Sep 29, 2014


First of its kind TV program in Malaysia that helps SPM candidates to understand and absorb history facts easily

Astro Tutor TV SPM is committed to present the first of its kind revision TV program in Malaysia, to help the student audience to study in an effective and engaging manner.  The program entitled Infografik SPM Sejarah, every day starting from 1st October 2014, at 4 pm exclusively on Astro Tutor TV SPM (Channel 603).

Infografik SPM Sejarah is an educational program that features top topics from the Sejarah subject, presented through a combination of kinetic infographic, animated story-telling  and narration. This 15 minute program will present attractive visuals, highlighting topics in Sejarah based on the latest syllabus by the Ministry of Education, Malaysia.

Vickie Lai, Astro’s Head of Education said, “We at Astro are continuously working to provide creative and modern studying methods to make learning and revision easier for our student audience. Based on our research and surveys, we came out with the first of its kind program in Malaysia, which combines academic content and impressive kinetic infographic visuals. As a result, Infografik SPM Sejarah was created which is a revolutionary revision aid that makes academic content easy to understand, absorb and memorize.

We realize that some students may find it difficult to understand and memorize various facts from the Sejarah subject. Given the importance of this subject, which is now a must-pass paper in SPM, we at Astro have worked together with experienced teachers who are Guru Cemerlang Sejarah to produce academic content that is relevant and effective. The content is then presented using kinetic infographics with colorful icons as visual cues to enhance students’ memory.”

Infografik SPM Sejarah will highlight selected top topics for SPM examination such as ‘Kemerdekaan: Lahir negara berdaulat’, ‘Malayan Union: Satu penjajahan’, ‘Pilihanraya: Hak dan tanggungjawab rakyat’, and ‘Globalisasi satu cabaran’. Each episode will feature explanation and important notes which will be presented in the form of infographics.

Apart from the explanation and notes, students’ comprehension of the topic will be put up to test via Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) questions, and the answer scheme 

will be shown before the end of each segment. Whereas, at the end of the show, a question called ‘Soalan Hangat’, or a subjective questions based on actual examination structure will be posed and students can find out the answer schemes online, at the Astro Tutor TV official website,

With clear understanding that students prefer to consume content and study on multiplatform, they can also watch the short videos and download the infographic notes from  each episode on the official website as well as on  Astro Tutor TV social sites which are YouTube (, Facebook 

Don't forget to catch Infografik SPM Sejarah, every day starting from 1st October 2014, at 6:30 pm exclusively on Astro Tutor TV SPM (Channel 603). For more information about Infografik SPM Sejarah, log on to

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