Jan 30, 2017

My 2017 wish list......

Recently someone asked me what would I want on my wish list for the year....and it got me thinking.... There are so much I really want... from well, the normal, good health, good luck, wealth, love, happiness, more travel, more jobs, more opportunities, more fun and more opportunity to live my life.... 

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Jan 29, 2017


The Follow Me Buy & Donate Campaign 2016 raised RM 34,000 from the sales of Follow Me products during the campaign period which ended on 30 November 2016.

The funds raised were then donated to Rumah Caring Old Folks Home, a non-profit old folks home in Kajang, Selangor which has been struggling with the rising cost of operations and provisions for the past few years.

Jan 28, 2017


Anuar Zain.. is my husband's favorite local singer, as well as mine, and naturally even our daughter love listening to him croon... He has been in the local music industry for more than 30 years now with a lot of achievements some other local music artiste can only imagine...

Afterall, Anuar Zain puts a lot of great effort and dedication into his fresh compositions and the quality of his music never fails to delight his fans as well as other local music listeners....

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Anuar launched his latest album entitled 'Anuar Zain' last year and with the famous wholesale hypermarket Mydin as his backer, went on his 'Anuar Zain Album Tour 2016' last year....

Anuar Zain successfully attracted more than 1,500 of his faithful fans who flooded the Mydin Pelangi Indah hypermarket in Johor Bahru where his last tour stop took place last year.

Just before that, the tour took place in Mydin USJ, Mydin Bukit Mertajam, Mydin Meru Raya, Mydin Gong Badak and Mydin Seremban 2 from the 9th of  October 2016.

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"I did not know how I manage to become an Anuar Zain fan," Dato Ameer confessed in his opening speech, after admitting that he actually put of the initial idea of sponsoring Anuar Zain for his tour, but seeing the crowd and fans that Anuar Zain had, and listening to Anuar Zain's mesmerizing vocals turned him around and so Mydin is continuing their sponsorship of Anuar Zain's tour for this year as well with 6 additional sponsors which are Wonder Glow products, Nescafe, Head & Shoulders shampoo, Classic Billboard and both Cats FM and Suria FM as the official radio.

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For the duration of last year, Anuar promoted his first single in his new album 'Andainya Takdir' at five different location in Peninsula Malaysia, but well, here are some good news for his East Malaysian fans... he will be at three Mydin hypermarkets in Sarawak  beginning with Mydin Samariang, Kuching (12 February), at the Mydin City One (9 April) and  Mydin Vista Tunku (date to be advised later).

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Back here in Peninsula Malaysia, you can meet Anuar on his tour at Mydin Pulau Sebang, Melaka (12 February 2017); Mydin Parit Buntar, Perak (5 March 2017) and Mydin Senawang, Negeri Sembilan (26 March 2017).

And I really recommend watching the music video for Anuar's second single, 'Cinta Takkan Berakhir.' from Numata (Inu,Mhala dan Tantra) and directed by Amor Rizan. 

In his first video clip for his latest first single, 'Andainya Takdir' Anuar Zain told the story of an unfaithful wife who left her husband and daughter once she became famous for another man she just met.....

Be sure to watch the continuation of the story in the latest video clip starring Sharifah Sakina, Puteri Balqis Azizi, Eyra Razali, Syafiq M. Nazri and guest actor, Faizal Hussin which instantly redeems the 'unfaithful wife' and the sacrifices she made for her family, which also tells the story of the suffering of some women in abusive relationships and what you think happen is not all there is... and there is a deeper reason and sacrifice in the story sometimes, so do not judge a book by its cover, just like that....

This has definitely pique my curiousity for what happens next which will only be shown in the upcoming 3rd video clip....gaaaahhh... the wait is killing me... huhuhu

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And like the tour last year, for the entire tour this year, Anuar will entertain his fans with 4 songs and meet and greet / autograph his albums for his fans.. Be sure to get your album at any one of the music store section in any of the 45 Mydin outlets nationwide or online at www.lazada.my. Do also follow Anuar Zain Network on Facebook or Instagram for more news  and updates on Anuar Zain himself...

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Jan 27, 2017


This Lunar New Year of the Rooster, Avenue K Shopping Mall will be presenting a feast of nostalgic experiences and sweet decorations in a quaint setting reminiscent of the city’s yesteryear back in 1970’s. Visit “AK Nostalgic Chinatown” to savour the delights of the festivity, enjoy grand decorations, heart-thumping sensational performances and bountiful rewards from now up to 12 February 2017.

Avenue K will be entertaining shoppers and visitors with an array of festive entertainments to add to the already exciting, celebratory atmosphere. Catch the eight (8) Acrobatic Lion

Jan 26, 2017


Pssst.... for those of you who love iconic jewellery and pretty branded accessories, you will be glad to know that J&S Group recently launched LOVE LOLA at the Subang Sky Park Terminal... LOVE LOLA is a multi-brand jewellery & accessories concept boutique featuring the most popular iconic brands -  Thomas Sabo, Misaki, Pica Lela and Toscow.

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Love Lola is a strong, confident and independent fashionista who is always on the go, juggling the many facets in her life with grace and courage. 

C88 Premier Jewelry and Swarovski Zirconia co-branding collaboration...

Have you ever feasted your eyes on some gorgeous diamond jewellery and wish you could own one of these or buy your beloved wife or girlfriend one but when you see the price tag that comes with it, sigh and shake your head as it is just so super costly and you probably can not afford it unless you struck the lottery or some unknown relative suddenly decided to leave you millions in inheritance…

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I know I have…for how can I ever afford a RM100,000 ring or RM500,000 necklace as gorgeous as it is….. especially since I am just one of the many middle income earner group….

Being a parent....

Today I am taking a break from 'promoting' anything, not because I do not have anything to blog about but actually I do... have a few backlogs, but they can wait for the next few days..

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Today I want to share my thoughts, my two cents point of view on parenting.. well, it is not the first time and I have blogged about something similar, but it is just the way I feel... now I am not going to say that I am the best mother ever and I am far from that, but it does sadden me at times when I see other parents trying to 'give the best' to their kids in terms of education and all... but end up stealing their children's childhood...

Jan 25, 2017


Recently I was introduced to the GT888 Smartphone, which is the latest line of mobile phones by GT Mobile under the GT Group headquartered in Singapore. and so yes, the GT888 is a phone designed in Singapore.

Jan 24, 2017

GINTELL CNY FUNtastic Celebration with Amber Chia...

Massage is all about pressing, rubbing and manipulating your skin, muscles, tendons and ligaments. It ranges from light stroking to deep pressure. 

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There are many different types of massage from the Swedish massage - a gentle form of massage that uses long strokes, kneading, deep circular movements, vibration

Jan 23, 2017

Jackie Chan leads KUNG FU YOGA cast to Kuala Lumpur

When I first heard about Kung Fu Yoga, I was wondering what kind of movie it was that had Chinese actors and even Hindustani actors in it... and I wondered what kind of movie it was... that was of course, before even watching the trailer..but once I did watch the trailer, I knew I had to watch this movie...

Thanks to GSC, I got to watch the movie early in the media preview and it blew me away...it was a movie with elements of adventure - the Indiana Jones style way, action packed, comedy and music of course....and yes, your fair share of gorgeous ladies from the goddess of yoga Muqimiya to the

Jan 22, 2017


Lot 10 is ushering in the Year of Rooster with much cheerful fanfare to herald bright future and good fortune for all shoppers. 

The mall celebrates Chinese New Year with a refreshing playful concept where all activities revolve around the element of Red to symbolize abundant joy, good luck and good fortune.

Come visit Lot 10 anytime from now to 14 February, and check out the great deals, amazing giveaways and “fun-tastic” activities to celebrate this auspicious festive season in style at Lot 10. 

Movie Review - Aku Bukan Spy

I find it a little bit of a shame of the lack of publicity for this movie, truth be told.......
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 Aku Bukan Spy is the Malaysian name for this movie which is also known as Spy in Love in Indonesia. It is quite an interesting movie really, in comparison with some other local movies I watched and it is after all, a collaboration between Indonesian and Malaysian cast and crew, shot in the Pearl of the Orient, Penang....

Jan 21, 2017

CNY Joy with Pocotee and Friends at Paradigm Mall...

If you are looking for something different this Chinese New Year, especially when it comes to  mall decorations you might like to check out Paradigm Mall...

It is here at Paradigm Mall that shoppers and visitors can get the opportunity to immerse themselves into a cute, quirky and charming world of Pocotee and Friends filled with fun filled characters this Chinese New Year...

Jan 20, 2017


Whenever I am in USJ Subang, I will drop by at Main Place, the neighbourhood mall..they do have some of the cutest decorations during festive seasons and even when there is no festive seasons, I cannot resist checking out the cute mascot, Manny, the black cat...

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But this little trip to the Main Place mall was not to see Manny but rather check out the many golden eggs and also the adorable rooster at the mall's concourse area...the

Jan 18, 2017


Yours truly was over at  to be some of the few invited guests who got to witness Swiss watchmaker MIDO, reveal its new flagship boutique at Malaysia’s premier shopping destination in the new Pavilion Elite KL. 

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With over 800 square feet of space, the new MIDO Pavilion KL boutique is a welcoming place with MIDO's signature colours of orange and black, paying tribute to the perfect craftsmanship of watchmaking with painstaking attention to quality, fine detailing and contemporary architecture, all done to guarantee enhance your shopping  experience in Malaysia.


Yours truly was at the Sunway Putra Mall recently to see the collaboration between the mall and Touching Lives Club Kuala Lumpur and Selangor bringing 150 underprivileged children aged between 8 and 18 for a fun filled day out at the mall…

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The beautiful concourse are was inspired by the ancient charm of a grand Shanghai Town... and with this Sunway Putra Mall looks forward welcoming  The Splendour of Spring for this Chinese New Year with all their shoppers and visitors.....

Jan 17, 2017

The Malaysia FinTech Ecosystem Conference and GT Dollar Grand Launch

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GT Group of Companies is a Singapore homegrown group specialising in innovative solutions in the IT and e-commerce sector. It was founded in 2014 by Dr Paul Zhang, Chairman and CEO of GT Group, who has over 30 years of industry experience in high-technology management, economic and tourism development worldwide and is worth a whooping USD4.7 Billion…

Jan 16, 2017

Family Fun at That '70's Run

So what did you do over the weekend.. as for me and my mini me, we were up at 4.30am and out of the house at 5am to join a total of 1,035 fun run/ fitness enthusiasts at the Symphony Life Berhad’s first ever fun run event, That ‘70s Run at the Taman Tasik Prima in Puchong.

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Many participants came dressed up in their ‘70s-themed best look, to take part in the 5.8 km run. My daughter and I were just simply dressed in the given shirt and my sports gear..

Nestle MAT KOOL Panda ice cream is fun and so yummy....

Many people cannot resists pandas….. they are big yet so cute and cuddly,  and when you see their eyes…. Oh my goodness, I can drown in their dark limpid gaze…

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It is also just so fascinating to watch a panda sitting upright on its hindquarters munching on bamboo grasped by an enlarged wrist bone that functions like an opposable thumb.

Jan 15, 2017


I do relish the taste of dribbilicious Summer Stonefruits and those juicy premium cherries which are imported all the way from the land down under….

Australia is helping Malaysian parents provide fresh, safe, healthy and great quality fruits to their families…backed by Australia’s world leading food safety standards, traceability and quality assurance…

Get you Guardian Malaysia's Dreams and Aspirations charms now....

Have you by any chance seen the pretty new charm bracelet with the whole set of Dreams and Aspirations charm collection with crystals from Swarovski…

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Jan 14, 2017

Lynnity Phytonutrients keeps me fit and healthy...

We do face a lot of stress in our everyday lives. The normal causes of stress in life are usually stuff like major transitions, illnesses and injuries, money problems, a too-hectic schedule and so on, and all these eats at us, mess with our wellbeing and cause us to have health issues. Another main cause would be most of hardly eat a proper well balanced diet, and even when we do, sometimes there is something lacking in our diet, thus we do not quite get enough nutrients in our body.…

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And this is what which make us feel listless, exhausted, obese, etc, etc…. something I totally relate to and am undergoing, especially with age catching up, juggling with family health issues , the dramas around me from family and friends, and so on… as well as misbehaving myself from time to time…over indulging in good food and less exercise and stuff….

Jan 13, 2017


A co-operatives or better known as koperasi here in Malaysia look like any other business. What actually makes these co-operatives/ koperasi unique is that they are actually run not investors or shareholders, but rather, by their members who are regular people like you and me – customers, employees, residents, anyone and everyone.....

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The co-operatives/ koperasi can be anything from small community enterprises to even huge businesses. It can be everything from healthcare to housing, renewables to retail, sports to social care. And they operate across the country.

Jan 11, 2017


A man might be good looking but to me, and I am sure  whole lot of women out there, he would not be attractive if he smell of stale sweat, and body odour.... Thus, in my opinion it has to be a packaged deal.. 

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 I would certainly be running away and avoiding the man even if he is as good looking as Gong Yoo or Hrithik Roshan if he smells of replusive body odour, as for me personal hygiene plays a super important role in being attractive...

It doesn't have to cost a bomb to smell great and be confident, not when there are just so many affordable deodorant sprays around in the supermarkets and pharmacies...

Jan 10, 2017

Honor 6X Steals the Show at International CES 2017 with Uncompromising Performance

I have to say I am a huge Honor fan now after using the Honor 8 and well, the Honor 6X is also grabbing my attention.... -sheesh, down, girl, down- as it is touted the perfect technological budget beast built for the cost conscious yet uncompromising Internet-minded millennial. 

Embodying the “double or nothing” motto that millennials live and breathe, the Honor 6X breaks new ground at Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas recently with its premium dual-lens rear camera, extended battery life and rock-solid performance. 

2PM WILD BEAT on E! Asia

Fans of 2PM, one of the hottest K-pop act in the world will be delighted to know that E! – the pop culture powerhouse of NBCUniversal International Networks – just announced the premiere of 2PM Wild Beat, a highly anticipated new series featuring 2PM. 

The 10-episode x 45-minute Korean travel reality series is produced by JYP Pictures for IHQ’s K-Star channel in Korea.

E! will be airing the series with local language subtitles – Same Day as Korea – on 1st February through its on-demand service, E! Zone. The series will also be aired with subtitles on the E! Asia feed on 3rd February.

Jan 9, 2017

Swimming in Abundance and Prosperity at Sungei Wang Plaza

Sungei Wang Plaza is ushering in the Year of the Fiery Fire Rooster with Abundance and Prosperity from now till 19 February 2017.  

Just as I step into the Atrium, I was mesmerized by a magnificent lotus flower pond with nine koi fishes jumping out. The symbol of these nine koi fishes ascending upwards to the top of the dragon gate symbolizes leading shoppers and tenants to the triumphant new year. The number of nine and lotus symbolizes longevity and koi fish believes to bring prosperity and abundance for all. 

Jan 7, 2017


Even in my laziest days I need a lipstick or a coloured lip balm... my mother is not one who puts on make up but she definitely cannot live without her lipstick...

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And all this is why lipstick has to be one of the most needed makeup item in every woman/ girls’ handbag or makeup pouch. The reason would probably be because with just one swipe, lipsticks can instantly brighten your face and change your entire look. 

Jan 5, 2017

Live Unplanned with the New Samsung Galaxy A Series

Yours truly was over at Aloft to check out the Samsung Galaxy A series media launch and was surprised to enter a beautiful ballroom converted into a glamping site instead as Samsung Malaysia Electronics introduces two addition to its latest Galaxy A Series (2017) range, the Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017)!

Jan 3, 2017

The cost of Back to School....

School in Klang Valley reopens today and so yes, my cutie monkee / youngest daughter is now going back to school. She is going to a new school, since she is entering secondary school and have to lower herself to becoming a newbie in school again, since she was a senior in school last year in the last year of primary school...
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Getting her ready for school was definitely shocking.. how prices have gone up... a reasonable pair of school shoes cost about RM40, a white baju kurung top is also about RM30, and the turquoise blue baju kurung skirt is about RM35... then an undershirt or camisole cost RM10 per pc, tudung and anak tudung cost about RM20 - yeah, like it or not,


This year’s MONSPACE U WE GLOW FUN RUN 2016 was definitely  “splashier, brighter and more glow!! 

 Alex Wong, CEO of Monspace Mall, along with Dato Sri Jessy Lai (Founder of Monspace) flag off the fun run together with Issac Teoh, the organizer of U We Glow Fun Run.