Oct 28, 2014

Cendol and Pasembur aka Rojak on the road side

Have you ever eaten Pasembur aka Rojak on the road side? There are several vans or mini lorries selling Pasembur and Rojak on the road side in many places in Klang Valley.

Pasembur costs about RM4 (if I am not mistaken)

The one I am talking about this time is the one located along Jalan Kuching, from Selayang to Jalan Ipoh or KL by near the BP station / car dealers there.

The Cendol is lovely..and cost about RM1.50 (also not sure about this cos hubby paid for it.. huhuhu)

My hubby and little girl stopped by for a quick snack recently. It was yummy, even thought I am not such a huge fan of Pasembur aka Rojak or Cendol.

So if you guys are interested, you might like to check it out

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