Dec 14, 2013

Reviewing some food at the Shihlin Taiwanese Street Snacks stall

Little daughter wanted to have some Taiwanese food which ironically I did not have any at all during my stint in Taipei earlier this year..
We stopped by the Shihlin Street snacks stall in IPC and got some stuff… this is the hand made oyster mee sua soup. The soup is thick and quite tasty.. but it could be an acquired taste me thinks.
This one was pretty yummy.. straw mushrooms deep fried in tempura to your taste of choice.. there is original (which we ordered) and there is also kim chi, seaweed, wasabi etc…etc…
This is a box set with the chicken. Served with some japanese tofu with oyster sauce and century egg bits on it… another acquired taste.. I liked the chicken but but not so the other things. You can order the chicken if you like just by itself…
Check it out….

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