Mar 31, 2016

TEMPTationS you cannot resist....

A little bird told me that the new taste of TEMPTationS at the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur is sure to excite all foodies. There will be a new line-up of Live Action Stations throughout the restaurant and guests will indulge in a tantalizing buffet that spans from East to West offering a delicious selection of specialty dishes for Lunch and Dinner daily exclusively from Executive Chef Helmut Lamberger and his team .

Mar 30, 2016

Shape up FAST! 1cm in 3 days!

Every woman desires a toned and healthy-looking body that can fit into any gorgeous outfit, but in reality, not all of us can enjoy that until maybe now???

It would appear that Clinelle, has just launched their Clinelle BodyFitness, a new body care series that not only keeps to the brand promise with 6 secrets to Happy Skin, but it can actually effectively contours body line in just a few days! How awesome is that!!!!

Clinelle BodyFitness Hot Body Shaper Cream is the latest innovation that will help us make our dream of a perfect slender body achievable!!

Turning Treasured Taste into Treasured Gold

Yours truly was over at the Habib Jewels showroom at Ampang Point recently.... but no, I was not shopping for any jewellery though heaven knows I wish I could... LOL... just do not have the budget...not while I have school going and university going kids to cater to... I was actually there to witness F&N, the brand best known for its treasured taste moments holding the finale of its F&N ‘Mesti Lip-Lap Lip-Lap Punya!’ Contest there

F&N, the trusted companion that never fails to play an important role in the kitchens of all Malaysian households and F&B owners. It is enriched with creamy goodness in every can of F&N’s superior dairy products, F&N’s Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Milk that enhances the taste for all savoury cooking, desserts or beverages. The F&N ‘Mesti Lip-Lap Lip-Lap Punya!’ Contest is a commitment by the household brand to create more precious treasured taste moments, connecting and bringing family and friends together. 

Mar 29, 2016


 Whenever we smell something good or bad, our attention will quickly be diverted to search out what that smell is... so everyone knows how captivating a scent can be...

Therefore if you want to attract someone of the opposite sex, you have to be able to smell really nice, else that pretty face might get overlooked especially now in our busy, highly distracted and digitized days, when more and more people are more interested and have their attention all on their smart phone or tablets...

Supplements inspired by the Al Quran and Hadiths...

Talbinah / Barley (التلبينة)

Muslims will be familiar with Talbinah. Talbinah is a barley broth cooked with milk and sweetened by honey, very much more nutritious than wheat flour. Talbinah is said to be the food the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his companions eats. 

Talbinah is nutritious and filling, and it warms and soothes the stomach, helping to lessens sorrows and to regain health. It is also effective in maintaining bowel regularity.

Mar 28, 2016

Travel for half price now.....

Friends who love to travel... I have great news for you... there are these travel vouchers that are worth RM600.00 selling now for just RM299 !!  You can save a whopping RM300 per voucher!!!

Isn't that an amazing deal or what!!!!! This voucher is from which I have shared before on my blog so if you haven't read about it, do READ HERE.....

Into the Woods ... at the SORR 2016 in Sg Menyala Forest Reserve

Early Saturday morning, my daughter and I woke up early, got ready and met up with my dear blogger pal Misz Ella at McDonalds, Bandar Sri Damansara where I then car pooled with her to go to Port Dickson for the Save Our Rainforest Race (SORR)

After a couple of missed turnings, (and I still cannot comprehend why for once Google Maps seem to fail me... ) we finally found our way to the Sg Menyala Forest Reserve... Fortunately, it seem we were still in time as the Race was just about to start .

PEKA , known as the Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia (which translates to the Association for the Protection of Natural Heritage of Malaysia) had organized this successful "Save Our Rain Forest Race" which is an annual event held in different forest reserves around Malaysia on a yearly basis and this time, they were holding it at the Sungai Menyala Forest Reserve, Port Dickson...

Mar 27, 2016


Every woman knows the importance of wearing an appropriate and correctly-fitted bra, as this will improve your general health and well-being.  Yours truly was over at Isetan KLCC to check out the new innovation in a cup, the new SUHADA bra, from Wacoal which promises to be Beautifully Comfortable....

The importance of knowing where your family members are....

Whenever I take my daughter to the mall, when she was much younger, she would so love walking up and down the aisles, examining all the toys, clothes and so on as I would look around to find something to buy for her. 

But there were a couple of occasions she wandered away and these moments were those of panic... and how not to panic when there are so many sickos around in the this world, and even in Malaysia itself, who would love nothing better then to prey on young helpless kids... 

Mar 26, 2016


I was at the AEON Shah Alam Mall for the second time last Tuesday and well, in a state of excitement and reverence since I was at long last going to see his Highness DYMM Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah Al-Haj in person...since he was the one who was officiating the opening of AEON Mall Shah Alam—the 25th AEON Mall and 31st AEON Store in Malaysia....

Mar 25, 2016

Batman vs Superman : Dawn of Justice Review(including some spoilers)

I was one of the few who got to watch Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice on Wednesday, thanks to Fox movies...And the best thing of all was getting to watch it in 3D at the IMAX cinema at TGV 1Utama....

Dream weddings minus the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur

A wedding is supposed to be the most special occasion you will celebrate just as you begin a whole new chapter in your life being a couple with the one you love. And so you should really look into getting the best there is and make it the most memorable one which you can remember for the rest of your lives…

And Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel is one of the best places you can start your “Happily Ever After” from….Their catchy tagline says it all…., “Whatever your culture, whatever your tradition, whatever your style,… You just have to say “I DO” and we (Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel, ya.. not me – Miera Nadhirah) will do the rest for you…..

Mar 24, 2016


Japanese women have always been known for their luminous Asian skin, which is described as radiant, youthful and porcelain-like. 

The secret to their preservation of flawless, porcelain-like skin is by staying true to the Japanese skincare regime, so let this... errmm  "Japanese" woman in the picture, ehemmm... yours truly here tell you more about it ok.....hehe

Mar 23, 2016

10 things to do at Batu Caves....

Batu Caves is said to be one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India, and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia.The limestone forming Batu Caves is said to be around 400 million years old, amazing huh....

 Batu Caves is most busiest during Thaipusam when it becomes a pilgrimage site not only for Malaysian Hindus, but Hindus worldwide, some hailing from India, Australia, Singapore and many other places....


Many people might think Alicafe is only for men... but I disagree... my mother in law is about 70++ and still going strong... and she loves drinking Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Coffee...and I am not saying this just because I am writing this story but it is true..

She will always have a packet of Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Coffee in her house...The first time I saw her buying it when we were out shopping, I was almost scratching my head in confusion....

Mar 22, 2016

R U Tough Enough?? Check this out!!!

Watsons Malaysia will be presenting a battle of the sexes competition, with male and female contestants facing off against one another in a series of physically demanding and emotionally enduring challenges. 

Working hand in hand with KIX HD (Astro Channel 729) and Astro, Watsons brings back the "R U Tough Enough? The Battle of the Sexes Edition" and we will see Malaysia’s toughest who will walk away with the grand prize of RM30,000! 

How he Shop & Dine his way to a new BMW

 Congratulations Abang Zulkipli on winning the BMW 218i Active Tourer at the Quill City Mall  Shop & Dine Fiesta

I guess when Lady Luck smiles on you, you can even win a gorgeous BMW just by buying some clothes or necessities for your loved ones or even taking your family out for a good meal at the mall!!!...and yes, yours truly was there at the Quill City Mall to witness the lucky draw for 40 of the finalists....

Mar 21, 2016

Earth Hour 2016

So, how did you spend your weekend and the Earth Hour 2016???

The second-to-last and last weekend of March is the time of the Spring and Autumn equinoxes in the northern and southern hemispheres respectively. 

This allows for near coincidental sunset times in both hemispheres, ensuring the greatest visual impact for a global ‘lights out’ event (that is if you are viewing from a rocket or space craft somewhere...), but well, Earth Hour which first started as a lights-off event in Sydney, Australia in 2007 chose that date for it's symbolic and spectacular lights out display. 

This is done with a big message  which is that we all want to protect the future of our planet!

Mar 20, 2016

How to get amazing travel discounts or travel for free!!!

I love traveling. It is what defines me and make me me. I am not highly educated since my single mom did not have the funds to put me through university or college and there wasn't the convenience of PTPTN back then. Whatever I am or know I learn in the University of Life and well, my travels which I have been quite fortunate to be able to have done....

Mar 19, 2016


Glutathione treatment is a trending skin whitening and brightening treatment among celebrities such as Beyonce and also many East Asian women who yearn for fair radiant skin. While some say that it is an effective skin whitening and brightening treatment, it is also quite costly.

Laneige has recently reformulated their White Plus Renew Original Essence with the world’s first of its kind Cell-Water-Glow Technology which can now give us a similar effect as the Glutathione treatment minus the excessively high cost! Isn't this amazing....

With this new technology, not only are the melanin cells on our revitalised but the dead skin cells too, with both types of cells charged to enhance its ability to absorb more moisture and nutrients. Melanin cells that are charged will also be repressed of melanin production which further promotes brightening of the cells. As a result, charged up cells will produce a more translucent tone up effect with a more even skin tone.

Ronasutra Skincare – The Goodness of Mineral

Have you heard of Ronasutra? It is a homegrown product from Malaysia that was created to meet the demanding needs of women today who are looking for an alternative to the usual skincare you can get in the market today. After going through rigorous consumer testing, 2 years and over 3,000 formulation later, Ronasutra Cosmetics was finally launched in 2007 here in Malaysia. So as you can see, Ronasutra has been around for almost 10 years now!!!

This skincare has gained popularity among makeup artistes, local celebrities, and women of leisure who find that Ronasutra Cosmetics can actually meet their skincare and makeup needs far better than expensive international brands. Ronasutra Cosmetics not only beautifies our Asian skin, it also protects and soothes skin from irritation and inflammation caused by skin allergies.

Mar 18, 2016

Rethink what a phone can do with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

I was at KLCC at 9.30 am intending to be early for the event and also to get a parking space. Normally on a normal weekday, KLCC would be very serene at this time without many people around, but it was really very crowded when I arrived at the concourse level of Suria KLCC!!! 

And some of the people have been there since 3-4am!!! Were they camping there or what....

Mar 17, 2016

Sushi King launches 100th outlet...

Yours truly has always been a huge fan of sushi, and so Sushi King is definitely one of my most favorite sushi outlets to head to whenever I crave fresh Japanese sushi....

Recently, I was at the grand launch of this Malaysia's all-time favorite Japanese restaurant's 100th outlet. Sushi King is a subsidiary of Texchem Group, and it proudly launched its 100th outlet at the new AEON Mall in Shah Alam. This AEON, being the latest AEON to join the array of mall in Klang Valley. The launch was done amidst a grand spectacle of unique Japanese traditional performances, much to our delight as I always find it so fascinating watching another culture's performance....

Mar 16, 2016

Unboxing the Huawei Mate 8

I know I did a write up on the Huawei Mate 8 recently, and I wished that I could just own it... and somehow that dream became reality thanks to the Maxis Zerolution program which Maxis customers can own the latest Smartphones with 0 upfront payment.. no need cash or credit card, and no interest...

It did not quite occur to me that I would get this phone at all and it was really such an impromptu purchase as well...


Don't you wish you could have natural coloured sugar pink lips that draws attention? I know I sure do. I am not one who will go for super vibrant shades of red or pink too often, and I prefer subtle shades as it looks more natural.. so I definitely found the new Mentholatum Sugar Lip Lipbalm truly heaven sent especially when it is also a lipbalm to sooth my constantly chapped lips....

Mar 15, 2016

Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards 2016 Winners

Adele, Jennifer Lawrence, Justin Bieber, Sofia Vergara, Will Ferrell, Amy Poehler, Zendaya, The Voice, SpongeBob SquarePants, Fifth Harmony and more were among those who won coveted orange blimps at Nickelodeon’s 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards. 

The Nickelodeon’s 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards was hosted by country music superstar and coach on NBC’s The Voice, Blake Shelton, the awards were broadcast from the “Fabulous” Forum in Inglewood, California, where kids celebrated the best of everything they love in pop culture. 

Mar 14, 2016

Fun holidays with Kung Fu Panda at Sunway Putra Mall

 Yours truly and her youngest daughter was at the Main Atrium of Sunway Putra Mall recently along with the Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) children as they enjoyed a fun day out with Po, from Kung Fu Panda.. The Main Atrium of Sunway Putra Mall has been transformed to a majestic mountain range where the children had an amazing time  imagining themselves in the world of Kung Fu Panda ....

VIMA Music Awards 2016

Are you an aspiring musician, singer who thinks you can make good music and would like a chance to show it off or make it big? 

The VIMA Music Awards 2016 and the VIMA Model Awards 2016 was officially launched at a press conference at the Laundry@ The Curve in Mutiara Damansara, yesterday afternoon.

The event,  was attended by  past VIMA award winners, judges, models and sponsors, including prominent personalities such as Suhaimi Sulaiman, Dato Beatrice Nirmala (former Mrs Malaysia 2007) and AIM award winners Alex Subryn & Ze Rebelle. 

VIMA (which stands for Voice International Music Awards) is an anticipated music award in South-east Asia, and for this year’s edition, the music recognition platform will open up to submissions from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. 

Quick healthy meals with TC Boy Tuna....

When you are in a fix at home and need something quick to whip up, or when you are traveling on a tiny shoe string / backpacker budget, I have to tell you a can of tuna is almost life saving... 

Let's start with the travel part. This is on my own experience, and I learn it from a backpacker. I am not rich. I am a struggling mother of three who was bitten by the travel bug since she was a kid, so I cannot always indulge myself during my travels in fancy hotels or fancy food as I have a very, very limited budget...

Mar 13, 2016

How to raise a well balanced kid..

A typical tiger parent would be someone who put a great priority on their children’s examination results, wanting them to be the best they can be. None of their children are allowed to be left behind in their studies, and those who happen to fall behind would be sent for intense concentrated classes to bring them up to speed.
The tiger parent's priority on their children’s education can be so great, that usually their kids could read fluently at the age of three or four. Sadly, most of these children's playtime will be taken away from them. What the kids are expected to do is excel in their studies, music, ballet and such. Some of these kids can not even hold a conversation nor mingle with other children their age. They were only good with books and studying.

Mar 12, 2016

Amazing deals and great fun at MATTA Fair 2016

The MATTA Fair 2016 is currently on and will be on until tomorrow, the 13 of March 2016. It is the IT place to go for amazing travel deals and packages. So be sure not to miss the three day fair, ok, now on point of print,(two more days) held at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur. 

Yours truly is a huge fan of MATTA Fair and has always been so. I try not to miss one if I can.. why, you ask? It is because, there are so many things to see, buy, consider, do... I could spend hours here at the MATTA Fair and not get bored.. even if I am broke for the moment and not shopping for any travel package (just saying)...and freebies to score... (Let me show you some I scored this year...)

RICHARD MARX The Solo Tour – Live in Kuala Lumpur

I was fortunate and honoured enough to be able to catch Richard Marx on his Solo Tour- LIVE in Kuala Lumpur recently, thanks to Fatboys Malaysia. Richard Marx was one of my most favorite singers back when I was just a teenager and I distinctly remember singing along to his songs like how my daughter would now to her favorite songs...

So you can imagine how delirious with delight I was getting to see one of my idols come perform LIVE!!!  

Mar 11, 2016

Fall in love or lust with Huawei Mate 8

Yours truly was over at the KL Convention Centre recently, excited to be the few at the launch of the Huawei Mate 8.... Huawei has grown to be among the top best smartphone companies in the world and is now defining premium living and business management with the launch of the Huawei Mate 8. Did you know the Huawei Mate 8 sold a whooping 2 million units in China itself within 50 days of launching....

Read on and find out more....

Mar 10, 2016

Survive the Public Toilets

This is Mr Eggs is British Shorthair cat that lives with his partner in crime Sir Pumpkin, another British Shorthair cat with their owner...and yes, Mr Eggs is one of the popular Instagram cats around as well with over 66 k followers... puts me to shame... huhuhu 

Why I am sharing Mr Eggs picture here is because Mr Eggs likes to lounge on the toilet seat... and well.. my story today is about toilets... hehehe .. and I really doubt Mr Eggs would like to lounge or sit on any of our public toilet seats now would he... 

Do you know that three out of five Malaysians are very unwilling to use public toilets, citing common reasons such as wet, dirty floors or toilet seats, clogged or unflushed toilets, and lack of water or clean water and toilet paper. 


Since the Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards 2016 is COMING and my daughter is going gaga over it and everything slime...because ah, slime happens to be a big deal at this awards show which celebrates the best of everything kids love in pop culture. 

So I decided to make her a slime-inspired breakfast... Well I have some recipes here to show also for your kids or you to create for this school holidays before you all catch the show on Monday, 14 March at 11.30am and 6pm

Mar 9, 2016

Who Will Be Asia's Next Top Model??

There will be fourteen lovely ambitious models who will be vying for Asia's Next Top Model (AsNTM) title in the upcoming fourth season of the series that will be aired on Star World and Star World HD (Astro Channel 711 & 722)

The 14 contestants of AsNTM Cycle 4 come from countries all over Asia - Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore as well as first time competitors from Mongolia and Myanmar.

Lelaki Harapan Dunia to kickoff Yasmin Museum’s Filmmaker Series

 Yasmin at Kong Heng Museum located in Ipoh will be showcasing  Lelaki Harapan Dunia, during this one-day-only event on 12 March 2016 at 2pm as part of its Filmmaker Series...

Did you know Yasmin at Kong Heng was built in remembrance of the late Yasmin Ahmad. You can find her prized possessions there, as well as on the people and philosophies that have inspired her work. Visitors to the Museum can find her remarkable works in the form of photography, filmography as well as artistic works devoted to her by other artists all there for display.

Mar 8, 2016

Fear of Dentists..and how to overcome it...

Going to the dentist can be a scary thing for many people. About a quarter of the world's population are terrified of dentists one way or another, and who can blame them. When you think of dental clinics, chances are scary dental clinics from horror movies comes to mind with a weird strange man wielding some kind of pliers or drill...

Personally, I used to be terrified of dentists up to the point I rather face a gunman who can shoot me in the head because that toothache has become so unbearable then to see the dentist...and I relied a lot on pain killers... and well, since parents are usually their children's role models, some of my fear of dentist rubbed off on my daughter who also thought a visit to the dentist is just as good as a visit to some hellish and scary place, not that I blame her since her last visit to a dentist was indeed a bad memory and a very painful experience.

You see, she had to had stitches done on her gums and a cast on her teeth as she had fell hard and hit the floor face forward, and there had been a split gash on her gums and teeth were rattled badly. And well, most dental clinic are just cold, with the smell of medicine and in many ways scary...

As a result, she did not have great teeth...

Mar 7, 2016

Contest: Win yourself a So Fresh 2016 Album!!!

You really have to to own his amazing album featuring fresh hits from your favorite artists....

Guaranteed ALL HITS… NO MISSES! Enjoy the hottest tracks from the biggest artists on the planet! Featuring global smash hits from Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, One Direction, Ariana Grande, R City Feat. Adam Levine, Ellie Goulding, SAM SMITH and more! 

Hello Kitty makes appearance at Perdana Botanical Gardens

Yours truly was at the Perdana Botanical Gardens early Sunday morning to check out the Hello Kitty Fruity Rush Fun Run which happened there.. even as early as 6.45am, many Hello Kitty fans and fun run enthusiasts were there colourfully attired in bright red and white striped shirt in a blue dungaree t shirt with an assortment of different bottoms...

Some fans even went as far as to wear bows, or even had Hello Kitty headbands on their head and one participant was spotted carrying a Hello Kitty plushie as she ran...

Food Indulgence at Pretz n' Beanz

Pretz n’ Beanz Cafe is a place where pretzels meet coffee. Yours truly was over at the Pretz n' Beanz Cafe which is located right in the heart of Solaris Mont Kiara.  

The Pretz n’ Beanz cafe here is very cosy, relaxed and fun with fun sayings and motivation on the walls. But what I was here was to check out the scrumptious, soft pretzels they served as well as their freshly brewed coffee.. which anyone can enjoy anytime, all day long. 

Mar 6, 2016

Magnum Pink and Black Party

When you think of pleasure, you should also be thinking of MAGNUM ice cream. MAGNUM is best known as the global purveyor of premium chocolate ice cream indulgences ideal for pleasure seekers. MAGNUM ice cream is not just an ice cream brand of the utmost quality, but also one that thrills our emotions with its range of decadent flavours.

And yours truly was over at the ballroom of Aloft Kuala Lumpur for the launch party of the MAGNUM PINK & MAGNUM BLACK ice cream....

Mar 5, 2016

Ti Lung and Jessica Hester Hsuan in Malaysia for "The Kid From the Big Apple" promo tour


It was an impromptu decision, but my mother asked me to send her to IJN , the National Heart Institute for her to visit her friend who was undergoing bypass, so I decided to just attend the Press Conference for the next Malaysian award winning movie, none other then "The Kid from the Big Apple" . It was held at the Double Tree Hilton at the Intermark, so it was convenient...

After all, when else would I be able to get an opportunity to meet Golden Horse Award Best Actor Tommy Tam, or more known as Ti Lung, and the popular Hong Kong actress Jessica Hester Hsuan who both flew in from Hong Kong to promote the locally produced movie...

Mar 4, 2016

A taste of Malaysia this Ramadan at SDCC

I recently was at the Sime Darby Convention Centre for the Ramadan buffet review, themed "A Taste of Malaysia" and I was truly bowled over with the offerings  that were being showcased there...

I know Ramadan is still months away, but it is always good to prepare early...and SDCC's Executive Chef Azmi Md Sidek and his team definitely created an amazing Ramadan buffet menu filled with mouthwatering Malaysian favourites that you would expect or crave for during the season...

Mar 3, 2016

Indulge in Hut's Delight Meals for just RM14 per person!!

 So yours truly was over at the Pizza Hut at Pavilion KL for the media get together check out the new promo. And my, oh my.... Pizza Hut Malaysia really surpasses their customers expectations by offering more value for money combos..

Fans of Pizza Huts can now indulge in their popular Hut's Delight Meals range that offers abundance and variety for dine in customers for as low as just RM14.00 per person!!! How cool is that

Why you must watch The Kid From The Big Apple...

This couple of months is all about amazing local bi-lingual /tri-lingual (in Ola-Bola’s case) movies. I am sure most of you have watched Ola Bola and was impressed with it, and even mesmerized by it.. many were moved to tears… 

I am now telling you you have to keep your eyes, ears out for another amazing local movie, "The Kid From The Big Apple", which has a couple of Hong Kong actors/actresses starring in it and totally shot in Malaysia!!! I did so recognize the square near Masjid Jamek .....

And hey, do you know this movie recently won 4 awards at the 7th Macau International Movie Festival ?  Yes, this movie is THAT AMAZING!!! 

Mar 2, 2016

Media Prima Radio launches Kool FM

The whole of the first floor of the Sime Darby Convention Centre was brimming with excitement in a carnival-like atmosphere yesterday. There were many guests and celebrities mingling as a couple of blogger friends and I joined in...