Jan 26, 2017

Being a parent....

Today I am taking a break from 'promoting' anything, not because I do not have anything to blog about but actually I do... have a few backlogs, but they can wait for the next few days..

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Today I want to share my thoughts, my two cents point of view on parenting.. well, it is not the first time and I have blogged about something similar, but it is just the way I feel... now I am not going to say that I am the best mother ever and I am far from that, but it does sadden me at times when I see other parents trying to 'give the best' to their kids in terms of education and all... but end up stealing their children's childhood...

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For me, a child's childhood is the time they learn and grow, but it is not all just about academics... I have seen neighbours and friends forcing their kids to attend tuition, religious classes, art classes, ballet classes, piano classes etc etc etc..... and I had even had a friend who is a tutor said some parents would just go out of their way to get the kids out of their way and busy with all these lessons and the kids are practically worked to the bone...literally... in  the quest to make them top of the class ..

Some of these kids hardly see the light of day, enjoy a day in the park... I am serious... I know of some kids who has practically never been to the mall, never been to a cinema, never been to any theme park and such. All their parents do is force all kind of academic activities on them in the bid to make them top of the class...

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It is said that these parents who go to great lengths to make their children succeed are just attempting to make up for their own failed dreams...
This happens because these parents see their children as extensions of themselves, rather than as separate people with their own hopes and dreams and force their often unwilling children to follow a dream... the parent's dream
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Errmmm... maybe it is a proud achievement if and when the kids succeed... but it is so sad... 
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Maybe some of these parents might think I am a lackadaisical parent who does not care much for her children, but I am a firm believer kids should enjoy their childhood... my daughter is enjoying hers...

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I bring her on trips, on little breaks, she goes to plenty of theme parks, malls, travel etc.. and she learn a lot of things along the way too..

Yeah... the other parents will point out my daughter is not a top achiever in school... but so what... 

I do not bother over that matter... did you know some of these over achievers are just so stressed and when they think they have failed - not getting to be number 1 or so, they sometimes commit suicide... there has been just so many cases... and how about those who gets amazing grades in their exams... , so they go off to good colleges or universities to study, but how many of them are really happy and successful in life... there are plenty of medical graduates, pilots, etc etc with no job.....

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On the other hand, I have also seen the underdogs in school, those who are just normal students or even sometimes those with just passing grades make something out of themselves in their lives, even school and college drop outs....they too become rich and successful and live happy lives as well...

Some of these examples would be Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Coco Chanel, Walt Disney and so many others...

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What I am stressing out here is to let the kids have a balance life... there is no denying education is important, but well, it is not the only thing important in a child's life...

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Children need love, outdoor activities, fun and to be able to enjoy their life... what use is a life if you are going to just work, work, work, study, study, study... money may be important but what about quality time with family... love, happiness and a life well lived...

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So please, please let your kids loose a little and let them enjoy their life..spend some quality time with them, take them to the parks, on little staycations, travel etc... there are lessons to be learn in all these as well as the kids will grow up more well grounded and happy...


  1. I think my mom and you have such a common mindset, sometimes even I wish my friends' parents would prioritize their kids' studies lesser. A healthy mindset is important when cultivating good morals.

    1. exactly right... huhuhu... I pity the kids who has so called tiger moms who just pressure their kids to study, study, study....

  2. I agree with your thought, but some of the mothers still do not realizes. They just keep forcing their children to get a flying color result, but lack to accompany them, it is sadly

    1. too many families nowadays chase material things and forget about family and children...

  3. i think you're a great mum from what i read... it's not all about academic only... social skills are important too!

  4. Hello Meira, you are one of the awesome and cool Mom i've meet and read blogs online, and reading your posts and sharing some of it about your kids, makes you that awesome. Cheers!

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