Jan 7, 2017


Even in my laziest days I need a lipstick or a coloured lip balm... my mother is not one who puts on make up but she definitely cannot live without her lipstick...

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And all this is why lipstick has to be one of the most needed makeup item in every woman/ girls’ handbag or makeup pouch. The reason would probably be because with just one swipe, lipsticks can instantly brighten your face and change your entire look. 

You can find just so many lipstick formulations available nowadays, with different textures and finishing. I use to like matte lipsticks but I also find them a little too drying on the lips, and this sometimes leaves me with cracked, flaky lips- not pretty at all....

The new Mamonde True Color Lipstick, is created with the perfect lipstick formulation with a rich color payoff, a velvety texture with comfortable wear on the lips! 

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The key features of the True Color Lipstick include: 
1. EASY WEAR The True Color Lipstick is formulated with high quality wax combined with a silicon formula for a silky-smooth texture upon application to the lips. Its light, thin and easy-to-blend texture goes on lightly on the lips leaving it feeling oh-so comfortable. In a friction test carried out by Mamonde, it was found that the True Color Lipstick requires much less force compared to other popular matte lipsticks in the market. 

 2. RICH COLOR When applying the True Color Lipstick, one will feel that the color goes on rich and pigmented with just a single swipe. The combination of Silk Gel Complex formulated with coccoid powder, plate powder and elastomer gel work together to ensure the color applies vividly and smoothly on the lips. The formulation of the Multi Layered Colorant also increases the amount of reflected color to reveal a vivid and ultra HD color. Apart from that, the True Color Lipstick tube is also designed with a transparent base to reveal the true color of the lipstick to consumers. In a durability test carried out by Mamonde, it was found that the True Color Lipstick possesses a high resistance against friction and oil. 

3. COMFY MATTE Those who shy away from lipsticks with a matte finish will be surprised to find that although the True Color Lipstick does look matte, its finishing is far from uncomfortable. In fact, the matte formula contains a moisturizing oil coating which blends comfortably on the lips. Thus, your lips will look matte yet feel moisturized at the same time. 

It contains Camellia Oil Complex, which is oil extracted from the camellia flower, leaf, and seed. This oil lends moisture, glow and fullness to the lips. It also contains Organic Oil Complex which is organic oil complex combined of rosehip oil, orange oil, and lavender oil, providing long-lasting moisture to the lips. 

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 The Mamonde True Color Lipstick, is available in 15 shades. They are 01 Love Story, 02 First Kiss, 03 Holic, 05 Grace, 06 Miracle Pink, 09 Some, 10 Happy Orange, 11 Happiness, 12 City Orange, 14 Classic, 16 Secret Affair, 17 Big Night, 18 Hot Red, 19 For You & 20 Miss Jealous. 

I don't know about you but I am looking forward to  getting one of these Mamonde True Color Lipstick (RM69) which will be available at Mamonde beauty counters at AEON 1 Utama, PJ, AEON Mid Valley, KL and AEON Bukit Indah, JB starting February 2017. 


  1. wow looks good.
    haven't try them before, will check them soon.

  2. Ohh i love these shades of reds and berries! Very lady like :)


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