Aug 30, 2022

Let's Donate to Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia's Merdeka Charity Fund

Helping poor and needy people is important to strengthen the society… We actually help raise our community when we provide support and a helping hand to those who are less fortunate than us.

We can help them lead a better life… and that is why all religions expect it…..

 Helping the poor and needy is a duty of every Muslim to give Zakat and Sadaqah to the poor and needy as a part of the worship and pleasing Allah the Almighty.

Helping the poor for Christians is a commandment. The Bible tells us repeatedly just how important it is to care for people who are impoverished, both physically and spiritually. Christ tells us in Matthew 25:40 that when we take care of a person’s physical needs, it holds spiritual significance, saying, “Whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me.”

Giving, or generosity, is one of the Perfections (paramitas) of Buddhism, but to be "perfect" it must be selfless, without expectation of reward or praise. Throughout his teaching, the Buddha was clear that one should not turn away from suffering but do whatever can be done to relieve it.

Charity is an essential feature of dharma. Karma and moksha - many Hindus believe that by acting with compassion towards those less fortunate, is a very good way of building up good Karma, giving them rewards in later lives. 

In reality, many people have a sincere desire to help, but they may not know how to…

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected millions of lives in Malaysia. During these challenging times, the role of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) has become paramount in battling the virus and its impact on society’s most vulnerable populations.

Since its establishment in 2019, Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia with Her Highness Tengku Datin Paduka Setia Zatashah Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, as the Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of YFBM has created programmes to benefit over 915,014 households living below poverty lines nationwide. 

Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia rescue surplus food from the manufacturer, wholesaler, hypermarket and hotel industry; sort and redistribute it to the identified targeted B40 communities in higher learning institution (IPT), charity home, welfare centre and Program Perumahan Rakyat Termiskin (PPRT) through our strategic partners to reduce food waste while helping to ease and lessen the cost of living of the underprivileged Malaysian

In anticipation of the upcoming 65th National Day, Yayasan Food Bank Malaysia (YFBM) is now officially running the Donation Drive to help the needy! 

These money is usually channeled to the flood-relief fund to help underprivileged flood victims rebuild their livelihoods, food for the underpriviledged and other CSR initiatives

Do join us in this 65-Hour donation drive and take a part as “Keluarga Malaysia”
(29/8/2022 - 12pm) until (01/09/2022 - 7am) 

If you wish to contribute to Yayasan Food Bank, you can donate directly to their bank account YAYASAN FOOD BANK MALAYSIA with the account number 566010630584 on Maybank (Swift Code: MBBEMYKL)

Aug 29, 2022

Healthy and delicious dishes with Oregon & Washington Blueberries

It’s that time of the year where the Oregon and Washington Blueberries are at the peak of perfection and oh-so-delicious, and thus it is the best time to savour these Oregon and Washington Blueberries

For your info, Oregon and Washington are the two top blueberry producing states in the U.S.   

Owing to ideal growing conditions, these two states offer the best quality fruits that garnered much popularity the world over. 

Blueberries are naturally sweet, tart and nutritious - making them a beloved superfood. Not to mention they are so appealing to the eyes as well. 

It’s little wonder that blueberries have huge benefits and are known to be a heart-healthy superfood that’s so easy to include in your daily life. 

The highly versatile blueberries can be enjoyed as it is - a snack or incorporated into various recipes. They are widely used in salads, baked items, desserts, smoothies. - making them a convenient fruit to visually enhance and energise any meal.

To showcase the versatility of using blueberries in cooking and baking, this time Oregon & Washington Blueberries has collaborated with Chef Bob Kamaruddin Adnin to create 2 recipes using Oregon & Washington Blueberries as one of the main ingredients. The 2 dishes are: -

Blueberry Crumble Cake

Bean Sprout Kerabu with Blueberry Sauce

I made myself some healthy of those Bean Sprout  Kerabu with Blueberry Sauce but my way and I put in more US blueberries  as I really love US blueberries a lot and have been eating it since the pandemic… 

And there you have a healthy and delicious salad you can eat with rice or just like this!!!!

Did you know research find that blueberries contain antioxidants and other nutrients that aid our bodies to stay healthy and may help prevent age-related diseases.  

Below are the various blueberries nutrition facts and health benefits:

1. One cup (148g) of blueberries contributes 25% of your daily value of vitamin C, 14.4 milligrams of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant stabilizing free radicals, thus helping to prevent cellular damage.

Vitamin C aids in collagen production; assists with iron absorption; and helps heal wounds and keep your gums healthy.

Vitamin C may help support the body’s immune system.

2. One cup (148g) of blueberries contains 3.6g fibre, equivalent to 14% of your daily fibre requirement.

Dietary fibre has been shown to provide numerous health benefits, including improving blood lipid levels, regulating blood glucose, and increasing satiety (makes you feel full longer), which may help with weight loss.

3. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants
Blueberries are believed to have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all common fruits and vegetables.

Antioxidants protect your body from free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage your cells and contribute to aging and diseases.

4. One cup (148g) of blueberries contributes 36% of your daily value of vitamin K, 28 micromilligrams of vitamin K.

Low intakes of vitamin K have been linked to a higher risk of bone fracture. However, adequate vitamin K intake improves calcium absorption and may reduce calcium loss.

Blueberries are certified as a heart-healthy food by the American Heart Association and contain natural compounds that help the brain stay strong.

For more info, do check out these websites  

Aug 28, 2022


In conjunction with Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day celebrations, Suria KLCC Group ignites the spirit of patriotism with exclusive redemptions and engaging children activities in its Merdeka campaign. The campaign, happening at Alamanda Shopping Centre Putrajaya and Mesra Mall Terengganu, starts today and ends on 16 September 2022.

Following a successful collaboration in 2020, Suria KLCC Group joins forces with Komuniti Tukang Jahit (KTJ) once more, this time to create limited edition 65th Merdeka T-shirts with batik patch pockets.

KTJ is a social enterprise that works to empower women of B40 communities through home- based sewing. This partnership is also part of the group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort to promote the 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) by reducing wastage. The one-of-a-kind Merdeka T-shirts use batik scraps in their design. 

These exclusive Merdeka T-shirts can be redeemed by shoppers who spend RM500 in a maximum of two receipts at any specialty store. 

There are 1,000 T-shirts available for redemption at Alamanda Shopping Centre.

In addition, shoppers with a minimum spend of RM1,500 in two receipts at any specialty store will receive a RM50 Alamanda shopping voucher on top of the Merdeka T-shirt. 

This redemption is limited to the first 300 shoppers.

In support of raising the Jalur Gemilang, there will also be special flag giveaways to the first 1,000 shoppers on Merdeka Day and Malaysia Day respectively.

Tying in with the school holidays, the campaign has exciting contests and workshops in store for children and their families. The activities are exclusively for VIKids aged 7 to 12 years old and will be held in front of Aeon Big, Ground Floor from 31 August until 11 September 2022. 

Children who are not part of the VIKids are welcome to sign up as members first. Participation in the contests and workshops are on a first-come, first-served basis.

The following prizes are up for grabs:
Traditional Malaysian costume fashion show
 1st Prize: RM300 
2nd Prize: RM200 
3rd Prize: RM100

Patriotic song singing contest
1st Prize: RM300
2nd Prize: RM200 
3rd Prize: RM100
Colouring contest :-
Junior Category (7 - 9 years old) 
1st Prize: RM150 + certificate
2nd Prize: RM100 + certificate
3rd Prize: RM50 + certificate 

Senior Category (10 - 12 years old) 
1st Prize: RM150 + certificate
2nd Prize: RM100 + certificate 
3rd Prize: RM50 + certificate

VIKids members can also join various Merdeka-themed workshops for free. Among them include: Jalur Gemilang cookie decoration, Merdeka-themed sand art, Jalur Gemilang theme pinwheel, Merdeka keychain and Batik bookmark. There are also 500 free mini flags available for VIKids participating in the activities.

Similarly, Mesra Mall will also host their Merdeka campaign from 26 August to 16 September 2022.

Here, the limited-edition Merdeka T-shirts made in collaboration with KTJ are available for redemption by shoppers with a minimum spend of RM350 and above in two receipts at any specialty store.

In collaboration with Perbadanan Kemajuan Kraftangan Malaysia, there will be arts and crafts activities galore for VIKids members. 

Activities include Merdeka flag weaving, key chain painting, recycle craft and DIY craft kits. These activities are held on Fridays and Saturdays (from 25 August to 10 September) at the West Wing Centre Court.

VIKids members can get mini Jalur Gemilang flags on 31 August and 16 September 2022. Limited to 150 pieces each day, don’t miss the giveaway happening from 12pm to 4pm on both days.

Visitors also get to enjoy an atmosphere decked with inspiring Merdeka-themed decorations aimed at evoking a sense of patriotism and love for the country. There will be a photo booth where visitors can commemorate their celebration of Malaysia’s 65th Independence Day.

Andrew Brien, CEO of Suria KLCC Sdn Bhd, commented, “During a period that is significant to all Malaysians, it’s a wonderful time to take pride in what this nation has achieved by being united. The Merdeka-themed activities bring people together and serve as perfect opportunities for children to learn more about the rich culture and heritage of this country.

“Once again, our CSR collaboration with Komuniti Tukang Jahit remains meaningful and fruitful. Apart from incorporating the batik element that is distinctly Malaysian, we are also able to do our part as a corporation in contributing towards positive social and environmental impact.”

Aug 27, 2022

Which Brands Won the Hearts of Malaysian Parents This Year?

Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park won Best Indoor Family Attraction. Pictured here are (centre) Mr Greg Pearn Vice President – Theme Park Operations, Genting Malaysia Berhad; (far right) Ms Casey Chong, Manager, Theme Park Marketing, Genting Malaysia Berhad, and (far left) Ms Teresa Chin from Parenthood Media Network.

This year marks the 5th year of the Parents’ Choice Awards by Parenthood Magazine where we reveal the voices of Malaysian parents on their top choices of brands and service in numerous categories for mums, babies, children and family.

The proud display of The Hall of Fame exhibit showcased all the winning products and services this year.

“The Parents’ Choice Awards is exactly that – parents’ choice. Parents are the best judge when it comes to quality and assurance when finding the most suitable products and services for their children; and because of that, our goal with the Parents’ Choice Awards is to identify and bring forward the most trusted brands and services that parents truly rely on,” says Teresa Chin, Chief Editor of Parenthood Magazine.

Guests checking out the winning brands at The Hall of Fame exhibit.

This year, Parenthood magazine awarded 80 winners who have won over the trust and votes from Malaysian parents.

Aveeno® Baby won the Best Sensitive Skin Therapy category whilst Only Organic won the Best Organic Baby Food category. 

Aveeno® Baby won the Best Sensitive Skin Therapy category. Pictured here are (right) Ms Ng Ye Yan, Senior Brand Manager of Johnson & Johnson; and (left) Ms Teresa Chin from Parenthood Media Network.

Among the prestigious and deserving brands that emerged as winners this year are Resort World Genting’s Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park, Cambridge English For Life, Aveeno® Baby, Only Organic, Byond28 Confinement Centre, FIFFY and Mindchamps among others.

FIFFY’s range of baby products swept 4 awards at the Parents’ Choice Awards 2022.

Pictured here are Ms Jeslyn Lee, Sales & Marketing Director, Fiffy Sdn Bhd; Ms Peiwen Chow, Boutique Admin Manager, Ms Sherlin Chow, Asst Sales & Marketing Manager, Fiffy Sdn Bhd, and Ms Teresa Chin from Parenthood Media Network.

Mindchamps Preschool won the Best Preschool Programme and the Best Kindergarten Centre under the boutique categories. Pictured here are (right) Dato’ Jeffrey Lai, Managing Director of Victoria Education Sdn Bhd; and (left) Ms Teresa Chin from Parenthood Media Network.

At Parenthood, they promise to continue to discover even more and better products and services that will provide the best solutions for parents and children in Malaysia, the ones that will continue to grow and innovate in order to exceed parents’ expectations and win over their trust.

Only Organic won the Best Organic Baby Food category. Pictured here are (centre) Ms Tara, Marketing Manager of Radiant Code Sdn Bhd; (right) Ms Joyce, Senior Marketing Executive of  Radiant Code Sdn Bhd; and (left) Ms Teresa Chin from Parenthood Media Network.

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to all winners of Parents’ Choice Awards 2022!

Cambridge English For Life won Best English Language Centre, Best English Blended Learning Programme and Best English Language Programme. Pictured here are (right) Ms Shari Wiemer, Marketing & Communications Manager, Cambridge English For Life; and (left) Ms Teresa Chin from Parenthood Media Network.

Byond28 Confinement Centre won the Best Confinement Care Package category. Pictured here is Ms Sally Peh Chen Woon, Centre Manager of Byond28 Confinement Centre.

Aug 26, 2022


Fonterra Brands Malaysia telahpun berkolaborasi bersama Yayasan Food  Bank buat tahun kedua....

Untuk tahun ini, Syarikat Fonterra telah membantu 50 buah keluarga B40 di PPR Pantai Permai dan PPR Kg Limau, Lembah Pantai dengan menaja bahan keperluan memasak selama 28 hari. Anggaran nilai barangan makanan yang diterima oleh setiap peserta tidak kurang dari RM1000 untuk 28 hari... 

Sepanjang program ini berlangsung, peserta program diberikan tugasan untuk memasak menu sarapan pagi dan makan tengahari mengikut resepi masakan yang telah dibekalkan oleh Fonterra. 

Program ini dimulakan pada 20 Jun 2022 yang lalu dan berakhir pada 24  Julai 2022. Hari ini merupakan acara kemuncak untuk Program 'Eat Well With Fonterra' dalam menghargai komitmen yang diberikan oleh setiap keluarga yang terpilih. 

Sesi penyampaian hadiah dan sijil penghargaan ini telah disempurnakan oleh Puan Carolyn Lim selaku Pengarah Bahagian Sumber Manusia mewakili Fonterra Brands Malaysia. 

Sebanyak 6 hadiah galakan telah diberikan kepada peserta  yang paling sporting dan kreatif memaparkan hasil masakan dalam bentuk gambar atau video. 

Ternyata program ini menggalakkan para peserta bereksperimen dalam memasak menu secara sihat di samping mengeratkan hubungan kekeluargaan ketika menikmati hidangan yang disajikan. 

Semoga program yang bermanafaat ini akan diteruskan pada masa akan datang. 



Aug 25, 2022

Anak Rimau - the Movie review

Anak Rimau or “Junior Tiger” is another feel-good football film which will be showing in cinemas nationwide soon!!! This movie which comes after the success of Ola Bola and Suatu Ketika is a production of Keeklr Films, and will premiere on Sept 1 to mark our Malaysian National Day 2022.

This inspirational story centers on a group of young teenage footballers from different backgrounds who does their best and shed blood, sweat and tears as they train hard and await their moment of glory to be full-fledged members of the national football team Harimau Malaya with the target of winning the ASEAN cup.

Naturally, not all is hunky dory or smooth sailing and along the way, they learn many useful lessons, such as teamwork, family values, true friendship and the never-say-die spirit.

Beto Khusyairi character as Coach Zainal was truly without any doubt amazing... and so was the characters Ariff, Tuck, Badrol, Maru, Pak Arab which were all well casted and well acted out by their respective actors….

Anak Rimau The Movie also introduces a new young acting talent in Idan Aedan as well as showcased two young under 14 category footballers from the Akademi Bola Sepak Negara Mokhtar Dahari (AMD) !!! 

Ahmad Daniel Hakimi Ahmad Azmil @ Kechikimi and Hanz Daniel Skelchy are actually two real-life Anak Rimau who have played in major stadiums around the country!!!

Although Anak Rimau the movie completed most of its shooting in 2019, Covid-19 posed many challenges to the film and has caused an inevitable delay of its premiere to 2022. Despite it all, the Anak Rimau production team persevered with the intention of playing a vital role in reminding Malaysians that no obstacle is too big and that we can overcome any challenges together as one united nation. 

Apart from this, the film also highlights that good will always come to those who have the faith and courage to hold onto the goodness in themselves and others, just as depicted in its tagline - “bola itu bulat.”

YB Senator Dato’ Sri Ti Lian Ker, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports (KBS), commended the Anak Rimau production team for their strong determination in filmmaking, saying, “It must have been a great challenge for the cast and crew of Anak Rimau to successfully produce this astounding feature film despite the challenges during the pandemic. The journey towards completing the movie is a strong display of dedication, leadership, and resilience by itself - all of which are also embedded within the key messaging in the Anak Rimau movie to inspire the youths to reach for the stars and bring pride to our beloved country.”