Sep 5, 2017

My new best friend, the Philips SmartPro Compact robot vacuum cleaner

I use to have to ask my daughter to vacuum the floor every other day and she would be giving me that annoyed look, which I would return with an exasperated look… Why, you might ask..  but well, it is because of her that the floor gets dirty.. with biscuit or bread crumbs, bits of rice, paper and yeah, my huffy cat Muezza’s fur... and it also annoys me when she would just vacuum the area half heartedly , and the floor does not seem any cleaner than before either..

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It can be so tiring having to vacuum the floor every other day but well, if you don’t… then you have a dirty home…It has been said that the dust in the average household has more than 2,000 different types of fungi/mould and 7,000 types of bacteria.. scary right!

I have however stopped asking my girl to vacuum the floor since a week or so ago… I do not have to launch into an argument with her over cleaning the floor after eating and so on now…

Well, this is because I got a new best friend at home… he is pretty small, just about 60.1 x 330  mm in dimensions and weighs only about 1.73kg.

Hello handsome.... So in love with my new best friend...

Yeap…. He is the NEW Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner FC8776/01 , he is an amazing friend and great assistant who does the job without any complaints! I am so in love with him…

TriActive XL nozzle

The Philips SmartPro Compact robot vacuum cleaner now cleans 2 times faster due to its TriActive XL nozzle with extra-large width. The Smart Detection System he comes with can adapt cleaning to any environment and infrared sensors to avoid it bumping into obstacles.

 The Smart Detection System is an impressive combination of smart chips, up to 18 sensors, gyroscope and accelerometer, that makes him able to clean efficiently on its own.

The remote control

The Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a remote control that allows you to navigate it from a distance, such as getting him to start and stop, guide it to any direction, change the cleaning path or ask him to go back to the docking station. It has a laser pointer which you can conveniently direct to areas which you want specifically cleaned.

The two side brushes

The wheels

The Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with 4 cleaning modes to adapt to different areas in your home, as well as extra wide nozzle to cover twice as much floor area in one stroke, and three suction inlets that collect dusts from the front and both sides. There is also  flexible strip that collects any left behind dust particles…

The z-type mode drives the robot in a parallel zig-zag pattern, when it discovers a relatively larger space. The bounce mode drives the robot in a straight line, when it bumps into an object the robot will choose another random direction. With the spiral mode the robot moves in a spiral motion with an increasing radius. The wall-following mode drives the robot to clean while staying close and parallel to the wall.

Can be charged directly...

This one is the one that connects to the docking station

The docking station

When it comes to performance, the Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner has an impressive battery life with its fast charging powerful Li-Ion battery and it can work for more than two hours before it returns to the docking station.

The Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner has a 2-step cleaning system, comprising of the side brushes and a vacuum to remove dirt and dust from your floors. The exhaust filter traps fine dust and particles. Being small and flat, it easily cleans under most of my furniture including my sofa, bed, tables etc…

The rubbish bin sign warning comes on when the filter is full...

Open the chrome top and you will see this

This is what a full filter look like...

Just open it and empty the rubbish into the rubbish bin

I like it that the Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner comes with a unique designed filter with an extra layer that makes the cleaning much easier than conventional filters. A frequently cleaned filter allows to keep high suction power of the Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner to the optimum…

Pros –
The Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an amazing robot that cleans pretty well.

The remote control is great in the dining room – especially when you have kids who like to munch biscuits, crackers or spill their rice on the floor…

It is such a time saver and you can easily set a cleaning schedule, and let him do his work when you are not around, and come back to a clean home!

And if you have cats or dogs, your pet is not going to be freaked out by this in comparison to the conventional vacuum cleaner.. lol…my cat Muezza would always run helter skelter when the vacuum cleaner is turned on, but with this Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner, she just continues her nap on her sofa like nothing happened...

Cons -
The Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner reacts to the remote control and pointer a little too slowly.. you have to wait about 30 seconds before it reacts how you want it to…

If you have long hair around the house, the brush nozzles will tend to get entangled at times and you have to detangle them carefully…

Other than that, I know I am in love with my new bestie… he is the best thing that has happened to me at home here, being a hassled and stressed out mom…

Overall, I am so loving the Philips SmartPro Compact Robot Vacuum Cleaner and it is such a dream  having him around the house…. now if only I can get a robot that can dust around the house or clean the kitchen sink/stove too... hehehe


  1. OMG I want one for myself too! I really hate vacuuming the floor LOL

  2. this is so perfect, modern and just WOW. I want it ! :)

  3. so much it cost? i hate sweeping the floor, cause i skin is so sensitive with dust. Vacuum is my only choice. With auto vacuum robot, i think this should ease my work

  4. Bestnya! Dah lama teringin nak ada vacuum macam ni. Serius letih kalau hari2 nak sapu rumah tau walaupun tak nampak sgt habuknya tapi still ada kalau tak sapu

  5. This is my dream best friend. Hope I can afford it one day. How well does it clean the corners of rooms?

  6. Awww! I really a robot vacumm cleaner like this, it helps to diminish all the dust and hair.

  7. hahhaha good that this little one is helping you and your mini to build a stronger bond with less annoyance factor...hahhaha... I guess it does clean up pretty well for a small bot..

  8. Wahh, it was so easy and convenient to use. I love how easy to clean it. Plus this can be use to scare my cat haha

  9. I definitely need this at home! Even I didnt stay at home, I wondering where's the dust come from :(

  10. This is perfect. My mom is on the hunt for this! Will share your review with her.

  11. i know i need one because i have way too many dogs roaming around in my house AND BED! will check this one and keep in mind :D -Joysofyz

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