Dec 31, 2013

Movie Preview - Devil's Due

After a mysterious, lost night on their honeymoon, a newlywed couple finds themselves dealing with an earlier-than-planned pregnancy.
While recording everything for posterity, the husband begins to notice odd behavior in his wife that they initially write off to nerves.
As the months pass, it becomes evident that the dark changes to her body and mind have a much more sinister origin.
Be Warned!
In a series of posts on his official Twitter account, director Eli Roth wrote "Don't pre-judge Devil's Due because Rosemary's Baby is a 'holy grail' movie. It's so smart, creative, inventive, and fun. Very very scary. The guys at Radio Silence killed it. Devil's Due is a legit scary, smart, horror film. So many awesome scenes. I loved it."

A trip to Penang Hill

I decided to celebrate my Christmas in my hometown in Penang as a tourist. And one of my stops wasthe Penang Hill. I have not been up the Penang Hill since I was a kid or a young teen. That was how long it was.... 
My eldest daughter and I took the bus from Komtar '204' up to Penang Hill ...
 We passed by these busy stretch of street market..... at the Air Hitam market... oh gosh.. it was narrow and bustling with activities and freaky when there's buses and lorries passing by

 Bukit Bendera aka Flag Hill... or actually known as Penang Hill... heheh... I do not understand why it's called Bukit Bendera and not Bukit Pulau Pinang instead... hmmm

 This picture is from the top after the train left us. The new train is pretty cool, despite being packed , it is quite fast.. about 7 1/2 minutes from the foot of the hill to the top.
 The lovely view....
 David Brown's restaurant is pretty and serves nice dishes but we were kinda on a shoe string budget so it was not in our itinerary then....except for a pic... heheh
 We also got entertained with a snake show by these two pretty and very brave girls who played and showed their skills handling vipers, whip snakes, cobras and even a king cobra....

 After that we took a slow walk to see some lovely sights and bungalows ... pretty Victorian like

 An antique /olden type letterbox.... and your's truly...
A very famous kacang putih stall on Penang Hill. They can custom make for you your 'kacang putih' to your liking with curry etc....

Dec 30, 2013

The amazing power of Zorbmax

I stumbled upon Livesmart360 because of my dear pet sister. It is the ultra advance technology that really benefits me during the times when I was fatigued from juggling stress, work, marriage, kids and everything around me.

It gives me energy and the feeling like I'm well rested when I wake in the morning and with that said, my concentration is much better on my job nowadays. 

This is indeed a scientific breakthrough! Scientists have been trying to figure out for decades how we can be healthy. Needless to say, we cannot be healthy without healthy blood. Because of our lifestyle, our stress levels, of breathing in polluted air etc..etc.. most of us, 99% of us have sticky blood, blood that clots up causing many of us to fall sick and get health problems like arterial or venous thrombosis, heart attacks, stroke, etc.

Taking Zorbmax can dramatically increase the intake of protein, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants
, pro-biotic, enzymes, oxygen in our body. 

And because of these, you will feel the difference in your well being just like I did. I am sharing this with you, in the hopes that this might benefit you as it did me.

for more info, please click  I want to know more or join our facebook page here
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Dec 29, 2013

Guide to notable cafes around Penang...

George Town has many nostalgic shop houses, vintage shops and old streets that are so hard to come by in big cities these days. Among these old streets, boutique niche cafes are also springing out. While each cafe is special in their own ways, many of them has a rustic charm that attracted a good pool of cafe goers. These are some cafes kinda reviewed by a fellow blogger Miss Tam Chiak
Cafe Mural-007
Out of the many cafes I visited in Penang, Cafe 55 is a big favourite. It is a part of Coffee Atelier which also houses the Gehrig Art Gallery, 47 & 49 Residence and Coffee Museum (which used to be Kim Guan Coffee Factory). The building is a beautifully-restored early 20th century shophouse and the name hopes to celebrate the memory of this artisanal trade from a bygone era.
A must try here is their 3D coffee art because Cafe 55 is the only cafe in Penang that does 3D coffee art. While many come in for their coffee, the cafe also serves excellent Mediterranean-inspired cuisine. 
Cafe 55
Address: 47-55 Lorong Stewart, George Town
Tel: +604 261 2261
Opening hours: 9am to 5pm daily
Wifi in the cafe? Yes.
Cafe Mural-003
Housed in a traditional Malaysian shophouse built in the 1920s, MoonTree 47 is a homestay + cafe in Muntri Street. The cafe is furnished simply with rustic decor. There are many recycled items in the cafe, with tables and chairs that are purposely mismatched. What catches the eyes is the whole row of old school clocks on the wall. They probably have one of the cafe with the nicest vintage decor but service according to some people are not that good
MoonTree 47
Address: 47 Muntri Street, George Town
Tel: +604 264 4021
Opening hours: Mon to Tue 9am – 7pm; Thu to Sun 9am – 7pm
Wifi in the cafe? No.
Cafe Mural-005
Situated on the ever popular heritage street of Lebuh Armenian, Armenian House is a renovated old shop house and offers wallet-friendly accommodation and food. All the old sewing machines are converted into a little tables for us to sit back, relax and enjoy.
You can have the Armenian House set meal which consist of a plate of seafood spaghetti, cheesecake and lime juice for about RM25. 
Armenian House
Address: 35 Lebuh Armenian, George Town
Tel: +6016 486 8309
Opening Hours: 9am to 6pm daily
Wifi in the cafe? Yes.
Cafe Mural
A tailor shop transformed into a café, Kwong Sang House (廣生洋服) still keeps the originality in this shop. When you walked into the shop, you can fell like you are there to tailor make some dresses. There’s a range of vintage collection all over the shop. From a television, a fan, shelves of books to a chess set, a typewriter, a sewing machine, which depicts the rustic charm of Penang’s past.
The cafe serves a good variety of western dishes. Be sure to walk up to level 2 which is a mini library and a collection of vintage items.
Kwong Sang House (廣生洋服)
Address: 36 Leith Street, George Town
Tel: +6012-556 5509
Opening Hours: Mon to Wed 12pm – 2:30 pm, 6pm – 11pm; Fri to Sun 12pm – 2:30pm, 6pm – 11pm. Closed on Thursdays
Wifi in the cafe? Yes.
Cafe Mural-001
Cafe Mural-002
China House is a traditional compound of 3 heritage buildings linked by an open air courtyard. Now converted into 14 existing spaces with shops, cafés, restaurants, galleries and theatre.
Dessert lovers will love their long table of home made desserts. Every piece looked utterly delectable, every piece inviting, begging to be savored. A piece of cake, a cup of coffee or a glass of red wine, what else could anyone ask for. China House serves one of the best tiramisu around, with unexpected potent hit of coffee liqueur, with layers of bittersweet alcohol, coffee and moist chocolate mousse. 
China House
Address: 153 & 155, Lebuh Pantai, George Town
Tel: +604 263 7299
Opening times: 11am – 11pm daily
Wifi in the cafe? Yes.
Cafe Mural-006
Most of the cafes in George Town closes by 6pm. But Behind 50 is one of the very few cafes that opens after 6pm. If you’re wondering, Behind 50 is named as such because it is located behind a building called ‘50’. This quaint little place used to be a bicycle repair shop back in the days. Its old school decors and memorabilia has attracted quite a crowd. 
Love the nostalgic, rustic ambience, and generally reminiscent of old-school Penang. There are scribbles on the walls, and there is also a vintage gramophone! The menu came in these old stamp books which is quite a novel idea. There are also specials of the day on the blackboard made up of western poultry dishes. Behind 50 has adopted the ‘suspended coffee’ programme where donations given by the patrons go towards providing a hot beverage for the underprivileged and the homeless.
Behind 50
Address: 50 Lorong Love, George Town
Tel: +6012 493 9230
Opening hours: Mon to Wed 6pm – 1am; Fri to Sun 6pm – 1am
Wifi in the cafe? No.
Hope you like this cafe guide! This is definitely not the most extensive list but I hope it helps you a little when you are planning your trip to Penang. The writer Miss Tam Chiak have spent A LOT of time planning for the cafe feature. 
I am also looking forward to checking it out myself the next time I go back to Penang.

Here are some other cafes she recommends, and please feel free to visit her blog:
Chai Diam Ma Restaurant
Address: 15, Lebuh Queen, 10200 Georgetown
Opening hours: Mon to Sun 12pm – 9pm, Fri and Sat 12pm – 11pm, Closed on Tue
Cozy in the Rocket
Address: 262 & 264, Lebuh Pantai, George Town
Tel: +6012 496 7838
Opening hours: Tue to Sun 10am – 5pm (including public holiday); Closed on Mon
Edelweiss Cafe
Address: 38, Lebuh Armenian, George Town
Tel: +604 261 8935
Opening hours: Tue to Fri 12pm – 3pm & 6pm – 10pm; Sat 11am – 10pm; Sun 11am – 6pm; Closed on Mon
Ete Cafe
Address: 79, Lebuh Carnarvon, George Town
Tel: +6017 4350922
Opening Hours: 11am – 6:30 pm daily
Moustache Houze
Address: 24, Campbell Street, George Town
Contact Number: +604 262 2228
Opening Hours: 4:30pm – 10pm daily