Dec 5, 2013

Flashback.... my Taipei trip 2013 (first day)

After a long year of working for it and waiting.. I finally flew to Taipei.. it was a long awaited trip and one I like to think I deserve for all the stress and hard work…..  and it was exciting.
Now the crazy thing is that I used to be an idiot and was not interested in visiting China or Taiwan etc. However,  I know better now..
Ok.. so the above picture is of the plane I flew in .. I flew China Airlines for this trip and it was pretty awesome. I love the entertainment on board and the food was pretty good and satisfying. Made my 5 1/2 hours journey much shorter.
Caught sight of some lovely sunset scenery from my plane too…beautiful, don't you reckon so?
The flight from Malaysia took about 5 hours plus..
We arrived at the Taoyuan International Airport at about 7pm plus, picked up our luggage, cleared immigration as usual and was met by our Taiwanese tour guide, Devina (actually Devina is Indonesian and she is very pretty, sweet and nice)…and was taken to our hotel, the Howard Plaza Hotel.
The hotel was huge, they have free wifi in the lobby area , something travellers like me need to connect with friends and family back home.. so once we’ve freshened up and settled down in the room, a few of us went downstairs to hook up on the internet . Then we called it a night……

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