Sep 10, 2014

How to add a signature into your blog...

Yee Haa,  I finally figured out how to put the signature in!!!  Anyway , will share this with you all... If you like a simple signature like mine, you can head over to   . All you have to do is "register" and then click on "start now". There are a few choices for you to go explore, but I chose the simple "signature creation wizard". You can even scan your signature if you want a more authentic one...

Then you can choose which type of signature you would like.. which fonts, how large and so on... Go ahead and explore. Once done, just save the signature to your computer and / or copy the HTML code to put inside your blog.

Having done that, go to the 'design' page of your blog, and click on Settings... the on the Post and comments tab

Then next to "post template" click "add" as per the screenshot below...

A box will open up. Just paste the code you copied earlier into the box and save settings on the top right corner.... It might take a little while but after that... You are good!!!

Happy trying it out!!!! 


What do you think of my blog???