Jan 22, 2017

Movie Review - Aku Bukan Spy

I find it a little bit of a shame of the lack of publicity for this movie, truth be told.......
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 Aku Bukan Spy is the Malaysian name for this movie which is also known as Spy in Love in Indonesia. It is quite an interesting movie really, in comparison with some other local movies I watched and it is after all, a collaboration between Indonesian and Malaysian cast and crew, shot in the Pearl of the Orient, Penang....Image result for aku bukan spy

The story begins with an handsome Indonesian man Putra and as lovely Malaysian woman Pevita , both who work at the same hotel and fall for each other. 
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The two decide to get married in the romantic island of Penang, but their reunion is rejected by Putra`s grandfather Ray as well as Pevita`s mother Fariza.
To make matters worse, Ray, a former intelligence agent from Indonesia, thinks that Fariza is a secret agent responsible for the kidnapping of several world bankers which is no true of course, because of mistaken identity... while Fariza thinks Ray is nothing but a dirty old man...
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As Ray and Fariza begin to dislike each other even more, they get entangled in a dangerous situation. With gangsters attempting to kill them, they are forced to work together to escape their potential death...So what happens after this? Will they survive ? Will Pevita and Putra get married? How will Ray and Fariza take it...
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The movie might not be the top of the charts blockbuster material but it is a reasonably good movie with an interesting storyline somewhat reminiscent of what happened to our MH370 filled with romance, spies, action, laughter... and yes, a good ending unlike some other local movies that leaves you hanging neither here or there.... haha
So check it out if you can..  I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised... by the way they even have a novel adapted from the movie and available at bookstores now...
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