Oct 31, 2014

THE ZESPRI®14-DAY CHALLENGE FOR BLOGGER 2014 -Day 5 (and some amazing health benefits!! Read this)

So I am landed with a 2 week supply of kiwis.... and am loving it.... Thank you so much Zespri Malaysia for this opportunity... and I have to complete 14 challenges.... for 2 weeks...

Am into the 5th day and today's challenge is :Show us how would you enjoy today with Zespri Green Kiwifruit today?

Perhaps, we may inspire you to create something to share with your friends and readers.

Astro Radio has 13 million listenership!

Almost everyone listens to radio, but do you know which is the top radio stations in Malaysia??

According to the latest Nielsen Radio Audience Measurement (RAM), Astro Radio remains the leading radio station network in Malaysia with weekly listenership of 13 million, up from 12.6 million in the previous survey. Astro Radio is also the only radio operator whose total listenership grew in the latest survey.

Its share of listenership stood at 56.3%.

In terms of listenership ranking, the Nielsen RAM survey reiterated the position of ERA fm, THR (including Raaga and Gegar) and SINAR fm as the top three radio stations in the country with 5.2 million listeners, 3.8 million listeners and 3.7 million listeners respectively. Astro Radio’s breakfast shows also retained their position as the Top 3 Breakfast Shows in the country.

Samsung Service Centre at Low Yat Plaza

Low Yat Plaza

So this is the Samsung Service Centre here in Low Yat plaza. And this is my 2nd time here. The first time was when I had problems with my Samsung Galaxy S 3 . It always grew hot for no good reason and finally "hanged" or stuck on one page.  I brought it here to check it out. 

The second time was very recently when my husband's Samsung Galaxy tablet 3 "hanged" or stuck to one page yet again.

Is there any love for me - part 2

(for your info, this is a true story that happened to someone I know....)

Continued from here

.... He moved in as a tenant. Back then the little girl's mother lived in a huge semi detached house with a huge garden/ compound with Rachel's grandmother. The man, we shall call him Cee (not his real name), was a Chinese man, just a few years older then the little girl's mom. Ok.. I think I shall call the little girl Rachel (not her real name either).. 

Rachel's mom liked Cee and he became a good friend. They practically went every where together.
Cee grew close to Rachel as well who accepted Cee in her life as a replacement father in place of the one who did not want anything to do with her. 


I love my kiwi..Did you know Zespri Green kiwifruit is full of actinidin (an enzyme that helps with protein digestion) and fiber. They are essential to help promote healthy digestive system.

Oct 30, 2014


Do your kids brush their teeth frequently? Heaven knows my little girl was very lazy in brushing her teeth. She had to be nagged or reminded before she would brush her teeth. 

The best time recommended to teach children about good oral hygiene is when they turn 3 years old. This is the age when a child starts learning and exploring new things including brushing his or her own teeth. Though the hand may be a bit clumsy at this age but practice makes perfect! 

Cute and interesting Halloween goodies

My little girl and I were shopping at Cold Storage in Wangsa Walk when we came across these adorable and interesting Halloween stuff.... You can find cute pumpkins with funny faces wearing witches hats or having funky bright fuzzy hair ....

Meeting the legendary Tun M

I met Tun Mahathir once a couple of years ago and got to salam him at the Mid Valley Megamall when he was there to sign his book. I did not get a chance to get close to him or take a picture with him back then....

I was due to meet Tun Dr Mahathir a couple of weeks ago, again, having won a contest to meet him with another winner at the Borders but the event was postponed indefinitely, because Tun M was apparently not very well and it was somewhat disappointing.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed
My dream come true...another tick off the bucket list

However, yours truly was very blessed to be able to join the Women Extraordinaire Forum 2014 , it was enlightening, eye opening and definitely full of tips, pointers, ideas and best of all, yours truly realized one of her lifelong dream... take a picture with her no 1 hero/ idol.... the legendary Tun M, and of course, his lovely , graceful wife, Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.

TOP Introduces Hygienically Clean Concept For Cleaner Laundry, More Comfort and A Better Sense of Well-Being

Laundry Detergent plays a very important role in keeping our laundry smelling fresh and clean , and though sometimes , admittedly I can be a little messy, I love fresh smells and lovely fragrant clothes. I hate it when sometimes your clothes comes back from being sunned still stinky or dirty or worse malodour from overnight drying outside. TOP Laundry Detergent has always been one of my favorite brands. Admittedly I change around a bit for flavors and different scents but TOP is one of my top favorites. I love the Blue (Blue Oceania) and Red (Fresh Tropicana) bottles best...

Anyway, TOP  Laundry Detergent, developed by LION Corporation Japan, is the No. 1 Total Laundry Detergent brand in Malaysia and it's no wonder why . It champions the concept of hygienically clean living to encourage cleaner laundry, more comfort and a better sense of well-being.

(From Left - Front Row) Datin Wira Dr. Hjh. Siti Hawa Mohd, Director, Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad, Ms Annette Ling, Managing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Tuan Ahimmat Mydin, Executive Director, Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad, and Mr. Allan Khong, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd experience for themselves the magic that is TOP Day Fresh while Ms Carmen Foo, Senior Marketing Manager, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd looks on (second row, in blue).

Oct 29, 2014


Day 3 challenge: Start your day with a kiwi-rific breakfast! Today's challenge was: How did you mix Zespri Green into your breakfast today? 

Yours truly was involved with the Women Extraordinaire Forum and had to be up early and rushed to the Sime Darby Convention centre since this was the day I get to see Tun M, Datuk Chef Wan and all... another cross off my things to do/see/meet and I did not want to be late. Tun M was arriving at 9am!!

Would you dare to eat any of this food? (WARNING : DO NOT EAT WHILE SEEING THIS)

People will definitely remember these food for a very long time to come if not forever. It is among some of the most grossest and realistic food you can come across.

Do not open and read further if you are in the midst of eating . For the sensitive of stomach, you could possibly throw up your meal...

Chocolate Skull with cake or ice cream cake inside. freakishly realistic looking (via PinInterest)

These walls come alive!!!

Patrick Commecy  is a hyper realistic French street artist. He specializes in painting hyper-realistic windows, balconies and tiles which closely resemble their real-life counterparts. Whenever he sees a blank wall, he sees a lot more than a bare wall and takes it to much higher level.
Patrick-Commecys-Incredible-Street-Art-Of-Fake-Facades-photofal 1

Women Extraordinaire Forum 2014 (WEF 2014) Malaysia

Yours truly was very fortunate to be able to attend the Women Extraordinaire Forum 2014 (WEF2014) which is staged for the 2nd time in Malaysia.  The Forum was held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre in Bukit Kiara .

The opening ceremony was officiated by the Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, YB Puan Hajah Nancy Binti Haji Shukri. She also delivered a keynote address to the very much engaged audiences.


Today's (2nd day's task) required us to take a Selfie with the Kiwi..... huhuhu... It was a little hard for me as I was away at the Women's Extraordinaire Forum from dawn to dusk and when I tried posting it in the evening, guess what... my network data seemed to be lagging and down... 

You can all guess how challenging and frustrating it was ... sighhh... Nevertheless, yours truly here is RELISHING in the refreshingly TANGY  boost of FIBER !!!!!

Oct 28, 2014

KidZania Camp

  • Kidzania is an indoor family edutainment centre which offers an interactive learning and entertainment experience for kids in a kid-sized city to deliver the first-of-its-kind edutainment fun. It is located at Mutiara Damansara Kuala Lumpur.

Children Role Play

Join the Koolest 3-Day Camp Just For Kids!! RM429 per kid...

From the 30th November 2014 to 23rd December 2014

Cendol and Pasembur aka Rojak on the road side

Have you ever eaten Pasembur aka Rojak on the road side? There are several vans or mini lorries selling Pasembur and Rojak on the road side in many places in Klang Valley.

Pasembur costs about RM4 (if I am not mistaken)

Oct 27, 2014

Ultraman Live in Pavilion on 31st October 2014!!

Do you happen to like Ultraman? My son did when he was younger, now that he is a teenager who just finished high school, I doubt he would admit to it anymore. 

Anyway I have a feeling 90% of little boys from age 3-12 would know and like Ultraman. He's after all a superhero from Japan... who fights off the monsters and make the world a safe place...

Recently, at an event, I met a mother and her son who collected hundreds of Ultraman figurines. Amazing huh...  

OK, anyway, Ultraman will be rising at Resorts World Genting very soon! Join in an action packed show as Resorts World Genting brings you Japanese superheroes and villains who will be invading the peak from 19 February 2015 till 22 March. 

(Pic: RWG facebook)


Heaven knows what challenges I am going to get but I am one of those trying out the Zespri® 14- Day Challenge for Blogger 2014... so wish me luck ok!!!

I love kiwi.... it is delicious, sweet and tart  but the best thing about kiwi is it has sooo much nutrients and fibre in it

·         Zespri Green Kiwifruit has 4 times the nutrition of grapes and 2 times the fibre of               pineapples. It is also is rich in Vitamin C and antioxidant

Facts you never knew about George Calombaris

At just 36 years of age, Melbournite George Calombaris is already one of the world’s most accomplished chefs. While one of his largest claims to fame is as one of the judges in MasterChef Australia; in 2004, at the age of just 26, he was voted by Global Food and Wine Magazine as one of the Top 40 chefs of influence in the world.

His modern take on Greek cooking is an exciting blend of experimental and traditional but is always firmly rooted in the lessons he learnt in the kitchen of his Greek Cypriot mother, Mary.

Hip, hip hooray... another dream coming true


I was browsing through some pages when I came across this... Oh wow... I entered this contest after visiting the MATTA Fair in September. The one and only prize was a Costa Victoria Cruise Holiday for 2 in a Balcony Cabin worth RM5900!!

Now it has been on of my dream to go for a cruise holiday but somehow I never got the chance as it is quite expensive to do it and I only travel on a shoe string when I travel alone so this is truly heaven sent.

MASTER CHEF AUSTRALIA S6 - the TOP 24 contestants

Judges of MasterChef Australia

Here are the top 24 in Master Chef Australia and their bio....enjoy!!!

The Home Cooks – The Top 24!

Age: 20
State: Western Australia
Occupation: Commerce Student

Working as a waiter at Nobu, Perth, Steven has seen some of the finest cuisine on offer. It’s a role that has made him realise that his skill and passion for food needs to be harnessed in the kitchen itself.

The Aussie lifestyle and his Chinese-Malaysian background ensured that Steven was exposed to the best of both worlds in terms of food and culture growing up.  “I feel as though food is my calling.”

Nominating his food heroes as Peter Gilmore, Heston Blumenthal and Nobu Matsuhisa, Steven would also relish the chance to cook alongside Marco Pierre White, with his drill sergeant style. 

MASTERCHEF AUSTRALIA S6 - about and the judges profile

Weeknights 7pm & 11pm (SIN/HK)

MasterChef Australia returns to our screens in 2014 with the best group of amateur cooks the competition has ever seen. Thousands auditioned, with judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston scouring the country to handpick Australia’s best home cooks, selecting the Top 24 to join them in Melbourne’s MasterChef Australia kitchen. The contestants share an unrivalled passion for food, delivering some of the finest dishes in the program’s history. These are ordinary Australians who can do extraordinary things for the love of food.

 As chefs, Gary and George are relishing the chance to mentor these high-calibre cooks, pushing them to better their best dish each time they tie their apron strings!


 What’s BIG about this season?
  •        Celebrated Sydney chef Kylie Kwong joins as a regular guest mentor this series, guiding the amateurs through testing times.
  •          New Immunity!
  •  Ø  The “Power Apron” - giving its wearer advantage and control across a series of challenges.
  •  Ø  Immunity Challenges are now expanded to have a preliminary round between three contestants before the winner moves on to cook for immunity against a professional chef.

Biggest number of viewers, hitting 1.65million in Australia!

Biggest prize in the history of Masterchef Australia!

Ø  Contestants are competing for $250,000 cash, a Hardie Grant cookbook publishing deal, work experience in some of Australia’s best kitchens and an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The biggest prize in MasterChef Australia history means the rivalry will be fierce!

Oct 26, 2014

MasterChef Australia Judge George Calombaris Cooks Up A Storm In KL!

Do you watch MasterChef Australia? I know I do. I watch it because it is entertaining, sometimes nail biting suspense at what the judges might react or have to say about some contestants' dishes and the judges are definitely fun to watch.  

My daughter would refer him as the cutest Chef as he is smaller in sized to his fellow judges but... at just 36 years of age, Melbournite George Calombaris is already one of the world’s most accomplished chefs. His modern take on Greek cooking is an exciting blend of experimental and traditional but is always firmly rooted in the lessons he learnt in the kitchen of his Greek Cypriot mother, Mary. While one of his largest claims to fame is as one of the judges in MasterChef Australia; in 2004, at the age of just 26, he was voted by Global Food and Wine Magazine as one of the Top 40 chefs of influence in the world. 

Down memory lane -Ireland..

Ireland is one of my most favourite countries in the world. I find it magical, mystical and mesmerizing. I love the Celtic influences and all the medieval and somewhat mystical like places like fourknocks passage tombs, newgrange , etc...etc. And it is where mystical stories of Tuatha de Danann and Leprechauns began...

I've been to Ireland twice already. Once when I was but 9 years old, and the other time , when I was about 23 or 24. I have stayed there for a couple of months but it is soooo not enough. In fact, once upon a time I had hoped to marry an Irish guy and live there but well, God has other plans for me... I hope someday I will return to see it again.

Parliment Square , Ireland

Peluang menang ICE WATCH, handbag XES....

Kalau anda berminat nak menang hadiah ICE WATCH . Handbag cantik dari XES dan lain 2 hadiah menarik, check out my friend's blog NOW...


Food review: Mee Rebus Utara Pasembur Istimewa

Today I'm sharing another of my husband's favourite place to eat. This one is along Jalan Raja Muda  in Kampung Baru. If you turn into Jalan Raja Muda from Jalan Tun Razak somewhere opposite the Celcom HQ, it will be on your right.

Review: Julie's Hershey's Chocolate Fudge Vanilla Flavoured Cookies

Yours truly came across this Julie's Hershey's Chocolate Fudge Vanilla Flavoured Cookies while shopping at Giant for my groceries and could not resist taking one.  It retails at about RM8 which is slightly pricey I think...

Oct 25, 2014

Is there any love for me? A true story (Part 1)

I want to tell you all a story of a Chinese girl. She was born many years ago. On the day she was born, her mother laboured alone in the maternity hospital to bring her into the world. Her father was however, somewhere else playing poker with his friends. He only paused to call to find put the latest updates and when he learnt that the newborn was a girl, he simply went back to his cards. 

A girl was not really wanted in his family. They wanted a boy, someone to carry on the surname. A girl? A girl was useless, especially once she was married off, she would belong to another family.

Rubbing shoulders with famous people at Madame Tussauds Bangkok

I am one of those who are lucky I got the opportunity to travel a bit , though not as much as I want to yet.. and I have had the great opportunity to have visited two other Madame Tussauds, one in Amsterdam and another in Las Vegas. However, those times were long ago when digital camera wasn't in yet, so I only have a couple of photos left from then... 
For this post, I am sharing my visit to the Madame Tussauds in Bangkok which I brought my son....taken sometime last year...
Anne Thongprasom and Ken Theeradej

Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales in pictures

Disney Live!

Most of the people in this world, unless those living in extreme rural areas who have not watched TV , know who Mickey, Minnie , Donald and Goofy are. And almost all of these people know and probably grew up watching Snow White, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast, like yours truly here and even all my kids including my youngest girl...

My little girl  won a pair tickets to watch Disney Live ! Three Classic Fairy Tales and we went to watch it yesterday. 

She won category 2 tickets but we were lucky that an old friend of mine helped upgrade our tickets to VIP for us. If you are reading this, you know who you are, thanks a million !!! We had an excellent view and a truly wonderful evening.

Here is my little girl cutie monkee with her tickets....

Oct 24, 2014

Major Festive Holidays in Malaysia in 2015 and MyFEST 2015 Event Highlights in Klang Valley

Major Festive Holidays in Malaysia for 2015
Pic credit : unitar.my

Feb 3 - Thaipusam

Feb 19-20 - Chinese New Year

May 3 - Wesak Day 

May 30-31 - Kaamatan Harvest Festival (Tadau Kaamatan, Sabah)

Meet MasterChef Australia Judge, George Calombaris, Live in Kuala Lumpur!

Do any of you watch MasterChef Australia? I certainly do. It is just so interesting and fascinating watching the contestants whip up interesting meals out of the basic ingredients and so on. I often marvel at their creativity and ingenuity ... so that brings us to the next question....

The judges of MasterChef Australia

Are you a fan of the award-winning cooking series MasterChef Australia? If you are, take this chance to see George Calombaris right here in Kuala Lumpur! Details below:


I love shower creams, they are among the little luxuries I derive great pleasure from when taking a shower. The lovely fragrance is so calming to the soul....
Lux bring the best of beauty within reach of every woman in the world providing exceptional pleasure in her bathing and skincare experience and inspiring her to feel irresistible and confident in her own skin every day! 

Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi


Tiger Temple, or Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, is a Theravada Buddhist temple in western Thailand that was founded in 1994 as a forest temple and sanctuary for wild animals, among them several tigers, the majority of which are Indochinese tigers. The tiger temple is located in the Saiyok district of Thailand’s Kanchanaburi province, not far from the border with Myanmar, some 38 km (24 mi) northwest of Kanchanaburi along the 323 highway

Tourist get mauled by tiger in Phuket's Tiger Kingdom

The Big Cat area holding large animals have been temporarily closed at the Phuket’s Tiger Kingdom park after an Australian tourist was mauled earlier this week. 
Tourists can still see smaller tigers in cages, but the zone where tourists can pet and pose for pictures with animals was closed off following Tuesday's mauling of Australian tourist Paul Goudie, 49
Paul Goldie -pic credit to phuketwan.com
Witnesses at the scene said Goudie, from Melbourne, stepped inside a cage to pet one a 15-month-old cat. The animal unexpectedly attacked and a park attendant had to drag the victim to safety. He suffered bites to both legs and stomach. He has reportedly  undergo one surgical procedure, with more scheduled.

Oct 23, 2014

Disney's Big Hero 6 - Help Spread the Love, Care and Plenty of Hugs!

Baymax understands that growing up isn’t always easy, and sometimes we need to show our buddies that we care, and, we are there to support them…but sometimes (let's be honest) that can get a bit weird and awkward! So…we want to spread the Baymax Hug!


(photo credit to wisatablog.com)

Lombok has a quite a lot to offer . You can choose to explore the idyllic beaches, dense rainforest, soak yourself in cold isolated waterfalls and explore a traditional artisan village or even check out some deserted island, if you dare.

Rinjani volcano (photo credit to gorinjani.com)

Lombok's gem is towering Rinjani volcano, which if you like jungle trekking, it will be a challenging three-day trek that will however, leave you breathless in every sense. For the wannabe surfers, world class surfing can be done on the south coast, fabulous snorkelling and scuba diving or immerse yourself in traditional rural life in a colourful Sasak village.

Saphaipae Hostel in Bangkok

I am one of those people who flashpack or like to travel comfortably but on a tight budget. So when I found out about Saphaipae Hostel, it seemed like a lovely place. Hubby was the first to point out that while pictures can look lovely, reality can be a whole different story, and admittedly that happens a lot of times...even back here in Malaysia

I traveled via bus and van from Siem Reap to Bangkok and naturally I was extremely exhausted by the time I got to Bangkok.

I took the BTS to Surasak and walked towards the hostel. To my utmost surprise. Saphaipae Hostel was lovely and very clean, comfortable and very well suited to all kinds of tourist.

Biodata of me

A friend, a penpal of mine, send me this questionnaire, and so I filled it up and send it back to her, but I also thought I would share it so you can learn a little more about me... but only some of the questions... hehehe....

Name  Miera Nadhirah

Occupation: Mutual Funds Consultant with Public Mutual Berhad and Blogger / Social Media Influencer

DOB 6/29/1975

Children Names  Suria Natalia, Adam Danial and Anne Syafiqa

Pets 2 cats Beebo and Muezza

Dream Trip to Macau

Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) and Nuffnang Malaysia are holding a contest for us Nuffnangers to write on why we would like to visit Macau and why they should send us on an all-expense paid trip to Macau! 

I have never been to Macau before and it is on my bucket list to visit this fascinating country sometime in the future and I wonder if I could be the lucky winner in this contest . 

Chances are slim as I know there  are plenty of fabulous bloggers around and some really professional ones, but, well, I am not one to let an opportunity go, so never try, never know right... maybe it could be my heaven sent opportunity to visit Macau sooner then I think... but ah well, we will see about that....

Mariah Carey in KL

I like Mariah Carey a lot, though I am not one of her 'lambily'. I have always listened to her songs and I enjoyed them.  I was hoping to attend the concert, unfortunately was not lucky enough.... so I am dedicating this post to her and all her fans and 'lambily'....

Anyway, Mariah Carey arrived in Malaysia 2 days ago (on Tuesday via a private jet) and began posting on Twitter last night about her shopping excursions and cooking activities in Kuala Lumpur.