Sep 12, 2017

Burp! Chicken with Salmon complete food, the new premium cat food from Pet Lovers Centre

 My cat Muezza is not a pure breed cat, but she has blue eyes, brown fur that somehow marks her decendance from some pure breed cat, however her huffiness and snobbishness might make anyone think she was one of the most expensive breeds around, but I guess this would be because she is just too spoiled and even more so when her brother/partner whom we adopted alongside with her went on to cat heaven earlier this year..  and yes, she can be pretty picky when she comes to food...

Since we love her a lot, we do try to give her the beat food we can afford.. however all the premium cat food always seems so expensive.. much to my disappointment, that was until I found Burp! Chicken with salmon complete food for adult cats.. it claims to be tasty and wholesome and made from natural ingredients.. and it seems so that way.. I personally won't know for sure because I never tried it nor do I plan to.. hahaha...

Burp! Chicken with salmon complete food for adult cats comes with prebiotics for our cats' digestion, contains salmon which is rich in Omega 3, is said to be naturally hypoallergenic and formulated without wheat, gluten, beef or pork, contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, promotes a healthy heart and strong bones and is made in the UK...

When I set the bag of Burp! Chicken with Salmon complete food for adult cats on the floor, my cat Muezza was immediately all curious and went to it and brushed her teeth or was it rubbing her face on the bag...
I find the Burp! Chicken with Salmon complete food for adult cats packaging to be sweet since it  uses light pastel colours like light yellow and light blue but nevertheless appealing.

I may not be a food expert but I also like that the packaging lists chicken meal, salmon meal and freshly prepared salmon for the top ingredients unlike other packaging that just stipulate by-product meals or unknown meat meals.

I also like that the kibbles are small sized.

Muezza seems to enjoy it and does not have an aversed reactions to it and the other "charity cases" that come over to my house every morning even more....

Burp! Chicken with salmon complete food for adult cats promises the heartiness, the satisfaction, and yes the burp for your furry kids! And yes, I can see Muezza's contentment after her meal.. she would just purr and purr before curling up on her favourite spot on the sofa and sleep... Such a lazy bum!!!!

You can get the Burp! cat food from any Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) or Pet Safari shops, one of the places my daughter seem to be addicted to going too.. because she just love seeing the assortment of animals around through the glass...

Pet Lovers Centre (PLC) is the largest pet chain store within Singapore and Malaysia, with outlets in Thailand and Brunei now, as well.


  1. Bersih hidung kucing tu hehehe comel. Sihat gebu geram lak tengok kucing tu kita tak boleh nak bela kucing sekarang ni...

  2. first time know about this brand, Burp! i dont have cat but sometimes i will feed the street cat around my home area, if this is not expensive maybe should buy some! btw, Muezza is so cute!

  3. Whoa! your cat looks like the Royal...Lovely furfriend and she must have liked the food a lot...

  4. I'm a cat lover myself and I would love to feed my babies the best that I can afford. Great to hear about Burp! :)

  5. I have 20 cats. I never try this brand. New in the market?

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  7. May i know where did u buy it in johore? Many shop here don’t have it

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