Oct 11, 2014

Budget 2015

Budget 2015:

1st 300 units of electric consumption - no GST
OKU child tax relief increase to RM6k.

MP salary hike & 1/2 mth bonus to gov. servant min RM500.

 Income tax to reduce 1-3% for assessment year 2015.
Those earning RM4k/mth - no income tax.
Highest Personal tax bracket to be increase from RM100k to RM400k

BRIM - RM900, those earning RM3k  &  RM750 to those earning RM3-4k 
Single earning below RM2k - RM350. 

Youth Housing Scheme by Gov, EPF and BSN to property below RM500k, house-hold income RM10k, 35 years loan tenure, 10%, & RM200 monthly allowance  given by govt for 2 years

Ron 95, diesel and LPG - no GST.

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