Sep 30, 2014

Food Review: Pisang Goreng Cheese

This stall near my home along the main road has been opened for a few weeks now and business is booming.  So if you want to know the place it is along the main road from the roundabout in Taman Seri Gombak going to the lake gardens or the mosque up the hill. It starts operating about 3pm to about 6pm (If I am not mistaken...)

Everyday there is a crowd of people lining up to buy what they are selling.. And that is "Pisang Goreng Cheese" or Cheesy Banana Fritters. 

My husband loves Banana Fritters so we buy Banana Fritters a lot. But he does not like cheese or any dairy products except ice cream.

So I never got around trying it until I decided to yesterday.

It is sold in 1 set and it's not cheap considering it's RM5 per packet.  1 packet is great to be shared by 2-3 people.... not alone ok!!!

I ordered one and it came in a Styrofoam pack with about 10 pieces with crunchy bits and drizzled with condensed milk, some Milo or chocolate powder and freshly grated cheese on the spot.

The result... Is actually pretty crispy and yummy!!!!


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