Sep 1, 2014

Flower Pot Ice Cream

A close blogger friend of mine blogged about this recently and I just quickly glance at it. It wasn't until I had the opportunity to visit Festival City when I actually saw it and got one to try out. 

I was browsing through the Mid Autumn Festival promotion area where the mooncakes were going for a 30-35 % discount when I saw the stall.

Initially I wanted to have Baskin Robbins considering it was on the 31st of the month and there was a 31% discount off ice cream then but I decided I had to try this instead.

They had two choices of ice cream. One is the Flower Pot Ice Cream Cake and the Popiah Ice Cream.

Naturally, the Flower Pot Ice Cream attracted my attention and so we ordered one. It only retailed at RM5 per pot/cup...

There were four flavours to choose from, vanilla, chocolate, pistachio and yam. I opted for vanilla. 

First, they put a piece of cake in a paper cup inside the mini plastic pot then a scoop of ice cream, then sprinkled crushed cornflakes on it with the "soil" which was crushed Oreos. And taa daaa... a little plastic flower on the top.

Amazing!!!! And the taste? It definitely rivaled Mc Donald's Oreo Mc Flurry... hehehe...

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  1. Hehehehe...I bought thus cuz I tot it was so boy loves it so much that he asked for seconds!

    1. It is attractive and innovative.... I would go for seconds too... too bad it is not a permanent stall... =(

  2. ohmai, what a cure ice cream you got there. such an idea to put ice cream in a flower pot :)

  3. Kat Festival City bahagian mana kak?
    Sedap tak?

    1. promotional area di concourse... lain kali dia jual kat pasar malam katannya...sedap...


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