Jan 25, 2017


Recently I was introduced to the GT888 Smartphone, which is the latest line of mobile phones by GT Mobile under the GT Group headquartered in Singapore. and so yes, the GT888 is a phone designed in Singapore.
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It was of course, a source of excitement as we were all thrilled by the idea of checking out and trying a Singapore designed phone...so here is my humble review... 

Here’s the full specification for the GT888 Smartphone…

So, what do I think about the GT888 smartphone…It is pretty slim and is nicely curved and I felt that the phone is pretty light.

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 The little white box it came in is kinda neat, quite like a small solid and nice pull out drawer.

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Pull this drawer out and you can find the phone tucked nicely supported by some Styrofoam just as you open the box... The accessories include the charger, earphones and a silicon case which is important… and the phone comes with a screen protector on it already, and another spare one in the box..…

The phone is somewhat slightly old fashion a bit in comparison of the new model smartphones in the market as it comes with a detachable battery still, and you have to remove the back cover and the battery to put in your memory card and SIM card… and yeah… you guessed it right… there is no finger print sensor. It was slightly awkward since my other phone has a finger print sensor and I am kinda used to it… LOL

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The volume and the power button is placed on the left side of the phone which was slightly strange.. since I am used to it being on the right… so it takes a little getting use to.

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The view from the top of the phone. You can find the earphone jack and the mini USB slot where you can charge the phone or transfer files…

There is nothing on the right side of the phone.

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You can find the smartphone speaker at the bottom of the phone. The sound quality from the speaker is quite good…and clear. If I put the volume to the max, it can be really loud, especially if you turn on the BesLoudness – volume booster for speaker and Lossless BT mode –high quality BT audio…

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At the back of the phone we have the camera and the LED flash placed on the top centre.. with the GT Mobile logo emblazoned below it and a ‘Designed in Singapore’ at the bottom centre…..

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The photo quality from this OV8865 8MP 4th generation camera is quite impressive. Do check out the pictures I have below, at the end of this post...…

The GT888 is nice to hold… I have to say I like the feel of this 5.5’’ 2.5D Arc Screen made from Corning Gorilla Glass 3 with a metal body…

There’s no heat that radiates from the phone as well.

The GT888 smartphone comes with Android 5.1 Lollipop and the CPU used here is a 64 Bit MTK MT6735P processor Quad Core at 1.0GHz each…

One admirable trait I truly love about the GT888 is that it comes with a Quick Charge Technology from Texas Instruments and a 15 minutes plug in will have the phone battery at 35 percent charged.. This is awesome as it saves plenty of time especially when you are in a hurry and find that you forgot to charge your phone....

The GT888 comes with the GT Dollar and GT Watch app set in it. The GT Dollar app, serves as a point-of-sales system (POS) for merchants on-board the GT Dollar platform. 

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You would benefit a lot using the GT Dollar where you can earn GT Dollars to get discounts and also GT Cash to spend... and yes, in case you are asking, I am so in love with this app as it enables me to actually save my GT Cash and I just booked a hotel in Kyoto with it....

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This phone is basically easy to use and my husband also likes it. I have to say I like the overall performance of the GT888 smartphone and being the first phone Singapore produced, this is pretty awesome….The screen is bright and sharp. The phone itself is slim and fits well in my jeans pocket or handbag. And the camera and photo qualities is definitely quite admirable….

PRICE 8/10

  • Slim design
  • Good camera
  • Above average performance
  • Good sound system
  • Quick charge technology

  • Video quality can be better but it is Singapore’s first phone model… so I am looking forward to other future models too…
  • Hard to find a phone casing for it… huhuhu
  • Slightly antiquated compared to the latest smartphones but it still holds up well

You can get the GT888 in two colours.. Silk White or Metal Grey... 

For more details, be sure to check out www.gtmobile.sg

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  1. Gosh babe initially I thought the design was like the iPhone, lol. But I like the picture quality on it - really looks good :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I think it would be greater if the rear camera is 16MP instead of 8MP. And the RAM, c'mon, we need 3GB of RAM

  4. nice one! New Phone for the New Year! Enjoy using it ya

  5. Not bad for everyday use. I don't mind to get my hands on this one.

  6. Hahahhaha the feeling is like when driving a Proton...almost every functional switches are on the opposite side. None the less, if it does its function as a phone then I do not see why this phone shouldn't be given a try...

    1. i know right.... hahaha... get confuse a bit at first but it gets ok after some time

    2. i know right.... hahaha... get confuse a bit at first but it gets ok after some time

  7. the camera quality really not bad! i think give it some time, the market is quick to pick up and they will have more phone casings soon!

  8. I saw you posted and can't figure what phone is it! Now I know another cool and new gadget from GT Mobile =D

  9. Gambar dia memang cantik, phoen ni dah selamat ke tangan Aeysha..hehehe

  10. looking good. but i still prefer samsung haha

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