Aug 4, 2022


KITKAT, one of the Malaysian’s favourite chocolate brand has revealed their new variant, the limited-edition KITKAT Dark Cookies. This special treat will excite with its distinctive mix of chocolate, wafer and crunchy dark cookies.
Chocolate enthusiasts looking for a change or something beyond the conventional KITKAT will be delighted with the all new KITKAT Dark Cookies, a perfect snacking treat with its delicious pairing of ingredients that include a dark chocolate cookie crumble blended in confection, perfectly blending to the crisp of the KITKAT wafer with milk chocolate cream layers. Just one bite and you’re immediately rewarded with a rich cocoa taste, the signature KITKAT crispy wafer, and a hint of crunchy dark cookie crumble texture – an uplifting break from your favourite chocolate brand!
This new limited-edition KITKAT is created with Malaysians in mind as it makes for a perfect KITKAT break while juggling daily responsibilities of life. In line with the brand’s proposition to create smiley breaks everyday, the added texture of crunchiness from the dark cookie crumble on top of the signature KITKAT wafer will surely bring smiles to chocolate lovers.
Frédéric Porchet, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad’s Business Executive Officer for Confectionery in Malaysia and Singapore, said, “KITKAT is constantly reinvigorating the category with new and exhilarating products and flavours. We are inspired by the support we’ve enjoyed here in Malaysia as well as how Malaysians are always eager to try new things. We want to continuously offer new treats and delights; therefore, we work very hard with our research and development team to come up with products that will excite chocolate lovers all around. The results are the unique KITKAT variants Malaysians have come to enjoy over the years, and now our latest KITKAT Dark Cookies which I hope will become a favourite for many too.”
KITKAT Dark Cookies comes in two product offerings:
The 4-Finger Dark Cookies single-pack and the Multipack containing five pieces of 2-Finger Dark Cookies will be available nationwide effective mid-July. For more information, log on to and
Have a Break, Have a KITKAT! Make your chocolate moment more indulgent and rewarding with the limited-edition KITKAT Dark Cookies

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