Mar 14, 2016

Quick healthy meals with TC Boy Tuna....

When you are in a fix at home and need something quick to whip up, or when you are traveling on a tiny shoe string / backpacker budget, I have to tell you a can of tuna is almost life saving... 

Let's start with the travel part. This is on my own experience, and I learn it from a backpacker. I am not rich. I am a struggling mother of three who was bitten by the travel bug since she was a kid, so I cannot always indulge myself during my travels in fancy hotels or fancy food as I have a very, very limited budget...

So normally when I pack my luggage, I will be sure to bring biscuits, bread and cup instant noodles . This also comes in handy for some of those Muslim travelers who are very particular about their food being HALAL since there are many times it is just not that easy finding a HALAL restaurant anywhere...

It was on my Cambodian trip, in which I was traveling alone, when I met another fellow Malaysian backpacker. We agreed to travel together to Bangkok since when we were there, it was a time Bangkok and the whole of Thailand was under curfew and all , and truth be told with all the unsavoury news blown out of proportion, it sounded scary.

We took a bus to the border of Thailand/Cambodia from Siem Reap, Aranyaprathet / Poipet and got out passport stamps before getting on a van there at the other side of the border which headed to Bangkok at break neck speed. Yes, in case you want to ask, that was one helluva scary ride...

Since it was a long journey and we did not have anything much to eat, my fellow Malaysian backpacker opened his backpack and took out a can of TC Boy tuna...and opened it.

 I looked on quizzically until he took out a loaf of bread and a fork and proceeded to make a simple tuna sandwich for me and another for himself....It was simple to make, delicious to eat, cheap, basic but healthy sustenance. It is also free from additional artificial preservatives or monosodium glutamate

And, for your information, all of TC Boy products are HALAL certified by JAKIM, so it is safe to eat for all Muslims and everyone else...

Since then, I made it a point to carry a couple of cans to TC Boy tuna whenever I travel on my own budget..

Healthy? Yes, as I said, TC Boy tuna & salmon are known to be rich in Omega 3, thus containing DHA and EPA which helps our body system raise good cholestrol (HDL) and decrease bad cholestrol (LDL).  TC Boy tuna happens to have Protein also, a nutrient much needed by our body for growth and maintenance...and Calcium, which plays key roles in cell signalling, blot clotting, muscle contraction and nerve function. 

On a diet?  No worries, as TC Boy tuna is low fat and helps reduce diseases such as heart disease and obesity. 

Just the other day me daughter came back from school hungry and asked me to prepare lunch for her... so I thought up this quick recipe... 

I broke 3 eggs into a bowl, and added salt and pepper to taste before I beat them up

then I scrambled them up in the pan... 

And picked up a can of TC Boy tuna with chilli padi...

This is how it looks like after you open the can...

I added cut onions and cut green chilli into the pan with the eggs

Then added the tuna into the pan... slowly stir until all is well mixed... and serve with a plate of piping hot rice... it is a simple but nutritious meal which taste good as well, and considering how expensive it is getting to sometimes eat outside, having simple meals like this can help our budgets....

Personally for cooking, I love the tuna with chilli padi best. Besides this I also make Tuna Spaghetti by  just boiling some spaghetti, then cooking the sauce/gravy using garlic, onions, one can of this tuna with chilli padi and some fish sauce and hey presto, ready to serve and yummy!!!

So there you have it, for more info on TC Boy products, check out


  1. I used to eat TC Boy tuna almost every day. No longer touch canned food as I am on a quest to eat unprocessed food.

    1. oh my.. everyday is a bit too much I think... hehehe

  2. I love to add tuna into spagetti. Ya loorrrr!!! Miera, everyday make me so ' jelak'!

  3. OMGGG that actually looks Yummy Miera! I want :D hehe. cook for me pleaseee

    1. Come over to my house and I cook for you looo

  4. this is one of my favourite recipe too! fast and tasty...yum yum!

  5. another choice of tuna, it seem nice :)

  6. It is my fav tuna! I also like to cook it on everytime I buy it! I also used the tuna while I do my sushi by my own!

  7. I just recently changed from Ayam Brands to TC Boy. Their products aren't bad and nice that they have a variety of different flavors

    1. Exactly... loving the wide selection there is!!!!

    2. Exactly... loving the wide selection there is!!!!

  8. I like fried egg tuna on my sandwich. This is so easy to make and delicious too.


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