Sep 29, 2014

The International Horse Show 2014

Making its mark for the twentieth consecutive years, the International Horse Show has over the last two decades enjoyed the success in advancing the Equine and Equestrian Industry in Malaysia. 
A community project for the Turf Clubs in Malaysia, these horse shows aim at promoting the growth within the country either through new participation in the sports and through the development of equine opportunities arising from the industry expansion. 

It is a fascinating sight watching horse lovers of all ages from the very young to the elderly attending this event  which was held from the 26th to the 28th September at the Selangor Turf Club next  to the Palace of The Golden Horses. There were plenty to do including a fun 'horsy carnival', a horse breed exhibition, an equestrian competition and even a trade exhibition

Yours truly got to know about this exhibition from her hubby's best friend who happen to know that yours truly enjoyed photography (but sadly, yours truly DSLR was out of order and due for repair so I had to make do with just my Olympus SZ-14 compact camera and Lenovo S939 handphone camera) and that my little girl loves horses.

We parked our car at the designated car park right opposite the Palace of the Golden Horses which was a short distance away, but fortunately there were frequent buggies/shuttle bringing and sending people to and from the carpark to and from the Selangor Turf Club.

It was definitely a fun filled atmosphere when we got there. There were clowns, and lots of horse sculptures beautifully designed, drawn and painted for a Horse Sculpture Painting contest they had.

Hungry or feeling peckish? There is a Food Bazaar with all kinds of interesting food selection stalls   and food trucks  to choose from. I even saw a Starbucks truck.. OK... at the risk of sounding "ulu" or retarted, it is the first time I saw one.

For someone who likes or loves horses like my little girl and even myself, it is definitely absolutely fascinating to learn the interesting variety of different types of breeds that exist in the equine world. On display are the Appaloosa, Thoroughbreds, Shetland Pony,Thai Pony, Kelantan Pony, Criollo Cross, Percheron Cross and so on.

They were all so majestic looking and beautiful in their own way and my little one decided like my husband's cousin that she wanted to own one of these horses when she grow up.

From the Breeds Display, we went to the  Equestrian arena .....

There we saw the previous Equestrian competition winners getting their ribbons and prizes.

And after a little bit, got to watch yet another competition.... which I got trigger  happy with my little Olympus SZ-14 compact camera, below are the pictures... which I guess is satisfactory with my compact. If I had my DSLR or a better quality camera, I could have done much better but well, maybe someday....

I like this photo a lot personally myself... hehehe

This one above  is one of my favorite photos!!!

Another two of my favorites....

Our little visit there ended with seeing the fancy carriage ride which they charge RM5 per person...

And my little cutiemonkee going on her compulsory horse ride... which they charge RM3 per person ...

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