Jul 27, 2012

top 10 scariest place in the world.....

Here’s the top 10 scariest places on earth. These places become mystery for several years and still remain until now. You have to be careful with yourself when you want to visit these places. Maybe you should consider to visit other places rather than you have to visit this scariest places on earth. It will be a different story if you are a person who look for a horror and mystery adventure. Let’s check the list of the scariest place on earth below.

10. Magh Sleacht, Cavan County, Ireland

In the past tense, Magh Sleacht plains is a place for the locals to worship a god, named Crom Cruach. The people sacrifice one of their three children for Given to the God for the exchange with the Milk, Meat, and other basic needs. The Cruach Crom is very frightening for the local people because of the cruel demand, namely fresh human blood. Besides that they also afraid to worship the god, because of the adorer often found dead with tragic when worship.

Now, there are often smell a flesh and blood near the plain which kissed by local people, and also often see a shadow figure who circled the place at Sunset time.

scariest place on earth Magh Sleacht Cavan County Ireland Top 10 Scariest Places on Earth
Magh Sleacht Plain, Cavan County, Ireland

Jul 21, 2012

Winning the father's day contest.....i

I was most surprised when a couple of friends started congratulating me out of the blue recently. I did not expect to win as no body called me up. 
I have won prizes from the Star newspaper but they would normally call ahead to inform us about it. But, not this round.
However it sure was a pleasant surprise as I has wished and always wanted to visit the beautiful island of Pangkor Laut again...
So now I won my deserving husband a Sea star watch as well as an escapade to the glorious island inclusive of meals and a spa treatment. .. yaaayyy .. can't wait to go.. possibly aftet Raya...

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Jul 5, 2012

smartphone insurance....

after losing my last phone due to careleasness or someone picking my phone out of my bag, and twice before, this seemed like the smartest thing to do... get insured. yup. it is a little costly, having to pay rm38 per month for my phone, probably even making the phone more expensive, but hey i am now protected from loss or damages. 
check out the policy which arrived yesterday..... and the pictures of the brochure of what it covers. i think it is good and if i should lose my phone again or drop it in the drain or toilet, i don't have to fork out money for the repair or rm2000 for a new one....

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