Mar 7, 2016

Hello Kitty makes appearance at Perdana Botanical Gardens

Yours truly was at the Perdana Botanical Gardens early Sunday morning to check out the Hello Kitty Fruity Rush Fun Run which happened there.. even as early as 6.45am, many Hello Kitty fans and fun run enthusiasts were there colourfully attired in bright red and white striped shirt in a blue dungaree t shirt with an assortment of different bottoms...

Some fans even went as far as to wear bows, or even had Hello Kitty headbands on their head and one participant was spotted carrying a Hello Kitty plushie as she ran...

It sure was a fun run with the adorable Pop Icon/ Sanrio Cartoon character on all merchandise which included t shirts, face stickers, towels, socks, shoe bags, and on the banners... 

What that surprised me a lot were there were really a lot of male participants who were there because they wanted to be there and they were also huge fans of Hello Kitty... and here was I thinking only girls liked Hello Kitty...

I was absolutely stunned... when this guy, Greg, who was an airline pilot self confessed he adored Hello Kitty and for his 5th wedding anniversary, both he and his wife got matching Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel tattoos !!! His tattoo was on the bottom part of his calves (could not take his tattoo pictures because of the crowd).. how cool is that...

Batzmaru also made an appearance at the Perdana Botanical Gardens to run a little bit with fans while Hello Kitty came out and flag off the inaugural Hello Kitty Run Malaysia 2016.

Hello Kitty thrilled the crowd before the flag off with her air kisses and performing the “Hello Kitty MY wave”. 

Some of the participants took the opportunity to of course start snapping photos with Hello Kitty – as it is of course an exciting opportunity for them to get up close and personal experience with their favourite pop icon.. 

The concept of this fun run was inspired by Hello Kitty that was created more than 40 years ago. This legendary icon has flourished into a global phenomenon that is universally loved and this is the whole idea to bring everyone together – forging friendships and life-long connections across the world.

Living up to its theme, “Fruity Rush”, the run had decorated checkpoints perfumed with mango, durian and strawberry fragrances. Participants passed through each checkpoint with goodies given out, and fruity fragrances emitted. 

At the Durian checkpoint, participants were required to walk through reflexology mats just wearing their socks... participants could be seen giggling as well as wincing as they accepted the challenge... 

The Hello Kitty Run in South East Asia was introduced first in Singapore back two years ago in 2014. In the latest edition of the run which was held at Marina Bay, Singapore during the Christmas season recently,a race participation of a whooping 11,000 runners was recorded. 

For those who completed the 5km run/walk, they were given a can of Lotto isotonic drinks, a banana, an adorable little Hello Kitty soft toy as well as a Hello Kitty medal....

We also got to enjoy some samples at some of the sponsor's stalls as well as other interesting discounts and specials... I for one loved the new Honey Lemon drink Pokka introduced...

MBC sold some cold pressed fruit juices which was so refreshing on a parched throat for RM7 each..I loved the Mango, Orange and Apple combo...

Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe had adorable Hello Kitty cupcakes, biscuits and pops for sale...

Participants and fans of Hello Kitty were also thrilled with the various activities such as carnival games to join and win prizes to complement the theme of the run, and the most popular and patronised Hello Kitty merchandise booth that sold limited edition Hello Kitty Run Malaysia products..

 I got myself a set from the Singapore run for just RM80 which consisted of a nice lycra cotton t shirt, a pretty shoe bag, a foldable tote bag, a pair of socks and a little plushie...

I got to take a look at the pretty medal .. and felt a pang of regret at not joining in the run ....

The little soft toy is just as adorable.. mind you these are all limited editions...

For the young and the young at heart, there were also some art and crafts table to indulge in... colouring....

Or making your own fruits....

And these are how the completed product look like... heheheh

There were also game booths to challenge yourself and your friends and family to see who can play better...

And.. for fans of Hello Kitty, they were naturally delighted to get their hands on some Hello Kitty shaped water bottles...

It was definitely an amazing fun run with lots to do and memories to make... and I was glad I was there to check it out as well.... 

For more information about the first ever Hello Kitty Run Malaysia 2016, please visit or the Facebook Page Hello KittyRun Malaysia”.


  1. The tee is so cute!! Wish I was there coz im a kitty fans too

  2. wow so fun with Hello Kitty run. I am also Hello Kitty fans, hope next year they have it again.

  3. OMG everything is so cute! I guess the expensive registration fee was really worth it.
    Got many goodies :D

  4. Awww... so cute! everyone is wearing the hello kitty t-shirt! I wish i can join too. :(

  5. Wow! So lovely this event, a gathering for all Hello Kitty fans :) superb!
    Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  6. The medal is very cute.
    Wish to join this run next round.

  7. this looks good compared to my experience in Singapore in 2014. Horrible...from no medals (not enough or whatever) to bad planning coz when it rained, people had no shelter (it was obviously a rainy season). this however looks good...

  8. i wasn't aware of the run. aww.. too bad that i miss it.. will join next year definitely. :D

  9. Everything looks so cute for the marathon! They should organize more of these but the price to join is kinda ridiculous.

  10. Aww got a free entry for this but I was out of town. Looks cute la Hello Kitty run

  11. Such a cute run! Awwww~~~~ So so so so so so cute!

  12. This has to be one of the most adorable runs i've seen. so lucky that you managed to join T.T

  13. Hello Kitty! So cute ! Lovely Hello Kitty run in the morning!

  14. Interesting event, I like the 'uniform', so cute especially on the guys :)

  15. The Hello Kitty run is so cute! Look at the amount of ppl participating! =)

  16. OMG i love the running tee and the run setup were so cute. Cry cry cry coz I did not go.

  17. Everything was too cute...aiyaa, rugi tak join aritu...can get interesting stuff.. 😊


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