Jan 11, 2017


A man might be good looking but to me, and I am sure  whole lot of women out there, he would not be attractive if he smell of stale sweat, and body odour.... Thus, in my opinion it has to be a packaged deal.. 

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 I would certainly be running away and avoiding the man even if he is as good looking as Gong Yoo or Hrithik Roshan if he smells of replusive body odour, as for me personal hygiene plays a super important role in being attractive...

It doesn't have to cost a bomb to smell great and be confident, not when there are just so many affordable deodorant sprays around in the supermarkets and pharmacies...

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And I just learnt of four more great ones you guys should consider, or for you ladies to get for the men in your lives.... you will definitely like the newly improved synergistic formula of Romano Deodorant Spray which will now last longer with a guaranteed promise of freshness and protection.

Romano Deodorant Spray with its masculine premium fragrance and improved quick dry formula provides 24-hour freshness and protection for men that require sophistication and confidence in their daily routine. The antibacterial properties guards against bacteria and prevent body odor. a huge no no in my book....

The Romano Deodorant Spray is much more potent now with  20% increase in perfume strength and comes with four types of fragrance notes to suit your/your man's style. This ensures that the spritz will be an all-day smell-good and feel-good experience for you/your man. 

The latest packaging encapsulates a bolder message of a masculine man that aces in everything he does and still manages to stay fresh throughout the day.

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ROMANO Metro Pulse starts off with an invigorating Citrusy and Aqueous blend, mixed with refreshing Mint and Sage, before ending on a warm mossy and woody note. Both cool and provocative, this is the scent for the urban man who’s effervescent and full of life.

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ROMANO Prestige is an exquisite concoction of spicy Black Pepper notes with a dash of sparkling Citrus, interlaced with luxurious Lavender and Sage over amber woody base. Irresistibly aquatic with hints of floral musk at its heart, this opulent scent befits the sophisticated, powerful man who is second to none.

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Romano Classic is built on a solid woody base made of earthy Patchouli and exotic Sandalwood. Topped with fresh, aromatic green notes, plus a touch of citrus enhanced by fiery spices. Crisp and clean with warm underlying notes, this distinct fragrance is the epitome of versatility. It’s made for the manly modern man with a timeless appeal.

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ROMANO Urbane Attitude centres on fresh Fougère scent of Lavender with a sparkling Bergamot and Lemon twist. Exotic fruity essence of Pineapple plus Cassis adds a charismatic touch while sensual musk and woody notes wrap up this young, dynamic fragrance made for the hip city man with an electrifying swag.

So go check it out and choose the right scent for yourself/your man..... hehehe.. by the way - disclaimer- Gong Yoo or Hrithik Roshan got nothing to do with ROMANO and I am just using them , my favorite actors as an example.... hahaha..... 

Always believing good looking men should smell equally as good as they look.... hehehe...... bye....


  1. Yeah! Always believing good looking guy smells good too ;) cheers,SiennyLovesDrawing

  2. Gong Yoo!
    Does all of the deodorant got that muskyy smell to it?

  3. Totally agreed. Personal hygiene is the most important thing that they should be take of always, hence, deodorant. hehehe :D


  4. It doesn't matter for me if a man is not too handsome like a movie star. The important is he smells like a movie star! And everything will oozing with appeal, hehehe.

    PS. the name of this scent is so MANLY. :)

  5. wow this is good for man.
    Shall spend time to go shop for him too :D

  6. Nothing is more attractive than a good smelling guy! Cos after all science have proven that we fall in love through our sense of smell!

  7. I love Gong Yoo too!! Hahaha the packaging is so cool each color has it's own benefit =)

  8. Didn't know about this brand until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  9. Gong Yoo!!!!! *love love*
    Definitely agree your statement that a man is not attractive if he smell of stale sweat, guys! kindly take note LOL!

  10. Ooo the scents of these are pretty interesting. As a girl myself, i would agree that smelling good has a way to impressing me


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