Jan 29, 2017


The Follow Me Buy & Donate Campaign 2016 raised RM 34,000 from the sales of Follow Me products during the campaign period which ended on 30 November 2016.

The funds raised were then donated to Rumah Caring Old Folks Home, a non-profit old folks home in Kajang, Selangor which has been struggling with the rising cost of operations and provisions for the past few years.

Ms. Jessky Hah, Product Manager of Follow Me said she was grateful that the campaign was a success and it could contribute towards providing better nursing, health and logistic care to the old folks and disabilities in the Rumah Caring Old Folks home.   

“The response for this campaign is overwhelming and I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in making the Follow Me Buy & Donate Campaign 2016 a success,” said Ms.Jessky. She also expressed hope that the brand will continue to do their bit to contribute back to the society by reaching out to more underprivileged communities.  

At present, the Kajang, Selangor bound old folks home caters not only to citizens aged between 50 years to 95 years, but it also shelters wheel chair bound old folks who require special needs and attention. 

According to Wendy Yap, Founder of Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang Selangor, the average running cost of the home is approximately RM14,000 a month and the surging cost of basic needs, nursing service and cost of health supplies have often left the shelter feeling helpless.  

“Therefore, we truly appreciate donations in any kind and we are deeply thankful to have received donations from Follow Me,” said Yap. Funds collected from the Follow Me Buy & Donate Campaign 2016 will be used to bear the household expenditure of the Rumah Caring Old Folks Home

Website: http://www.tohtonku.com.my/    

Persatuan Rumah Caring Kajang Selangor was established in May 2004 by social worker Wendy Yap who has worked relentlessly over the past 20 years to improve the lives of underprivileged persons in society. It is a non-profit organization looking into the welfare of the needy.
The association currently runs Rumah Caring, an old folks home in Kajang where 28 senior citizens spend their golden years, as well as serving as a drug centre that has helped more than 3,000 addicts over the years. Apart from that, it ministers to single mothers and their children, helping them to be independent again through financial and emotional support. It is also heartening to note that many of these children have grown up to be high-flyers. To date, about 100 families of single parent are under its care.
Your support is very much needed for the association to continue serving the community. 


  1. Must support! I am glad that they do this campaign and help the needy.

  2. Bravo to you, Miera! Agree 100% that we need to always help the needy whenever we can ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  3. Can we actually go and visit the house? I mean as an individually?

  4. Tabik! For great cause, nothing can beat the team. Would love to be volunteer and visit old folks home soon.

  5. It's disheartening to see old folks in a home. Glad that there are people out there helping!

  6. Full support babe! I completely feel for this and for such a great cause I am all for it. Cheers to those that are assisting in helping out in this.

  7. Great work for poor people and you should keep it continue.
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  8. Must support this campaign! Hope that one day I can visit this Old folks and give them my love!

  9. keren banget :) Mulia sekali mau membantu sesama :)

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