to go back, for 13th’s sake.
4th clenches his bloody hand, and forces himself to get up and leave. AWEJTAOIAWSOJGOLJG. ARE YOU SOBBING HYSTERICALLY YET?
Lu Wu hears about 13th’s imprisonment, and appeals to 4th, 14th, and Ruo Xi to let her take care of him. 14th delivers Lu Wu’s letter to Ruo Xi, saying that it’s nearly impossible to get the emperor to let Lu Wu take care of 13th.
Ruo Xi decides to take the risk anyway. She implores the emperor to let Lu Wu take care of 13th during his imprisonment. The emperor punishes her by having her kneel out in the garden. For DAYS.
During Ruo Xi’s punishment, basically the entire palace comes to visit her. Yu Tan, the eunuchs, 4th, 8th, and 14th all come by to talk to her. T_T
Ruo Xi is still kneeling in the garden when it starts to rain. 4th finally returns to the palace to see her. Ruo Xi looks up to see 4th standing there in the rain. He throws down his umbrella.
AND HE SHIELDS HER WITH HIS CAPE. OMG. I believe this is the best scene ever in BBJX. The rain, the music, the GESTURES, omg.
“During this rain, someone’s willing to stand next to me to bear and suffer the pain with me.”
Ruo Xi asks 4th to go back, since she’s accepted his thoughts. 4th hugs Ruo Xi. HUG IN THE RAIN. I’M SHIPPING THEM SO MUCH! And then 8th and 14th come by, and see 4th and Ruo Xi hugging. IN 8TH’S FACE.
4th walks up to 8th, and I half expect them to start a kung fu fight right then and there, but he simply walks past him. VERY INTENSE.
8th kneels down, and looks at Ruo Xi with pain in his eyes. He tells her that even if she doesn’t love him, she should think about Ruo Lan, who’s fraught with worry. Ruo Xi reaches down to shake the water off 8th’s robe, but he pushes away her hand. OMG. SO FULL OF ANGST! 14th tells 8th to go on ahead of him, because he has stuff to talk about with Ruo Xi.
8th leaves 14th with Ruo Xi. I half expected 14th to rant about how Ruo Xi should be with 8th AGAIN, but BLESS HIS HEART, he GIVES HER FOOD. AWWWWWWWWW. 14th proudly says that since he hid the food with him, no one will know. ARE YOU FALLING FOR 14TH YET???????????
He asks if this is worth doing. Ruo Xi says that if she were in 13th’s situation, 13th would do the same thing for her. 14th asks if she would do the same thing for him, if he were in 13th’s situation.
“Whether it was 10th prince, or you, I would do it…the feelings for everyone are the same.”
OMG I love 14th!!!! 14th offers her his umbrella, but she refuses it. 14th reluctantly leaves her, and we get THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SHOT EVER, with 14th getting up with the sunlight behind him, and the rain blurring the camera. OMG.
Back at his house, 4th is standing out in the rain. This is his gesture to Ruo Xi. Since she’s out in the rain, he’ll do the same thing too. The episode ends with Ruo Xi collapsing in the rain.



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