Mar 30, 2016

Turning Treasured Taste into Treasured Gold

Yours truly was over at the Habib Jewels showroom at Ampang Point recently.... but no, I was not shopping for any jewellery though heaven knows I wish I could... LOL... just do not have the budget...not while I have school going and university going kids to cater to... I was actually there to witness F&N, the brand best known for its treasured taste moments holding the finale of its F&N ‘Mesti Lip-Lap Lip-Lap Punya!’ Contest there

F&N, the trusted companion that never fails to play an important role in the kitchens of all Malaysian households and F&B owners. It is enriched with creamy goodness in every can of F&N’s superior dairy products, F&N’s Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Milk that enhances the taste for all savoury cooking, desserts or beverages. The F&N ‘Mesti Lip-Lap Lip-Lap Punya!’ Contest is a commitment by the household brand to create more precious treasured taste moments, connecting and bringing family and friends together. 

The finale started with a stunning teh tarik /pulled tea performance by F&N’s Teh Tarik King, Norazlin Bin Mat Janus whilst celebrity host of the day, Fizo Omar kept the crowd entertained well throughout the afternoon. 

The aim for this contest was to engage with Malaysians from all walks of life and to reward them for their long standing appreciation and loyalty to F&N. 

Held from 1st December last year till 31st January 2016, the contest received an overwhelming response with entries from all around Malaysia. 

Prior to the grand finale today, 24 weekly winners have already successfully walked away with HABIB gold jewelleries

The contest came to a golden thrilling conclusion with 6 lucky finalists competing for the grand prize through the Teh Tarik and “Pick Your Fortune” challenges.

Following through with their brand promise as the trusted companion for all generations, F&N commits itself to continue building trust and relationships across generations by constantly bringing treasured taste moments to Malaysians. F&N ‘Mesti Lip-Lap Lip-Lap Punya!’ Contest as an initiative to continue this legacy.

At F&N, everyone can enjoy a creamy and frothy glass of their all-time favourite Teh Tarik made with F&N’s sweetened condensed and evaporated milk.

The mechanics for the final was very  easy.. there was a mini judging through the Teh Tarik competition to see who got to choose their lucky pick first.... Once it was decided, the first until the 6th contestant got to choose which F&N "can" they wanted...

Then the contestants got to open their selected can. 

Inside each can was a jewellery box from Habib Jewels....

After a little countdown, all the contestants opened their box simultaneously... and the Grand Prize winner was then revealed...

Mohd Syaufiq Bin Mat Saad (28 years old, from Alor Setar) was the luckiest among the other five finalists to bring home with the Grand Prize of HABIB gold jewellery voucher worth RM 20,000.

“I am surprised to have won the Grand Prize, this is totally unexpected! Thank you F&N! Now, I am going to bring my wife and mum for some shopping at Habib Jewels really soon!” said Mohd Syaufiq who was overjoyed and brimming with pride at the grand finale.

All the other five finalists also managed to walked away with RM 5,000 worth of HABIB gold jewellery voucher each.

Congratulations all!! Now sighhhh.... when will it be my turn I wonder... huhuhu

F&N’s superior dairy products are a familiar and essential part of Malaysian lifestyles and tastes. Being the preferred dairy mix to a perfect brewed cup of Teh Tarik, F&N’s Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Milk is everyone’s trusted favourite for all occasions.

For more information on F&N’s Sweetened Condensed and Evaporated Milk, please visit


  1. wow some really got mad skills doing the teh tarik, now even got contest for that eh?

    1. yeah...thought these contestants did pretty easy ones you and I can do...

  2. Wow... So skilful! Like seeing live show.. Haha... Wish i can watch this in live~

    1. this is not the real teh tarik competition... but one for normal people like you and me.... but it was still fun to watch

  3. I should really try some teh tarik moves at home, hahah! It'll be messy and fun for my boy to watch lolll

  4. LOL a teh tarik competition :-D Congratulations to all the winners. I think I will practice at home and hope to take part in the next competition :-D Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

  5. God loves righteous and faithful , i wish you become one of them , best wishes to be guided to the right way to god

  6. I hope for you to be always guided to the right way to the truth and then live in peace always.


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