Sep 30, 2014

An unpleasant something extra in the vegetable carton....

Oh gosh, a cousin of my friend went to AEON BIG (previously Carrefour) Mid Valley and came across this.

When she was trying to highlight it to the staff, the staff just brushed it off like it was an everyday occurrence.

Lelaki mengigit anak sendiri kerana mahukan wang

Kejadian malam Jumaat lalu cukup memeranjatkan, apabila seorang bapa tergamak mencederakan anak lelakinya ekoran mahukan wang. 

Suspek yang berusia 20-an mengugut isteri bahawa dia akan mengigit anak mereka jika tidak diberikan duit sebanyak RM200.

Chichi and Chacha, Asia's next top kid's show!!!

Big Fish Media is presenting the next wave of children's edutainment with "ChiChi & ChaCha', airing on Astro Ceria (Channel 611) & Astro Maya HD (Channel 135) on every Saturday, 11th of October, 2014 from 10.30 a.m. 

Come and explore a world of fun, games, adventure and learning with 'ChiChi & ChaCha'. The episodes will re-run 3 times a day, everyday from Monday to Friday (13 episodes x 30 mins). 

Targeted for children from kindergarten to early primary (ages 6-8), 'ChiChi & ChaCha is an energetic, fun-filled learning and entertainment programme that is attempting to revolutionise the edutainment market of Malaysia.

Hadzelynda Khairuddin, Assistant Vice President of Astro Ceria & Youth Segment is always on the lookout for the next big wave, in the genre of children's entertainment in Malaysia "Astro Ceria remains the No. 1 kids channel in Malaysia and we do this by supporting programmes of high quality and meaningful content for our viewers. 

Food Review: Pisang Goreng Cheese

This stall near my home along the main road has been opened for a few weeks now and business is booming.  So if you want to know the place it is along the main road from the roundabout in Taman Seri Gombak going to the lake gardens or the mosque up the hill. It starts operating about 3pm to about 6pm (If I am not mistaken...)

Everyday there is a crowd of people lining up to buy what they are selling.. And that is "Pisang Goreng Cheese" or Cheesy Banana Fritters. 

Sep 29, 2014


First of its kind TV program in Malaysia that helps SPM candidates to understand and absorb history facts easily

Astro Tutor TV SPM is committed to present the first of its kind revision TV program in Malaysia, to help the student audience to study in an effective and engaging manner.  The program entitled Infografik SPM Sejarah, every day starting from 1st October 2014, at 4 pm exclusively on Astro Tutor TV SPM (Channel 603).

ERA fm Kini DiKenali Sebagai WondaERAfm!

Bersempena sambutan Hari Kopi Antarabangsa harini, ERA fm telah pun dikenali sebagai stesen WondaERAfm!  Stesen WondaERAfm hari ini,  ingin memberikan wang tunai RM 10, 000 kepada para pendengar. Stesen istimewa ini juga mengajak semua penggemar kopi untuk sama-sama meraikan hari istimewa ini dengan menyertai sebuah peraduan menarik sepanjang minggu ini. Pendengar hanya perlu memuat naik gambar di akaun media sosial media anda. Gambar yang di muat naik haruslah yang paling kreatif dan menunjukkan anda sedang meraikan Hari Kopi Antarabangsa sama ada melalui akaun facebook, twitter atau Instagram. Seterusnya, pastikan anda mengambil gambar tersebut bersama sebuah botol tin minuman kopi Wanda dengan menggunakan hashtag #WondaERAfm

Henna / Mehndi hand designs

My daughter and I were at the International Horse Show 2014 yesterday when we came across a stall doing Henna /Mehndi painting on your hand for just RM5. My daughter wanted one on her hand and so I let her do it and ended up with one for me too. 

The International Horse Show 2014

Making its mark for the twentieth consecutive years, the International Horse Show has over the last two decades enjoyed the success in advancing the Equine and Equestrian Industry in Malaysia. 
A community project for the Turf Clubs in Malaysia, these horse shows aim at promoting the growth within the country either through new participation in the sports and through the development of equine opportunities arising from the industry expansion. 

Sep 27, 2014

Recipe to try: Stir fried Udon with Surimi, Anchovies and Fuchok

And so I have a freezer full of Fuchoks and Surimis, courtesy of Pak John's Steamboat & BBQ plus a couple of packets of Udon and Ramen.  So I was thinking what I should do with all that stuff, when I decided to experiment stir frying the Udon.

First I got some anchovies and stir fried it with the Carotino oil I use for cooking.  Then remove the anchovies once brown.

Then I blended some birds eye chilli, garlic and onions in my dry blender/ chopper.

My creative creation for Candle Pit Stop

This is what I did with my WaxBitz from the Candle Pit Stop. I got the Apple scented ones and the Mango scented ones mixed together 50/50 .

Then back home, I searched high and low for a bottle or jar and finally found a cookie jar I got from Daiso for just RM5. My little girl had some sea shells so I took them and I had a little stone statue

Be So Much More With Dugrostar

·         With Dugrostar™, every child gets to be a star! This opportunity is open to children in two age-based categories: three to six years AND six plus to 10 years. Participants in each age category can enter in these segments - singing, dancing, playing an instrument or a combination of these talents, and perform individually or in a group of up to six children.

"Be a Dugrostar ", "be so much more"

Checking up my skin at Murad's

Murad is a doctor developed skin care range founded by celebrity dermatologist Dr. Murad. He is a certified dermatologist, pharmacist and presently holds 18 patents. Murad was founded in 1989 and claims to be the first doctor developed skin care range.

Sep 26, 2014

BREAKING NEWS! Same Day Telecast as the US: Resurrection (Season 2), this Monday 29 Sept, 10pm!

Catch this highly-anticipated season premiere this coming Monday only on Lifetime (Astro Ch 709)!

Resurrection S2 
Premiering September 29, Mondays at 10pm (Same day telecast as the US!
-Program kit attached with more info-

What if someone you lost suddenly returned? The people of Arcadia, Missouri are forever changed when their deceased loved ones suddenly start to reappear, beginning with an 8-year-old American boy named Jacob Langston whose parents, Henry and Lucille Langston, claim had drowned in an accident more than 30 years ago. Chicago immigration agent, J. Martin Bellamy, finds himself caught up trying to figure out why the unexplainable is happening in Arcadia. This little town and Bellamy must now live in a new reality, but not without one more surprise: the return of Margaret Langston (Michelle Fairley, "Game of Thrones"). Margaret is the powerful matriarch of the Langston family and mother of Henry and Fred. Dead for over three decades, Margaret brings with her dark family secrets that will have consequences for the entire family and community. 

Gosh I can't wait to watch this... what about you... it's gonna be so thrilling...

Guardian Memperkenalkan Rangkaian Topeng Muka Double Intensive

Pati Ajaib daripada Ekstrak Botani Yang Ditapai Memberi Enam Kali Ganda Manfaat Rejim Penjagaan Kulit Biasa

Guardian, rangkaian kedai farmasi, kesihatan dan kecantikan terbesar di Malaysia, telah memperkenalkan Rangkaian Topeng Muka Double Intensive dengan pati ajaib daripada ekstrak botani yang ditapai bagi memberikan enam kali ganda manfaat penjagaan kulit berbanding aplikasi topeng muka biasa.

Dibangunkan dan dikilangkan di Korea, topeng muka dua langkah ini terdiri daripada ampul pati ajaib yang diperbuat daripada ekstrak botani yang ditapai. Ia menawarkan enam manfaat penting penjagaan kulit iaitu antioksidan bagi memerangi radikal bebas, menghaluskan pori untuk kulit yang lebih licin, melembapkan untuk penghidratan kulit, melegakan kulit, melembutkan kulit untuk penampilan yang lebih anggun serta mengimbangkan zon kulit berminyak dan kering.  Langkah pertama, iaitu pati ajaib, akan menyediakan kulit untuk penyerapan bahan aktif yang lebih baik dan meningkatkan manfaat penggunaan topeng muka tersebut.

Langkah kedua rangkaian Topeng Muka Double Intensive ini ialah ‘Cupra Mask’ buatan Jepun yang direka agar sesuai dan padan dengan segala bentuk muka dan menggunakan bahan yang bermutu tinggi untuk penyerapan yang lebih baik. Topeng muka ini mengandungi kompleks aktif untuk setiap varian, dan 12 ekstrak herba Korea untuk manfaat tambahan bagi kulit.

Kedua-dua langkah ini menjadikan Rangkaian Topeng Muka Double Intensive bukan sekadar topeng muka biasa pada harga yang masih berpatutan.  

Rangkaian Topeng Muka Double Intensive oleh Guardian ini terdapat dalam tiga varian dengan manfaat dan fungsi khusus masing-masing iaitu Hydrating (Menghidrat), Brightening (Mencerah) dan Firming (Menegang)kulit.

Topeng Muka Double Intensive Untuk Menghidrat Kulit Muka

Topeng Muka Double Intensive Brightening menggalakkan kulit lebih cerah

Candle Pit Stop

Now I was minding my own business and walking along in the Ikano Power Centre when this stall caught my eye, and how could it not, it was catch, attractive , colourful and smelt great... LOL

On a closer look, I realized it was a new shop cheekily known as the Candle Pit Stop.

Child Abuse

Child abuse is a lot more than just bruises or broken bones. Physical abuse can be visible, but there are other types of abuse which are unseen and harder to detect, such as emotional abuse and neglect, that leaves deep, lasting scars. 

Being a victim of child abuse myself, I know the feeling. It still haunts me to this very day and affects my life in some ways even after I have outgrown it and have actually become a more positive person

Ignoring children’s needs like I see a neighbor of mine doing, putting them in unsupervised, dangerous situations, or making a child feel worthless or stupid are also considered child abuse. Regardless of the type of child abuse, the result is serious emotional harm.

Sep 25, 2014

Treatment Options For Kidney Patients other than Hemodialysis

The Ministry of Health Malaysia has adopted a “Peritoneal Dialysis First” (PD First) policy since 2013, which means new patients requiring dialysis treatment will be considered for Peritoneal Dialysis as a first option, before Hemodialysis. 
While awareness of Peritoneal Dialysis is still relatively low, interest in this form of treatment is increasing.
There are three Renal Replacement Therapy treatment options for kidney patients who are diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD):-
1.    Kidney Transplant
Replacing the failed kidney with a compatible kidney from another organ donor.
2.    Hemodialysis (HD)
Dialysis of the blood to remove toxic substances or metabolic wastes from the bloodstream.
3.    Peritoneal Dialysis (PD)
The process uses the patient's peritoneum in the abdomen as a membrane across which fluids and dissolved substances (toxic substances or metabolic wastes) are exchanged from the blood.

Kansai Festival

Isetan KLCC is holding the All Kansai Festival again. Must Eat! Must See! I always find these Japanese fairs very fascinating as I get to try new things without yet another flight to Japan.

 The All Kansai Festival is at Isetan KLCC again. I think I saw it once a few months ago and it is back again....Don’t miss this exciting event!

Fruitale FairWhite UV Olive Oil

Introducing the all-new Fruitale FairWhite UV Olive Oil with innovative BioWhite to nourish, repair and protect dry skin and hair as well as brittle nails. It is also enriched with Multi-Vitamins such as Vitamin A, C and E as well as Omega 3 & 6 to moisturizes, and evens out skin tone for healthier looking skin.

I love the feel of it on my skin and hair.

Pak John Steamboat and BBQ and Hai Blogger "Blogger Award 2014" night....

And so the long awaited day came by again after having been postponed once. It was waited with bated breath by all the bloggers involved... Attendance was compulsory. So my little girl and I arrive here as I had no one to take care of her that evening. 

Here is a picture of yours truly, taking a picture with the bunting  of the event .

Sep 24, 2014

A truly humble man I respect!!!!

This middle aged man rides the MRT to work. He alights at Raffles Place, then walks about 20 minutes to his office in Robinson Road. Oh, he is probably one of the everyday working people commuting from home to work, except....... he is NOT!!  Mr Lim Siong Guan here is actually the group president of Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC but he lives a very humble and down to earth life,  refusing to take a corporate limousine and instead insisting on public transport.

Baby mauled by monitor lizard ( Sorry the pictures are a bit graphic)

A little baby girl suffered head injuries yesterday after being attacked by a monitor lizard on the resort island, Pulau Tioman.
The 8-month-old suffered deep cuts to her forehead and cheeks during the attack on Tioman Island in the state of Pahang, 240 kilometres south-east of Kuala Lumpur, the New Straits Times reported.

Sep 23, 2014

Fruitale Fair White UV Strawberry Radiant Shower Cream

I could not resist trying out the new Fruitale Fair White UV Strawberry Radiant Shower Cream I got  from the Fruitale event.  I think it is pretty value for money because it is retailing for below RM10 per bottle and the fragrance is pretty refreshing. So for those on a budget,  there is no excuse not to get yourself one and it will last you a month!!!! 

Doodling ....

What I got up to in boredom... I am not the best artist but I think I am ok for an amateur. I have never been to any art class or so... so here are some of my lame attempts... hehehe... using the free Resorts World Genting pencil case I got in my Goodie Bag on that day....

Sep 22, 2014

Today's look

Just trying out something new here... Maybe it's my inner narcissistic me especially at times when I am dolled today...

Ok... Hmmm... Eye brows: brown colour eye brow pencil from Daiso (LOL)
Eye liner: Silky Girl eye liner in black
Eye lashes: Benefit They're Real mascara
Blush : Etude House
Lips: Silky Girl Moisture Boost Lipcolour Balm

Blouse: Raoul (so not this season....)

How a soft toy collector won herself a Pandora Bracelet....

Fruitale Crowns Winners of the Fruitale Queen–Be Fabulous Contest

Soft Toy Collector With Over 300 Toys Wins! 

Fruitale FairWhite UV, the only shower cream and bar soap with 100% organic fruit extracts and yogurt, crowned the winners of the Fruitale Queen-Be Fabulous contest, here, today.

The contest that was held from May 5 to July 13, 2014 aimed to engage with its customers in a fun and exciting way by allowing them to showcase their collections. Winners of Fruitale Fabulous Queens, received PANDORA Bracelets worth RM3,200 and Fruitale FairWhite UV products. Ten weekly winners received cash prizes of RM100 each and Fruitale FairWhite UV product hampers, too!

Ms Narashatul Shima, 37, from Malacca was crowned as the most fabulous Fruitale Queen for her soft toy collection that runs into the hundreds.  

Resorts World Genting : Behind-the- Scenes Tour

The "Behind -The -Scenes Tour" is now the most happening thing at the Resorts World Genting. It is an edu-taining and interesting activity for visitors at the resort. The "Behind -The -Scenes Tour" started in early May and is currently on-going till date. What started off as a monthly tour eventually became a weekly event because of the great response from participants.

The tour which takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes now happen every weekend. The "Behind -The -Scenes Tour" starts of with a visit to the Visitors' Galleria where visitors can learn about the history of Genting Highlands and what is coming up next. My friends and I were thrilled to learn about the fascinating history of how Genting Highlands came to be....

Sep 21, 2014

Chinese Drama: Young Sherlock

Today Astro Quan Jia Ch 308 started airing a new Chinese Costume Drama series entitled Young Sherlock. It is aired 5 episodes back to back on Sunday from 1pm and catch ups on weekdays at 6pm and other times.  This one replaces The Investiture of the Gods series which seem to have ended with a cliff hanger.... I can't believe they did that!!!! I expected more out of that series after following it for so long... oh gosh!!!

Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015: Signing of Ambassador.

Yours truly was blessed to get an invitation to witness the signing of the new Brand Ambassador and Spokesperson for XES shoes and bags. She was none other then Miss Global International 2014/2015 finalist and winner of the Miss XES Elegant title , Mico Pun, age 22.

The first things that drew our eyes upon entering the boutique was the huge hamper of bags and shoes which made us envious and the adorable teddy bear that was attached to it drawing a reluctant, "Awww..." from some of us bloggers and media present there.


In collaboration of XES Shoes as the OFFICIAL FOOTWEAR of Miss Global International Malaysia 2014, one of the finalists from the beauty pageant has been selected to crown Miss XES Elegant title at their grand finale night. The lucky finalist that successfully caught the attention through her warm personality and divine beauty to represent the brand as Miss XES Elegant 2014/2015 is the loveliest Mico Pun Chiew Yoek.

Sep 19, 2014

Perfect Family Getaway at i-City

-Five new attractions are introduced at i-City -

Dubbed the City of Digital Lights, i-City’s 25 acre leisure park has been receiving an overwhelming response, marking 5.5   million visitors to its night attractions. And with the opening of WaterWorld @i-City catering to the daytime crowd, i-City’s theme park is set to provide visitors with an enriching whole day experience with it’s latest edutainment attraction besides the existing favourites available there.
Yours truly here and her little daughter Anne aka CutieMonkee were excited to be part of a group of media invited to check out these new attractions. Some of these awesome and exciting attractions include:-

Avène Tolérance Extrême -Unique safety for the most sensitive skin


Because they’re concerned about the quality of the skincare products they choose, and aware that some ingredients can irritate their skin, many consumers struggle to decipher formulas and find a solution to their biggest need: moisturizing the skin without causing irritation.

Above all, they want to be confident of using safe products with exceptional tolerance so that they can care for their skin with full peace of mind. 

of women say
that they read the list
of ingredients closely

With them in mind, Avène Dermatological Laboratories have developed Sterile Cosmetics. This is a unique concept and new commitment to skincare safety: simplifying the formulas, selecting ingredients for their efficacy and purity, keeping only what the skin needs and in particular removing preservatives or substances that act as preservatives.

always choose
paraben-free products 

The concept of Sterile Cosmetics, which is used in the Tolérance Extrême range, brings sensitive skin the reassurance of a purified, simplified and high safety approach to skincare for moisturizing, soothing and protecting every day with total peace of mind. 

Sep 18, 2014

Scribblings and drawings

When I am too free at home, this is what I get up to... Hehehe, well, not all the time, this one is because I wanted to try my hand out at the latest "50 ways to use Sharpie Contest" on running from the 1st of September until 28th December 2014.

Prizes consists of a trip anywhere in the world (but only 5 choices are given), an iPad Air, an iPad Mini and weekly iPod touch!!!

Cabaran 'Winter in Busan" Blooggers Majalah Libur

Pihak Blooggers Media sedang menjalankan satu cabaran untuk blogger- blogger yang berminat untuk menyertai Trip ke Busan, Korea bersama Man Raja Lawak. Ada dua cabaran... yang pertama itu: "Cabaran Winter In Busan Blooggers Majalah Libur -  Task 1" yang bertajuk "Apa yang menarik di Busan".

Phew. Teringin benar Miera nak jejak kaki di bumi Korea ini kerana belum pernah berpeluang. Adakan ini peluangnya? Kita akan melihat kemudian....

Sep 17, 2014

Recipe to try: Seafood stir fried mee

This is my lazy way of cooking... but ah well.... just sharing... mind you it is really a cincai bocai way of cooking.

Ingredients here : 
I packet yellow mee,
5 cloves of garlic chopped
1 large onion chopped
1 carrot, cut into stripes
2 tomatoes
300 gm of lala
1 packet fishballs
300 gm of prawns 


With the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination just around the corner, Astro Tutor TV SPM will launch a revision mobile app, Tutor TV SPM mobile app, with the aim in helping SPM candidates prepare for the upcoming public examination. This app is available to be downloaded for all iOS and Android users for FREE.

Tutor TV SPM mobile app is equipped with assessments, quizzes, topical study notes, mind maps and tutorial videos that allow students to revise and prepare for the SPM examinations anytime, anywhere. This App will feature educational content based on the approved syllabus by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, for core subjects like Bahasa Melayu, English, Sejarah and Mathematics.

Some amazing vacation spots in Malaysia

you can forget your passport and flight tickets for these retreats...

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway,  there’s no place better than home: Malaysia.. Here are some amazing gems within our lovely country where you can just escape and unwind for a few days.

In Kuala Lumpur itself!!
villa samadhi
Villa Samadhi
One of Kuala Lumpur's best kept secret! Hidden within an upscale neighbourhood and discreet from street view, Villa Samadhi feels more like one big private villa rather than a boutique hotel. The entire residence is designed 
to look and oriented to evoke, in all essence, your own private villa in the city. 

Sep 16, 2014

Why most Disney princesses do not have moms

My daughter asked me before. Why Belle's and Ariel got no mummy? And I did not really know what to say, but now the answer is here....

Do you know that most Disney characters or  Disney princesses do not have moms? Their moms are either dead, have gone missing, or are otherwise unaccounted for? Ariel didn’t have one, Snow White didn't, Belle didn’t either (fairy godmothers and evil step-mothers don’t count)

Maybe the newer characters like Merida and Tiana do have moms, but in Frozen , not only did Elsa and Anna’s mom died at the beginning of the movie, but their dad too.

Last Emperor Puyi's cousin expresses dissatisfaction with Chinese period dramas

The last Chinese Emperor Puyi's cousin, Aisin Gioro Puyang, recently expressed her dissatisfaction with Chinese period dramas in recent years, which she says have distorted history.
The 60-year-old royal descendant of the Imperial Aisin Gioro clan that ruled during China's Qing Dynasty, recently appeared at a forum about Puyi studies, and said that TV series should respect history instead of distorting the facts for dramatic effect.
Using examples of two popular series, "Return of the Princess Pearl" and "Legend of Zhen Huan", Puyang said, "The emperor in the series ["Legend of Zhen Huan"] is obsessed with beauty and doesn't care much about state affairs."
Last emperor's cousin criticizes dramas for distorting history

My little Empress...

Following my posting on taking photos at the De One baby and family photography place....HERE , which was posted last month, here are the results of the photo shoot... 

Don't my little girl look so matured here now... I really loved the empress costume, but well, my little girl had a tan a few days before the photo shoot so it spoiled the pics a teeny bit as De One  do not do photo shopping.

Sep 15, 2014

Food Review: Dim Sum at De Templer Chinese Muslim restaurant

So my dear mother in law was staying with us a few days and she wanted to have dim sum for dinner. She suggested going to De Templer's Chinese Muslim restaurant and so hubby and I agreed.

Jom melancong dengan tambang kapal terbang 51 sen.....

Jom, masa untuk melancong lagi… Miera di sini rasa macam nak terbang ke Bangkok atau Krabi…. Hmmm… yang mana yer….

Photo: It's revealed! The hottest rapper 51 SEN is in town & he's gonna be bringing you to so many destinations @ 51 SEN! Check out his first rhyme! 

51 SEN is the name
Destinations is my game
Johor, KK, Bangkok, Siem Reap
Price so low, c’mon & take that leap
Imma go cavin’ in Miri
Take an emerald dip in Krabi
Islands in Terengganu are a-callin’
In Ho Chi Minh, imma be chillin’

Grab them destinations while they're still HOT at 51 SEN base fare @ NOW!  

Booking Period: 15 – 21 Sept 2014
Travel Period: 16 Sept 14 – 31 Mar 15


Air Asia Bhd tengah menawarkan harga promosi istimewa serendah 51 sen ke destinasi domestik dan antarabangsa terpilih sempena Hari Malaysia 16 September.

Promosi ini adalah untuk laluan penerbangan domestik  bagi Kuala Lumpur ke Pulau Pinang, Johor Bharu, Kuala Terengganu, Miri dan Tawau manakala laluan antarabangsa dari Kuala Lumpur ke Phuket, Krabi, Bangkok, Phnom Penh dan Ho Chi Minh.

Product review: Sabun Muka Seri Emas

Saya telah di berikan peluang emas untuk mencuba produk kecantikan baru dari syarikat Newave Solution yang merupakan sabun muka Seri Emas. 

Sabun muka Seri Emas (Seri Emas Formulasi Resdung) sejenis sabun HANDMADE yang diperbuat dari 50% madu dan selebihnya ialah kombinasi herba semulajadi iaitu bunga tanjung, kulit kayu manis, minyak kelapa, kunyit dan ekstrak buah delima. 100% halal, keluaran dan hak milik penuh bumiputera.

Kualiti penghasilan sabun ini amat dititik beratkan hinggakan pemilik mengeluarkan belanja yang mahal untuk menghasilkannya secara HANDMADE, 100% buatan tangan. Untuk mengeraskan sabun memerlukan masa 2 minggu kerana pemilik tidak mahu menggunakan bahan kimia yang membolehkan sabun keras hanya dalam masa beberapa jam sahaja. Sabun ini 100% di perbuat dari bahan semula jadi dan kualitinya merupakan kualiti paling tinggi bagi kelas soap bar kerana ianya bebas sebarang bahan kimia.

Saya memang terperanjat melihat melihat duta Seri Emas itu  merupakan Felixia Yeap  aka Raisyya Rania Yeap, dan juga teruja ingin mencuba sabun muka yang berwarna merah jambu yang di terima dalam peti surat.