Dec 6, 2013

The Heirs aka The Inheritors recap -Episode 4

Eun Sung enters the airport only to see Rachel and Tan hugging and feels sad, she turns away, this time Tan sees her and calls her, Cha Eun Sung stop there, Rachel looks at her  -this is fate you bitch- Tan tells Rachel goodbye totally ignoring her and walks towards Eun Sung and says why didn’t you call didn’t your friend told you too, she says “I heard” and Tan gets angry if she heard she should have called and asks if she is going to Korea. She says what is it that you wanted to say and he gives her his cell phone and asks for her number. She looks at phone and then looks at Rachel and says we have said our greetings and says don’t abandon your fiancé and walks by Tan and Rachel. Rachel can feel something is different.
Eun Sung and Rachel are on the same plane. Rachel is in the first class and goes to see Eun Sung and says she thinks they are going to meet again but Eun Sung says that won’t happen. She takes away her form to take her information.
Young Do is at the airport to pick Rachel and he has a sign board that reads welcome STEP SISTER. They both are unhappy and throw insults at each other. – ima name them insulting siblings- Eun Sung comes out shortly.
Insulting siblings are sitting in the car. Young Do wants to listen to the loud music but Rachel turns it off, he plays it again, she again turns it off -I m loving it- Rachel says he must be curious about Tan and tells him he is doing great and asked about Young Do she said I told him you are doing very well. This angers Young Do and tells the driver to stop the car and says why you think the lion is not in the den? May be he ran away. Young Do steps out of the car.
Eun Sung comes home and finds the house empty a lady enters and Eun Sung asks her about her mom she says her mom emptied the room she asks for the lady’s phone. Mom says to Eun Sung that chairman is sick so she will be staying here. Eun Sung sits alone in the dark.
Tan time – rent able friends are playing in his pool -why are you guys not at the beach but at the poor guys house- He picks his cell phone and there are no updates on Eun Sung’s page, he enlarges her picture and stares at her, he sighs.
Hyo Shin time, he enters the house and stops at the door, it’s his mom talking to his tutor (what is her name)   -Jun Hyun Joo- The mom is teaching her what to do and what not to do in front of her son. Hyo Shin says why don’t she just quit she has to hear his moms nagging Hyun Joo says she is paid. Hyun Joo gets a call from Won but she doesn’t pick up, Won buys a necklace.
Eun Sung is shocked to hear that the money was from the mortgage. Eun Sung says sis was lying about everything but mom already knows that, sis called and said sorry. Mom tells her to wait outside and goes in. A car stops in front of the house – and it’s not Tan- it’s the legal wife lady Jung who looks at her and walks in.
Eun Sung’s mom is threatening Tan’s mom (lady Han). It is announced that lady Jung has come back, Tan’s mom thinks Eun Sung’s mom told her about the affair thingy, she says errr writes not yet but the lady is here so it’s the right opportunity and runs to tell but Tan’s mom holds her back and asks what is it that she wants. Eun Sung is granted entry. Mom tells Eun Sung to wear clean clothes and says we are going to live here.
Déjà vu -Eun sung walks in with mom her mouth wide open again. They come upon the ladies quarreling. Lady Jung is angry that she wasn’t told that the chairman was sick. Soon they get into a heated argument when Lady Jung says you are not a legal wife and Lady Han says you don’t have children.  Lady Jung slaps lady Han and thank God Won comes and they both stop fighting. Won looks at Eun Sung but keeps walking. (Eun Sung didn’t recognize Won, how come)
Mom tells Eun sung to follow her, chairman needs medicine in his room. Eun sung holds a tray in her hand not knowing where to go. Won looks at her and gives a sign to go in to the room, she sighs. (She still didnt recognize him). She gives the med to chairman Won is also present. Chairman asks if she is the housemaid’s daughter. Won says he met Tan. Chairman says nobody talked about him and says now let your brother be free or I will. I know/understand your wound that’s why I looked away when you hurt Tan. Chairman says he didn’t hugged Tan and says he will regret it if it goes for too long. Won says you don’t feel regret towards me.
Lady Han is soothing her wound with ice and says to Eun Sung’s mom about being lucky but suddenly remembers that Won has been to America, he have met Tan. Won is in his room there is a knock and lady Han says she is going to come in and says you should have said about going to America but Won cuts her short and says hear it from dad. She asks hopefully if he met her Tan, what did he say is he living well. Did he ask about me? Won is clearly upset and say don’t you know Tans number should I let you. She says I m asking because he won’t pick it up. She wants Won to let Tan comeback, he is only 18 and feels sad about being a bad mom. Won looks at his picture on the same spot Tan is sitting, he remembers his meeting with hyung.
While having dinner Eun Sung asks mom who is stronger between the ladies who were fighting, mom tells about both of them, and Tans mom walks in Eun Sung changes the subject and says you are her daughter .Tans mom says not to tell anyone what you hear in this house.  Eun Sung apologizes about the situation and says we will soon find a place. Tans mom wants wine to drink Eun Sung says she will clean it up. Tan’s mom asks Eun Sung what did your mom say and she says that madam is a nice lady and she says lie I m not good to your mom and says you both are same. Eun sung watches the dishes and goes to her room her mom is sleeping while ironing the clothes she says sleep I will do it. Its morning Eun Sung arranges the room and mom walks in and she gives mom the present almonds. Eun Sung is silent for a while than says she is sorry and starts crying and says for leaving you like that forgive me. Mom hugs her cries herself and consoles her while Eun Sung keeps saying sorry.
Eun Sung is at her part time jobs. Tan is looking at the Hollywood sign or whatever it is. Tan is at his school in front of the board but her written memo is not there actually it’s there but other pages and stuff has covered it up. Eun Sung is folding her clothes and smiles at I love California t-shirt. Tan is sitting in his house eating a sandwich and looks at the dream catcher.
Eun Sung has enough money to return to Chan Young and asks for his account number. He says he will be coming back. Another morning, chairman and lady Han sleep in a same room but different beds she is sleeping while he is reading the newspaper and he says have you slept well and she says she hasn’t and says she is worried about Tan.
Chairman asks if Tan wants to come back. And she says did he left because he wanted to leave, he gives the permission to come and Tans mom asks if it’s true, he has given the permission, you will guarantee about Won but chairman says if he is afraid of Won its better if he won’t come. She calls him and says he isn’t picking up again.
Tan is sitting on a bench in school. He imagines-he sees his father standing and says I want to come back father and looks at her mom sitting on his bed remembering him and he says he misses her and finally says to his hyung  that sending him like that ,I m gonna believe it would have hurt you once. He calls secretary Yoon –oh my! has he decided to come back- He submits his assignment a diary? -He has written the tag line of the drama- one who wants to wear the crown, Bear the crown. And flies back to Korea and smiles when he sees secretary Yoon. He welcomes him and says he has grown big. Tan wants to see hyung first.
Who? Who is here? News has come to Won and at that moment Tan enters with secretary Yoon. Tan says he has come .For how many days? says Won. To live here is Tans answer but Won won’t take that and asks again for how many days. Tan says he knows what hyung is worried about. Won says he knows but still came. Tan says he misses his family he says whatever you say I m not going back I will play and live here let me do that. What hyung is worried about wont happen. Won says you dont want to go back then stay and walks out of the room. Tan stands there in a daze.
Won says to sec Yoon for a hotel room.
Mom hugs Tan and is genuinely happy to see her. Chairman is sitting, he isnt much interested and says sit down.  There’s a knock its Eun Sungs mom she leaves after putting the tea on table. Chairman asks about school have you learned something Tan says he just played. Chairman says go, you must be tired.
Tan comes to his room and is happy, mom follows and asks about his life over there and asks if has done drugs he says it is expensive.  Mom says about Rachel but he avoids the question. He has brought the dream catcher with him and hangs it on the window – what about surfer boy board-they were match made in heaven-
Eun sung is sitting outside. -Both have no idea they are in the same house- She takes out her boarding pass and takes a picture and writes that it all looks like a dream and posts it. -How come Tan didn’t see her sitting there, what is the use of that height of yours and stop posing at the window? Oh I see he is busy looking at the dream catcher and she is busy looking at the sky?- 
Its morning Tan takes a walk and stops in his tracks to see couple of clothes and a pair of shoes hanging not giving much thought he walks away and has some breakfast alone. He stops eating when he feels something – what is with this creepy music- and opens the door only to see a figure disappearing.-why didn’t you check. It might be a thief or your crush- Tan is walking in the house with headphones on, Eun Sung enters and hides behind a pillar. She doesn’t know who he is. – What kind of odd house is this? Doesn’t rich families have large portraits of themselves or family pictures or stuff on the wall- Eun Sung is sleeping when mom comes and wakes her up to go and come back later the atmosphere of this house is not good. Because of the 2nd son 1st son hasn’t come home and Eun Sung says tell him to come then and wants to sleep some more. Her mom hits her and says to go quick. Eun Sung asks where do you want me to go this early.
Myung Soo and Young Do arrive at Tan’s house Myung Soo gets off the car. He has come to visit Tan and Eun Sung comes out he is surprised and asks her if she has come out from this house as in if she lives here. She is sleepy and doesn’t pay any attention. He thinks to himself who is she? Did Tan move out?
Young do is at a convenience store and looks at Eun Sung walking by she takes a bottle of water?  Stands beside Young Do and drinks/gulps it in one sitting. Young do keeps looking at her. She walks by and sits on table only to sleep to some more. Young Do takes his ramyun and sits on the same table and checks if she is sleeping or not. He starts eating and two little boys come fighting -ah they are loud, hit them Young Do would ya- he scolds them, they start crying and Eun sung wakes up and walks away. Myung Soo jokingly asks if he is hurt and Young Do looks at Eun Sung walking away and answers heart.
Bo Na is roaming (some where). Idols, idols everywhere. – I have no idea who they are- Bo Na sees Chan Young she is so happy to see him and asks when did he came and how did he enter. She tells him how much she missed him he says me too and they hug. She says don’t go anyway; he says come with me anywhere.
Chan Young and his dad are cooking for Bo Na and she is in a daze. They serve her food. Dad says Tan has arrived Chan Young says he almost didn’t recognize him. Bo Na asks Kim Tan? Dad asks if she knows him too but Bo Na says how can she know him and is nervous.
Bo Na is upset, and tells Myung Soo she thinks Chan Youngs knows about her and Tans relationship. She says they both have met in America and wonders what has Tan told to Chan Young.
Tan looks at dream catcher for the nth time and checks his cell phone he hasn’t logged her out yet and reads her post and msgs her. She looks at the msg and asks him if he won’t log out and he says he wont all chatting while walking Eun sung towards the house Tan inside the house. He says tell me honestly if he were to appear in front of him she would be happy. Both standing at the door. One inside one outside their hands on the handle and of course there were separate doors. He steps out the house while she walks in -separate doors dammit-
Tan walks and sees Eun Sungs mom wearing the I love California t-shirt and stops, looks at the maid and still didn’t thinks much. Tans mom is wearing the socks that Eun Sung gave to Tan-and what is she doing practicing English?- Eun Sung comes in and looks at the socks. Tan’s mother scolds Eun Sungs mom about wrong wine and asks if your eyes have gone bad now. Eun Sung says she will do it from now on and Tan’s mom agrees.  Mom says why are you doing this you go and study she says how can she study when They dont have enough money. She steps into the wine cellar.
Tan is looking at the cell phone and says why there isn’t any answer she walks behind him and he again sees a figure disappear.  He comes in and stops because of a sound someone walking behind the glass door. He asks mom if there is a ghost, mom gets scared. He says he has seen a girls figure with long hair mom says she is the maid’s daughter they live here. And her name is Cha Eun Sung. Tan is super attentive, and asks why is she living here mom says her money was taken. -Goodness he is still thinking- And he thinks back to Eun Sung and her sister.Tan grabs his cell phone and looks at the posts once more where she says she hates mom working so hard and hopes Jaeguk collapses.  -Solve the puzzle already- Tan msgs her where is she and asks her to msg her quickly. He is getting impatient by the minute but she is not answering finally she does “I m drinking water” and he runs to look for her. -Quickly quickly the episode is about to end- Tan stands outside the door-open it quickly arghhhh I m about to go mad. Open the door already. You dont know how to do arghhhh-he finally opens the door, peeks actually and there she is drinking water. Ah the look on his face. He knows he knows he knows but she has no idea.

(recapped by sarahkhan41

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