Oct 19, 2014

Food Review: JN's Place

Yesterday I paid a visit to JN's Place, It is along the highway from DUKE/Sentul towards Gombak/ Greenwood on your left. It was my first time there.

It is a very pretty little restaurant owned a lovely lady named Sha, who is mom to two local upcoming actresses, Janna Nick and also child actress Qisha Nick, my daughter's best friend.

The wall is all doodled, drawn and designed by Janna Nick and her friends. And you can actually leave a comment on the wall with one of those post it note paper.

The restaurant is very welcoming, spacious and comfortable, as well as gaily decorated.

The menu.... 

Some of the dishes offered include chicken rice, and some side dishes, mostly homecooked kind of food, Scha's personal recipes

Western dishes are also on the menu, like spaghetti bolognaise, fish and chips, chicken chop, roast chicken etc.

Or you can try some local favorites...like the nasi goreng cina, char koay teow or mee bandung udang special....

Or if you like some snacks or desserts, you should check this out....

And the list of beverages....

My little girl and her best friend, upcoming child actress Qisha Nick

This here, is the roast chicken. You can see it roasting, and is the personal recipe of Scha. You really have to try this. It is quite succulent and yummy.

The Mee Bandung Udang Special. I tried it and it is really lip smacking good.... The prawns are fresh, and the taste is just right. I could almost eat two bowls of this!!!!

The sausage rolls are wrapped in cheese and bread crumbs and taste pretty fabulous....

This is the chicken rice. The chicken is roasted, and like I mention, succulent and well flavoured. And the sauces really compliment the taste perfectly. If you are there, you really have to try this. 

 This Creme Caramel is also lovely. the taste is light, and for my palate, just right. The caramel sauce is  not too thick but full of flavors.

Here are the two besties, my little girl and her friend Qisha Nick enjoying a bowl of the Mee Bandung Udang Special. 

For your information, the price here in this restaurant is really very reasonable for the setting and also the taste. I really enjoy the food there and will be heading there again....

JN's place is opened Monday to Saturday from 4pm to 12am

NO 6,Jalan  PPS 1,Pusat Perdagangan Selaseh, Batu Caves

Tel: 0126808045

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