Mar 27, 2016


Every woman knows the importance of wearing an appropriate and correctly-fitted bra, as this will improve your general health and well-being.  Yours truly was over at Isetan KLCC to check out the new innovation in a cup, the new SUHADA bra, from Wacoal which promises to be Beautifully Comfortable....

The revolutionary SUHADA bra  is said to reinvent the conventional techniques of brassiere making. And it was proudly unveiled by Wacoal Malaysia amidst an evening of fun and games for about 100 invited  guests and members of the media like yours truly...

Even at a first glance I could see that it would be comfortable to wear and it came in a simple but beautiful design...

Keen to know more I got myself fitted but was disappointed to know that I could not fit into this since I am quite a plus size after having 3 kids...and of course too much good food through the years, and am more bustier then I thought I am...but then again, Wacoal is a Japanese brand and it is best suited for petite Asian women and in my case, I am a UK size  12-14... huhuhu

So I had to content myself with just touching and admiring the cut and design....Made entirely  wireless and feather-light, the mold cup of SUHADA is structured by an integrated elastic 3D frame.  

Cushioned low within multiple layers of supple urethane, the strategic positioning of the curvy 3D frame optimises the flawless fabrication of the mold cup. 

This one-of-a-kind assembly enables SUHADA to bolster the bosom gently whilst seamlessly embracing bust of any form – ultimate comfort in a whole new dimension!

Backed up by decades of advanced research and studies carried out by its famed Human Science Research Centre in Japan, Wacoal’s scientific approach is second to none in the intimate apparels industry. 

A view of the SUHADA from the side.....

A view from the back....

A view of the SUHADA from the front....

Wacoal is definitely excited to be able showcase yet another lingerie that embodies cutting-edge innovation as part of their way of ‘illuminating women’s beauty from science’....

We even got a chance to get up close to the lovely Miss Malaysia World 2015, Ms Brynn Lovett, who also holds the title of Miss Wacoal as she made her appearance at the event, tried on and then shared her opinions, first hand, on wearing the SUHADA bra.

The SUHADA bra retails at  RM209.90 and RM59.90 for its seamless matching panty. It is imported from Japan and comes in three captivating prints or patterns, is available at selected leading Wacoal outlets.  

So to my lovely petite friends, or those who are slim and slender, do go and check it out... it is really gorgeous and comfy... 

For poor me, I have to wait until SUHADA decides to make bigger cups for plus sized women like me or content myself with other lovely Wacoal offerings....


  1. Wah, new stuff from wacoal. I love the 3D flowery design. Do they have breastfeeding bras too?

    1. The SUHADA design has only 3 models/design at the moment.. hopefully they will come up with more... breast feeding bras... for SUHADA, none at the moment but Wacoal has some I think...

  2. ya, they should come out with more sizing!
    i am on the plus size cateegory!

  3. wow.. i love wacoal. my fav bra since 2006 after la senza.. hehehe.. nice colour n cutting with lovely design.. xoxo

  4. tell u a secret. wacoal is cheaper in thailand. buy in thai.

  5. Nice bra.. :) Wilson, you very geng.. Bra price pun u know.. hehe~

    1. hahaha I know right... he so kengggg wan.... LOL...

  6. The designs look really good for this 2016 - though I do wish that they came out with more sizing to accommodate to a bigger audience. A great innovation this time round nonetheless :)


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