Oct 23, 2014

Biodata of me

A friend, a penpal of mine, send me this questionnaire, and so I filled it up and send it back to her, but I also thought I would share it so you can learn a little more about me... but only some of the questions... hehehe....

Name  Miera Nadhirah

Occupation: Mutual Funds Consultant with Public Mutual Berhad and Blogger / Social Media Influencer

DOB 6/29/1975

Children Names  Suria Natalia, Adam Danial and Anne Syafiqa

Pets 2 cats Beebo and Muezza

Favorite Number: 3

Favorite Birds: Humming birds and macaws

Favorite Board Games:  Monopoly

Favorite Foods: Thai, Italian, Junk food

Favorite Drinks: Iced Milo, Iced Mocha drink

Favorite Colors:  black, blue, turquoise

Favorite Gemstones: sapphires

Favorite Jewelry: bracelets

Favorite Clothes: t shirts and jeans

Favorite Sounds: sound of rain (I agree)

Favorite Smells: fresh rain and the smell of the ocean or fruity scents

Favorite Music: R & B

Favorite Tv Shows: Chinese or Korean costume dramas, Scandal, Ghost Hunters International, Devious Maids

Favorite Books : Chic Lit and Romance, 

Favorite Authors: Tamsina Perry, Louise Bagshawe, Jackie Collins, Charlaine Harris etc...

Favorite Magazines Malaysian Women's Weekly, Her World, Female

Favorite Flowers Roses

Characters you like (cartoons) Disney characters, care bears, my little pony, monster high

Characters your dislike (cartoons) adventure time? Oggy and the cockroaches

What do you like most in a person: honesty, reliable, friendly and easy going

What do you dislike most in a person: back stabbers, judgmental people and fanatics

Can you drive: yes

Can you swim: somewhat

Can you ski: no

My dislikes: fighting, screaming, hate mongering

My hobbies/interests facebook, spending time with family, photography, attending blogger events, blogging, travelling, sight seeing, and others

I Collect stickers, postcards, t shirts, pens, key chains, fridge magnets and snowglobes 

Countries I have visited: USA, Ireland, Australia, UK, Northern Ireland, France, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium....

US states you have visited  CA, NV, Idaho

Please complete the following I've always wanted to visit :Turkey, China , Macao, Korea..

Your hope for the future: to be debt free, travel the world and that my kids become successful in their own chosen fields

Are you a Lefty or a Righty:  righty

Is the Glass half empty or half full : half full

What is under your Bed : dust and some magazines and bags


  1. bestnya dah pusing byk negara..
    semua dlm wishlist saya lagi :)

    1. Syukur Alhamdullilah masa muda dahulu ada rezeki sedikit... hehehe


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