Dec 9, 2013

Flashback- Taipei trip 2013 - Yehliu Geopark

Unique stone formations are the trade mark of this geo-park. It is a place for a good exercise.. as you will probably will be walking a  good 2-3 km (to and fro)
The climate and erosion from the sea air has formed these rocks for years, there's one like queen's head, the other is like a panther, a lot of "mushrooms" and so on...some depending on your imagination. 
The Geopark is pretty clean...hardly see any rubbish there and sea and surroundings are quite beautiful and calming. We enjoyed watching waves crash at one side .
Our lovely and entertaining tour guide Devina..
Me behind the stone formation…
The queue to take picture with the queen’s head… The queen's head use to be bigger but is now eroding and getting smaller but there are news that a new 'princess head' has emerged since I last visited. So apparently, the queen has found an heir too... hehehe
Unfortunately I do not have too many pictures here as I lost my memory card in my DSLR camera and had only a few pics I could use via my mobile. .. sad and frustrating.. but what to do…
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