Sep 5, 2014

Matta Fair Sept 2014 fun and freebies

Having nothing much to do, I love visiting the Matta Fair, there are so much things to see, do, explore besides finding great deals at the Matta Fair. The Matta fair is held twice a year at the PWTC and it is lots of fun. I go there to scour for deals and also treasure hunt for souvenirs and giveaways, as well as fun activities and so on.

 At as early as 9.30, the crowd was there, queuing to get their tickets to go into the fair. Tickets or the entrance fee cost RM4 per person inclusive of a bag for you to put your brochures etc.

After walking around, I find myself at the Korean booth.  They had a Bibimbap preparation show done especially by the executive chef and chef of Korea Air in front of all of us

 Two beautiful stewardess who helped serve us Bibimbap.....

 The ingredients needed to make Bibimbap. Bibimbap is a traditional and popular Korean dish. It consists of a bowl of steamed rice, topped with vegetables, shitake, beef or chicken and Gochujang (Korean Chili pepper paste)

 The result is a bowl of fragrant and yummy. Your vegetables on the rice taste just amazing, especially with the right sauce/ Gochujang. We were given a spoonful to try by the two chefs.

 And also a bowl of rice with this yummy tasting ginseng chicken, which is also served on board Korean Air.

This round of Matta fair, everyone is entitled to redeem a free mini photobook as well from Pixajoy!!! So don't forget to sign up for it.

Could not resist... this...

Japanese booth activities
 Do not forget to check out the activities for the event, especially at the Japan and Korean booth to have fun and also win lots of giveaways.

 This is at the Hanbok trying/photo session at the Korean booth...

 So what do you think? Do I make a convincing Korean lady? An yang hasaeyo....

Do not forget to check out Sunway Lagoon's booth too, it is a little hidden away on the mezzanine of Hall 4. It is definitely an interesting place to visit. With the appearance of Spongebob Squarepants and also Patrick which indicates the coming collaboration with Nickelodeon in 2015, when the Nickelodeon park will open at Sunway Lagoon premises.

There are sneak peeks of the ghosts and spooky creatures you can find at the Horrorwood Studios in Sunway Lagoon as well. The ghosts are all well trained to scare you but not touch you. I think the make up and costumes are pretty amazing and spooky....

There are just about the few activities I manage to join and get involve with, there are also numerous giveaways for answering questionnaires, liking facebook pages etc where you will get fun and interesting little souvenirs. And a few photo contests to try your hands on...

So go on, if you are free and whether or not you are looking for a travel package at a great deal, there out of boredom and curiosity or to have fun, you should check out the Matta fair...and don't forget your camera...

With the pretty Venetian ladies of Costas cruise

my loot... huhuhu.. lots of pens, fans and files

my little girl with the trick eye fan I got.... oh my... what sharp and bloody fangs she has...


  1. Did you buy any ticket? or you just went there for the freebies? :D
    Yup, from the pictures, it does look fun to me.
    Wonder if they going to do it here in KK. Or perhaps they have done it already and I'm simply did not aware of it.

    1. I did buy a couple of packages... local... because my budget for international travel is early next year... and of course... who can resist freebies.... hehehe

  2. Glad that you enjoyed the bibimbap. Thanks for the photos😊

    1. if you're from Korean Air... thanks for the Bibimbap... it is brilliant... the Ginseng Chicken too... truly love it

  3. You are on the star newspaper today.
    Go check it out 😊

    1. thank you... I know.... I saw it too... thanks for bringing it to my attention too... hugs... have a good weekend.


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