Mar 16, 2016


Don't you wish you could have natural coloured sugar pink lips that draws attention? I know I sure do. I am not one who will go for super vibrant shades of red or pink too often, and I prefer subtle shades as it looks more natural.. so I definitely found the new Mentholatum Sugar Lip Lipbalm truly heaven sent especially when it is also a lipbalm to sooth my constantly chapped lips....

Mentholatum’s all new Sugar Lip Lipbalm's formulation is created from a unique Brown Sugar Recipe which works to nourish and smoothen your lips. How cool is that!!!

Did you know that Brown sugar is a natural humectant that seals in moisture and keeps lips feeling hydrated? The Mentholatum’s all new Sugar Lip Lipbalm Crystal Brown Sugar formulation instantly melts onto your lips to ensure your lips remain moisturized for soft, supple and youthful looking lips.

You can now achieve rosy pink lips with just one swipe of the lip balm. Pink lips are after all a very attractive facial feature that enhances your natural beauty and can warm up your facial complexion. A natural pink that you can wear anytime of the day, is the perfect lip enhancer you can wish for ... 

Besides its brown sugar formulation, Sugar Lip Lipbalm is also enriched with effective moisturizing ingredients such as Super Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramide and MaxiLip to provide long-lasting moisture and ensuring soft and supple lips all through the day. Just one glide is all you need for a youthful and supple look. 

The all-new Sugar Lip Lipbalm is available in four soft shades of pink to bring out your natural beauty with that perfect hint of lip colour. They are 01 Vintage Pink, 02 Dancing Pink, 03 Kissy Pink and 04 Rock n Pink. 

Get yours today at all leading pharmacies and major supermarkets at just RM15.80 (3g). And yes, it is just ideal for tweens and teenagers as well as women of all ages.....


  1. Ika love Sugar Lip balm in Vintage pink. So vintage and lovely.....
    Nowday need to use lipbalm.... malaysia is so hot right now. Bibir dh kering huhu

  2. I got this too! Haven't start to use but can't wait to use it on my lips to achieve the sweet and kissable lips =D

  3. Nice shades. I regularly use Lip balm. Will try this brand too.

  4. Lovely shade of pink making it look so natural though i dont use any balm on daily basis but this look good to me.

  5. I love lip balm with a tinge of color hehe... Protects while makes our lips look good at the same time

  6. I love lip balm with a tinge of color hehe... Protects while makes our lips look good at the same time

  7. Brown sugar is good to soften your skin especially when used as a scrub. Lovely product, colour is sweet

  8. The pink color look good and metholathum have various products to choose.


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