Oct 31, 2017

Take A Trip By Yourself

Why would I encourage anyone to do something on their own when we live in a world, surrounded by such amazing people? Writing a review of heat protectant is something you could do on your own but you might be thinking why would I want to travel on my own. You are about to find out why I think you should. Traveling is great when you go with a group of friends of family members, but it is also really great when you go on your own. When you go with other people, you are always coming to some sort of agreement as to what you want to do and see. You are not 100% doing what you want to do, unless you are the leader of the group and you were left in charge. If you do not like the responsibility of figuring out what to do on your own, then traveling by yourself might not be in your best interest.

Oct 28, 2017

ProductNation - Your Destination For The Latest Product Reviews

You know how confusing it can be when you are trying to look for a certain product and then once you think you found something you like, how annoying it gets when you realise you cannot get it here in Malaysia...

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So I was trying to find myself some suitable skin care cleansers for my combination skin - yeah, I am so cursed with skin that is dry at the mouth and cheek areas but oily along

Oct 26, 2017

NaViX- your Natural Secret for Vitality and Combating Stress...

Stress is such an awful word and an even more worse feeling… and I have been given a whole shit load of stress lately, from my husband getting his 3rd stroke and temporary losing the left side function of his body, to family members pressuring me here and there, managing my teenager, juggling work and trying to make ends meet…

The stress has been overwhelming and if I do not think of my two daughters who are practically the only thing keeping me, or rather forcing me to be sane and grounded, I would have gone of the rockers and probably hurl myself off some building from what I am undergoing..

Oct 24, 2017


Nik Nafisah Marini Kamil is a woman who inspires half the women in Malaysia and make the other half envious. She is tall, graceful, slender and looks much more amazing then many women half her age…

Marini was one of our country's top models back in the 1980s. She has graced magazine covers and TV commercials.

Oct 23, 2017

ENCHANTEUR 24H Moist Perfumed Body Lotion- Irresistibly Soft Skin All Day Long!

It is important to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water a day so that our bodies get sufficient water to function. But drinking water alone is not enough to boost the hydration of skin. Dehydrated skin can cause skin to look dull and may lead to other skin problems like itchiness and sensitivity, which is exactly one of the problems I am undergoing currently because of the heat wave we are having here in Malaysia.. the weather has been oh so hot...

A hand and body lotion can keep skin hydrated, but may require re-application a few times a day to provide effective moisture all day long.

Oct 22, 2017

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur's the Conjuring Connection

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, one of Kuala Lumpur's premier malls recently threw some the members of the media and bloggers a little Halloween Party in conjunction with the Conjuring Connection Halloween even in the week leading up to Halloween...

Oct 20, 2017

Writing a Thesis Statement: Tricks and Tips

Assignments at college are boring for many students. They take much time and often you just don’t know how to start.  There are multiple kinds of written tasks, which are various essay types, undergraduate dissertation, dissertation and other. Each is specific and complicated in its own unique way. The experts from such resources like https://termpaper.help/buy-paper-online and similar ones know a lot about this peculiar issue.

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Thesis is a very important part of the paper, although is really short. Commonly, it is not longer than a couple of sentences. Sounds strange, but the skill of writing great theses is a guarantee of high scores for papers.  A thesis is a short paragraph containing the most important information of the whole work.

Oct 19, 2017

Murad Hydro-Glow Aqua Peel Review

With my age catching up fast, I have since learned how important it is to take care of my skin, and well, today, I am sharing a new discovery, which is a part of Murad’s Age Reform range of products, which I had been given a chance to try... But despite it being sponsored, the review is all my own personal opinion...

Oct 18, 2017


Follow Me has just launched its reformulated Green Tea Shampoo in a brand new premium packaging. Formulated with green tea and natural plant extracts, this new formulation helps strengthen hair from the roots and leaves hair feeling healthier and more manageable!

The Green Tea Shampoo is rich in Vitamin C and E to provide protection for the hair follicles while at the same time ensuring that your hair is always smooth and silky. While Polyphenol (a type of natural compound found in the Green Tea extract) helps keep the scalp healthy, the combination of various plant extracts alongside antioxidants found abundantly in the Green Tea extracts protect the hair from free radicals to further strengthen hair roots, promote hair growth and prevent hair thinning.

Oct 17, 2017


Pavilion KL, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, recently launched ‘Flavours of Diwali’ – a joyous Deepavali event to celebrate this year’s Festival of Lights... 

Flavours of Diwali is showcasing the most creative and largest symbolic kolam design in collaboration with Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, which will be featured in the Centre Court of the mall from now until 23rd October 2017. 

Oct 13, 2017

Pond's Age Miracle Range

So yours truly was over at the Cantaloupe just a few days ago for the launch of the Pond’s Institute's NEW Pond’s Age Miracle. The NEW range comes with Retinol-C Complex that works for 24-hours to help our skin through our non-stop lifestyle.

“Pond’s believes that ageing is personal. A woman’s lifestyle choices – stress, sun exposure, sleep, diet, and where she lives have an impact on the way she ages,” said Kaka Azraff, singer & actress. 

Oct 11, 2017

Dieting the healthy way with USANA MySmart Shakes

In today’s high paced life, where everyone seem to be in a rush, fast food, processed meals, and sugar-filled drinks seem to be convenient for us busy people... And all these cause us a whole load of health problems..

Just recently on a food trail I was complaining about all the super sweet sugar laden drinks that seemed to be sugar water flavoured with watermelon or so on…

Let’s Save Lives Fun Run, Jog and Walk 2017

So yours truly was over at Putrajaya early Sunday morning to join in the 6km Let’s Save Lives Fun Run, Jog and Walk 2017, which was a collaboration between 3 health programmes, which is Organ Donation, Breast Cancer Awareness Programme and Let’s Be Healthy Programme by the (National Transplant Resource Center; the National Cancer Institute at Hospital Putrajaya; the Health -Department of Putrajaya with the support from Putrajaya- Selangor Health and Fitness Society..

Oct 10, 2017


Our skin gets exposed to vehicle emissions, smoke and dust on a daily basis, and because of it, our skin is damage-prone with constant exposure to pollutants and UV...

Pollutants have minute particles that are tiny enough to penetrate the skin resulting in various skin problems that include premature aging, wrinkles, pigmentation and dullness. I have also have it said that excessive exposure to the UV rays can worsen skin conditions and make premature aging faster...

Caring for your pet. 4 things you need to do.

Pets are fun and adorable. They are fine little creatures, some are large and life-like, that make life enjoyable. They are our companions and help us ease some of the life’s stresses away. Pets, however, require a lot of care and maintenance. Without proper care and maintenance, pets would get dirty and unhealthy. 

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As a pet owner, I am pretty sure this is the last thing you want happening to your adorable pet(s) and this makes giving your pets proper care very important. Caring for your pets is a great way to show that you love them and the pets will reciprocate by being the best companions ever. To provide your pets with the best care, here are a few things that you need to do.

Oct 7, 2017

Shopee Mall launched

Shopee Malaysia, one of my favourite online shopping sites has just launched a dedicated portal featuring over 100,000 products sold exclusively by leading brands and distributors. The all-new Shopee Mall will give millions of Malaysians direct access to over 300 prominent brands and large retailers for a premium online shopping experience.

This means you can now buy your favorite products from Nestle, PETRONAS, Watsons, Senheng, Digi, Coca-Cola, Huawei, L’Oreal, Xixili and many more all on Shopee...

Oct 6, 2017


So what did you do with your family last weekend..I brought my daughter over for an exciting mid-autumn festival event...

 HyppTV, an award winning TV & Video Streaming service available on multiple platforms in Malaysia, organised its first outdoor movie screening event at the Setia City Mall Park in conjunction with the Chinese mid-autumn festival, and they featured a selection of pretty awesome Chinese and Korean movies from some of the channels on HyppTV such as SCM HD, SCML HD, now Baogu HD, TVN Movies HD and Red By HBO HD.

Oct 5, 2017

Muca Vita Brightening Ampoule

As age catches up coupled with stressors of life, my complexion is not as it was years ago. I now have weary skin, eye bags, fine lines, pores, and yeah, my skin is not as bright as it used to be after all the time spent in the sun...

So much so, there are times I hate seeing myself in the mirror. I was however introduced to Muca Vita Brightening Ampoule, which was made in Korea with Korean technology so that this intensive mineral ampoule is enriched with Vitamin B and Vitamin C derivatives which is just great to help the brightening of our skin tone and making our skin tone more even by lightening dark spots, as well as refining our skin texture so that it look smoother...

Oct 3, 2017

Pavilion Elite Fashion Night Out

I may not be a haute couture person, but I do enjoy attending fashion shows as there are just so much glitz and glamour as well as getting to check out the latest trends..

So yours truly was over at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination... to check out their “Pavilion Elite Fashion Night Out”, a fashionable gathering of the city’s coolest fashion squad to draw the curtain on a successful “Fall Into Autumn” campaign.

Oct 2, 2017

A Better Florist Takes Bouquets to A Whole Other Level

For numerous occasions and various reasons, or no reason at all for that matter, A Better Florist offers Singapore a chance to shop for gifts and flowers unlike ever before. With exquisite and personalized designs, and a variety that’s going to have you scrolling through their website for days, there’s not much left to wish for once you visit A Better Florist.

​The Ayla

Innovation is key, if you ask their team. Apart from wanting to offer designs and creations Singapore was only able to see on Instagram or Pinterest, they wanted everyone to experience excellence with a service that’s reliable, affordable and passionate about what they do.

Oct 1, 2017


Mamonde, my favourite skincare and beauty brand which is famous for being inspired by flowers is now bringing us its latest Brightening Cover Cushion Line. 

This range is inspired by the restorative properties of the Peach Flower and the Narcissus plant and the NEW Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion Line might just make your dream to have a bright, light reflecting skin resembling the blossoming peach which has its moisture locked by the water-storing Narcissus bulb come true!