Mar 17, 2016

Sushi King launches 100th outlet...

Yours truly has always been a huge fan of sushi, and so Sushi King is definitely one of my most favorite sushi outlets to head to whenever I crave fresh Japanese sushi....

Recently, I was at the grand launch of this Malaysia's all-time favorite Japanese restaurant's 100th outlet. Sushi King is a subsidiary of Texchem Group, and it proudly launched its 100th outlet at the new AEON Mall in Shah Alam. This AEON, being the latest AEON to join the array of mall in Klang Valley. The launch was done amidst a grand spectacle of unique Japanese traditional performances, much to our delight as I always find it so fascinating watching another culture's performance....

Sushi King has been in Malaysia for 21 years now and counting.. and it is the largest Japanese restaurant chain in Malaysia, so this launch was really a huge achievement to them, making their exceptional growth and making them the pioneer in conveyor belt restaurants in our country...

Tan Sri Dato' Seri (Dr) Fumihiko Konishi, the Founder of Sushi King and Executive Chairman of Texchem Resources Berhad, said this was definitely a very significant milestone in Sushi King's history...

Sushi King offers only the best quality Japanese cuisine with the finest ingredients imported directly from Japan, Norway and other places known for their specific food ingredients to create the perfect Japanese dish for their customers... Sushi King stays true to the adage of serving quality and fresh food, so that only the best is served on the conveyor (kaiten) belt...embodying their slogan "Smiling, Served Fresh"

 Guests, members of the media and shoppers around the mall were thrilled by the magnificent Taiko Drum performance.

 The Taiko Drum performance was done by the famous Japanese drum group Wadaiko Syo group headed by Mr. Nakanishi Takayuki , the very accomplished Japanese drum instructor and founder.

.... as well as the Mochitsuki Ceremony which requires the VIPs to pound some rice cakes to make 'Mochi' , a customary Japanese event in ushering new beginnings...

By partaking in the ceremony of mochi, which is believed to symbolise the spirit of rice, the 100th outlet of Sushi King envisions gaining strength and support from these rice divinities and will then achieve great success, similar to all the other former outlets... 

Everyone present were also treated to a Japanese traditional 'Soran Bushi' dance. Soran Bushi is a Japanese sea shanty first sang in Hokkaido by the fishermen there. It has its unique dance styles that date back generations that depict ocean waves, fishermen dragging nets, pulling ropes and lifting luggage over their shoulders. This song is said to encourage the fishermen at work....

In conjunction with Sushi King's 100th outlet, Sushi King also made a generous contribution of RM10,000 to the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, as a gesture of appreciation for their ongoing good work...

A funny and memorable part of the press conference that ensued later at the event was when Tan Sri Dato' Seri (Dr) Fumihiko Konishi was asked on what his favorite Japanese food was and what this favorite Malaysian food was, in which he quipped, Sushi King, of course.... and Penang Laksa...making the crowd laugh....

 Members of the media and other invited guests were then ushered to the lovely new Sushi King restaurant on the 1st floor of the AEON Shah Alam to enjoy our lunch there...

My table of blogger friends....

Sushi was on free flow which made all of us so we tucked in on our favorite sushis followed by some Ala Carte dishes..... pictures below...

And for your information, though Sushi King has been a Pork Free restaurant serving Halal meats, they have now officially submitted their application for Halal status, so to all Muslim consumer, Insya Allah our favorite Sushi restaurant will be certified Halal very soon...

Anyway I'd like to thank Sushi King for having me over on this momentous occasion and to know more about Sushi King, do check out 



  1. oh yums! i used to go there when i was a kid. congrats sushi king on the 100th outlet!

    1. as a kid?? You don't like sushi anymore?? hehehe

  2. wow so hungry this hour to see these.
    esok will go hunt for sushi king!!

  3. Wow so fast, now they have 100 outlets in malaysia already. I like sushi also.

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  5. I really miss all the food at Sushi King. Looks like a great event that I had miss too.

  6. Wow.. macam-macam aktiviti masa launching dia rupanya.

  7. Congrats SK. For many more years to come - I love the fact that they put calories count on each menu! Helps a lot in counting calories!

  8. Awh a hearty congratulations to Sushi King for their 100th outlet! What lovely activities too - I am sure everyone had a lot of fun!

  9. Aeon shah Alam seems to be turning into a mini Japan already! Tons of Japanese food available there. Congrats on their milestone

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