Oct 17, 2014

Travelling from Siem Reap to Bangkok via Poipet by Bus/Van

If on my 2nd day trip in Siem Reap walking all around Angkor Wat and the vicinity gave me tired legs, today (this time) my ass is tired from all the sitting. It sure was a very long journey.

I checked out from Mad Monkey at 7 am and I was at the travel station at 7.15am which was just directly in front of the Mad Monkey Hostel- very convenient and a van picked me up and went around picking people up before sending me to where a bus was waiting.
I boarded the bus. 

My travel buddy Khairul and I decided we wanted to save some money after finding Siem Reap kinda expensive. Everything is in USD!!! So to us Malaysians that is 3x and a little more of our money. 

At the Poipet border

Besides, with all the coaxing and sad stories etc..etc.. I have already forked out additional USD 10 to give away and, it might not seem like a lot of money to some, but with a very tight buget, it was certainly was eating into my budget a lot...

So we did not take the VIP bus aka Natakan which would have cost us USD28 and instead took the Hang Tep bus/van transfer which was just USD 15.

The bus sent us to Poi Pet and then we had to walk across the border to stamp our passports etc and walk to the other side where we had to wait for a good half an hour before a mini truck sent us to a coffee shop to wait. 

Leaving Cambodia...

We have to walk across the border...

Sawadee kap... Welcome To Thailand

Then a van finally appeared and took us to Bangkok.

Where the journey from Siem Reap was slow ... The van driver here drove as if he was competing with Nico Rosenberg and Kimi Raikkonen in the Formula 1. 

The ride was pretty scary at some points. We were holding on to the edges of our seat and probably praying... But I guess he had to be fast to send us on time.

The trip was after all a good few hundred kilometres..we finally arrived in Bangkok at 5.30pm.

We made a quick stop at Siam Paragon to pick up some snacks and neccessities and went to check into our hostel, Saphaipae for the night.. 

Then we rushed to the Hua Lampong train station to buy our tickets to our destination .. Me to Surat Thani and Koh Samui about RM85 whilst Khairul got his to Surat Thani and Krabi for RM75.

Outside Siam Paragon

We then manage to stroll around Si Lom for a few minutes and I got a local tourist card for RM30 to use but was still unable to activate the internet.. 

Then we rushed back to the hostel just in time as the last MRT/ BTS was at 9 pm and it was curfew  time when I was there and the curfew begins at 10pm but well.. All is peaceful and I haven't actually even see a soldier in fatigues around town.. sighhh

Inside BTS sky train....


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