Mar 29, 2016

Supplements inspired by the Al Quran and Hadiths...

Talbinah / Barley (التلبينة)

Muslims will be familiar with Talbinah. Talbinah is a barley broth cooked with milk and sweetened by honey, very much more nutritious than wheat flour. Talbinah is said to be the food the Prophet Muhammad PBUH and his companions eats. 

Talbinah is nutritious and filling, and it warms and soothes the stomach, helping to lessens sorrows and to regain health. It is also effective in maintaining bowel regularity.

Talbinah has been mentioned in many narrations of the Prophet PBUH such as the narration of Aisha that when someone from her relatives died, the women would gather for that (reason) then they would disperse except her family, she would order an earthenware pot of Talbinah be cooked, then tharid (a dish made form meat and bread) would be made and the Talbinah poured over it. Then she (Aisha) would say (to the women), ‘Eat from it for indeed I heard the Messenger of Allah PBUH say: “Talbinah is a relaxation for the heart of the sick person and it removes some of the sorrow”.’ [Bukhari 479/9, Book of Food, Chapter of Talbinah]

Recently, I was given an opportunity to try out two products from MEKARAY VENTURES.

MEKARAY VENTURES SDN BHD is a Malaysian company that began back in  26hb September, 2015. The company name ”MEKARAY” is  a combination of “MEKA – MEKAH” and “RAY’ = bringing a meaning of a Ray of light from the holy city of Makkah, the city our Muslim prophet Muhammad PBUH was born in, situated about 70 kilometres from the Red Sea city, Jeddah.

MEKARAY refers to the Al Quran and the Hadiths as their source of information in finding ways to help ease the various diseases /illnesses we suffer nowadays. 

MEKARAY mission is to deliver Allah’s message in a business as well as good news to mankind with a beneficial product as well as a business opportunity that is ‘SIMPLE, PRACTICAL & ACHIEVABLE”

MEKARAY VENTURES concentrates on only two products, which is the Triple M, also known as the Meka Miracle Meal which comes in a yellow sachet and Meka Viniga (Slimmie Viniga)  that comes in a black sachet……

Triple M /Meka Miracle Meal (RM198 per box of 28 sachets) promises to treating stress and reduce depression, heal stomach problems, control high blood pressure and blood sugar levels as well as provide energy to our body.

It can also prevent heart disease, diabetes, asthma, gout, cancer, arthritis, eczema, high blood pressure, cholesterol, migraine, sinus, Parkinson's, sleeplessness, stroke, constipation, flatulence and other illnesses

It is a very nutritious breakfast replacement and can also be used as a lunch, tea and dinner meal replacement. It is safe enough to also be given as a food supplement for toddlers and above.

Its main ingredients are skimmed milk powder, barley powder, malt, yogurt, oats, Arabic gum and honey powder

Once you mixed it in water, you will taste slightly diluted milk , so if you want it thicker, add less water. I can however taste some sweetness from the honey which is not too sweet and the barley oats...

I like the taste which is not too cloying or thick.. and I am the sort of person who cannot stand unpleasant tasting food... it will make me want to throw up but with this, it was quite nice..

All you have to do is mix one sachet with 125 -150ml of warm water. Stir well and serve….
It is best to drink it in the morning or evening with an empty stomach…..

Slimmie Viniga or now known as Meka Viniga (RM198 per box of 28 sachets) on the other hand helps us to reduce excess weight, remove cholesterol and raise HDL. It is also great in improving stamina and body fitness. If you are like me who have gastric problem, it can actually help with treating and reducing gastric problems as well…

It is also anti aging and very helpful in reducing migraine pain, as well as removing toxic and improving blood flow. Women will also find it beneficial as it can reduce menstrual cramps during that time of the month!!! 

Black Seed (حبة السوداء)

Meka Viniga's ingredients are honey, dates vinegar, filtered water, pomegranate, virgin coconut oil, Nigella Sativa / Habbatus Sawda, crystal rock salt, lemon extract, olive oil and orange flavoring , though I cannot quite taste the orange flavoring...

The taste is exactly what you would expect from vinegar and lemon, sourish but the consistency is more syrupy. And it is really quite pleasant to taste...

Try both the Triple M and Meka Viniga for just 3-4 days and you will be able see the difference. 

Personally for me, I am one who wakes up as early as 3-4 am to catch up on my blog and other things so I am quite tired and drained out during the day but upon trying these products, I found to my surprise, I was less tired then before...

For more info, check out :

Tel number : 603 - 9174 5449


  1. Looks like an awesome supplement. good info

    1. This is back to the basic when the prophet used these ingredients to care for sick people/ medicate sickness

  2. woo nice product to try ya....thx for sharing...

  3. I want to have a slim body too. Will try this out since you said the taste is good.

  4. this supplement looks nice.. i can't wait to try it out. :D

  5. I dont mind the jelly. not a fan of drinking tho :p

    1. Its not a jelly Aliza.. more of some syrup...

  6. Wah, I hope to see you be thin after you tried it :D It looks as soya drink.. O.O

  7. sounds good for breakfast :) I need something like this for more energy too

  8. ooh...a new product to try and can help slim my body. I likey..will try it soon.

  9. Its my first time getting to know this brand.

  10. Didn't know about this brand, will share it also with my Muslim friends :)

  11. Thanks Miera for introducing the products. Boleh tambah more energy during the day and makan ikut Sunnah. Tq

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