Oct 8, 2014

Liebster award questions answered...

After doing 2 Liebster awards, and getting tagged for the third and fourth time, I gave up , however, I will answer the Liebster Award questions answered here... I got tagged by Sherry's son at http://mykidshopping.blogspot.com/ and Kylie, from http://cre8tonebabe.blogspot.com/

11 facts about me....
1)My favorite animals has to be the dolphin or wolves or tigers
2)I love turquoise or royal blue
3)One of my ambition as a kid was to be a journalist
4)I once brought a kitten to school. My close school friends all remember this...
5)I was a big nerd in school
6)I love eating steamboat....and dimsum .... and am crazy over anything to do with Koay Teow... Fried Koay Teow, Char Koay Teow, Koay Teow Soup... huhuhu
7) I love historical places the most and that would be my most favourite holiday destination....(Angkor Wat, Bayon, Borobudur,etc...)
8) I have been to Las Vegas. It is kinda boring for me.. LOL
9) I love peace and quiet but somehow it seems to elude me..... sighhhh
10) I need to travel twice a year at very least or I will go stark raving mad....
11) One of my favourite drinks has to be "Milo kosong ais"..... Iced Milo

Sherry and her son's questions:-

1. What's your current job besides blogging? 
I am a unit trust consultant as well with Public Mutual Berhad

2. What's your dream job?
To be a travel guide, travel blogger and an entrepreneur

3. How many countries have you been to, name the country?
Numerous... US, UK, Ireland, France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand....

4. Who inspired you to start a blog?
I inspired myself... hehehe.. I started out of curiosity and just sharing my ideas, photos, thoughts etc with friends from all over.. I got inspired to do it more professionally by both Sohoque and Mr Jocko in some ways...

5. What do you like about blogging?
One of my ambition as a child was to be a journalist/ reporter. I guess being a blogger and a part of the media group makes my dream come true in some ways.....and the perks at times...

6. What do you like about my blog? 
Simple and sweet.....

7. When is the best time you like to blog? 

Early in the morning about 5.30am or so.... when all is still sleeping... It is great!!!

8. Where is your comfort zone to blog?
On the floor in the sitting room or in my bedroom LOL

9. What do like to blog about? 

Whatever that catches my interest, or what I have been doing, interesting places I have been etc...

10. How many blogs do you visit in a week? 
5-20... trying to do more when I am free....

Kylie's questions:-

1. When you start blogging?
Back in 2010 or 2009 I think

2. Why do you blog?

It was to express myself and share my ideas, thoughts, feelings etc with friends and others...

3. What is your main criteria on choosing an event to go to?
Must be something I relate to....

4. Do you cook? If yes, what food you love to cook most?
I do when the mood strikes.... I like cooking pasta.. much to my husband's annoyance and my youngest daughter delight... hahaha

5. Which movie/drama you love most?
I love fantasies or historical costume dramas

6. What song you love best?
At the moment it is "All of Me"

7. What is your favourite food?
Pasta... LOL

8. What colour you love most?

Blue/ Turquoise

9. Where is the most beautiful place you'd travel to?
Hmmm... probably Paris or Ireland

10. Where is your next travel destination?

I don't know... but Beijing is on my list... huhuhuh

11. Which sport do you like?
Not really a sporty person... that's why I am so fat... LOL


What do you think of my blog???