Dec 31, 2013

A trip to Penang Hill

I decided to celebrate my Christmas in my hometown in Penang as a tourist. And one of my stops wasthe Penang Hill. I have not been up the Penang Hill since I was a kid or a young teen. That was how long it was.... 
My eldest daughter and I took the bus from Komtar '204' up to Penang Hill ...
 We passed by these busy stretch of street market..... at the Air Hitam market... oh gosh.. it was narrow and bustling with activities and freaky when there's buses and lorries passing by

 Bukit Bendera aka Flag Hill... or actually known as Penang Hill... heheh... I do not understand why it's called Bukit Bendera and not Bukit Pulau Pinang instead... hmmm

 This picture is from the top after the train left us. The new train is pretty cool, despite being packed , it is quite fast.. about 7 1/2 minutes from the foot of the hill to the top.
 The lovely view....
 David Brown's restaurant is pretty and serves nice dishes but we were kinda on a shoe string budget so it was not in our itinerary then....except for a pic... heheh
 We also got entertained with a snake show by these two pretty and very brave girls who played and showed their skills handling vipers, whip snakes, cobras and even a king cobra....

 After that we took a slow walk to see some lovely sights and bungalows ... pretty Victorian like

 An antique /olden type letterbox.... and your's truly...
A very famous kacang putih stall on Penang Hill. They can custom make for you your 'kacang putih' to your liking with curry etc....


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