Mar 22, 2016

How he Shop & Dine his way to a new BMW

 Congratulations Abang Zulkipli on winning the BMW 218i Active Tourer at the Quill City Mall  Shop & Dine Fiesta

I guess when Lady Luck smiles on you, you can even win a gorgeous BMW just by buying some clothes or necessities for your loved ones or even taking your family out for a good meal at the mall!!!...and yes, yours truly was there at the Quill City Mall to witness the lucky draw for 40 of the finalists....

The event started with prize giving for 30 of the finalists first and a very intriguing and thrilling magic show which got every one in the audience 'oohing' and 'ahhing' in disbelieve as the magician cleverly performed trick after trick

The Shop & Dine Fiesta was a lucky draw contest that ran from October 2015 till March 2016 in conjunction with the first Anniversary of Quill City Mall, where customers spent a minimum of RM150 in 2 accumulated receipts, entered the contest and stood a chance to win the Grand Prize of a BMW 218i Active Tourer! 

“As you can see, Quill City Mall, officially launched in January 2015 is a rich blend of shopping and dining in a wonderfully designed and exhilarating setting that enhances the pleasure of shopping, dining and urban living in Kuala Lumpur. The upscale yet accessible Quill City Mall, located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, includes offerings that fit every lifestyle. This 8-level retail space has been designed to create a modern destination for people to meet, gather and socialise.” says Dato’ Michael Ong, Executive Director, Quill Group of Companies.

Bolstered by the success of the Shop & Dine Fiesta, he continues, “We launched the Shop & Dine Fiesta in conjunction with the first anniversary of Quill City Mall, this was our way of saying thank you to our loyal patrons and partners.  We organised many online and offline activities around the contest including selfie contests and performances. 

The response to the Fiesta has been over whelming with thousands of customers participating in the contest and the selfie contests and attending the performances and activities. Given how successful the Fiesta was, we are already planning another exciting activity, so follow us on social media to know the latest”. 

Some of the sponsors and key management  staff taking a group picture...

On The 6th Vouchers: Noor Izaty Binti Abdul Rahim

A total of 40 lucky winners had been selected to win, that BMW 218i Active Tourer, a 55” Curve TV & Home Theatre, AEON Cash vouchers, Fridge, Tablet, holiday package, a 48” TV & Home Theatre System, On the 6th Vouchers and so many other attractive prizes in the Shop & Dine Fiesta but yeah, sadly I was not among one of them... oh when will you smile on me again, Lady Luck....

Panasonic 600L Fridge + Joi11 Flip Tablet + Microsoft Wireless Mouse: Nor Hazirah Kan Bt. Hussin Kan
 There were definitely a lot of smiles and a slight frisson of disappointment added in as each winner got up the stage to collect their amazing prizes...the disappointment is because they were not the winner for the BMW 218i Active Tourer, obviously....

Aeon Cash Vouchers:  Lai Huey Ling

The two finalist were then called on stage where Dato’ Michael Ong, Executive Director, Quill Group of Companies did the final draw in front of decide who was the first runner up....

Samsung 55” Curve Smart LED TV+ Panasonic Home Theatre System: Dr. Ivan B Thomas
 Dr Ivan B Thomas was both a happy and disappointed he received his 55" Curve TV and Home Theater.

The happy winner Abang Zulkipli leapt a couple of times on stage, barely concealing his delight on having won the car and had his family come on the stage as well to celebrate his win... Once again, congrats!!!!

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  1. That magic trick was pretty cool! Always wondered how they managed to do that lol. My friend is a BMW fan, think he joined this but didn't win :P

  2. really good luck leh. i want a BMW too!!! will work harder to get my own BMW. hehe

  3. This is so cool! I wanna win a BMW too :)

  4. What a luck! Many congrats to him.

  5. OMG this was really so lucky of him!! I pun nak try my luck juga la T_T

  6. Wow congrats to the BMW winner, really his lucky day.

  7. Jelly-nya of the BMW winner, so lucky of him to win a gorgeous car while just shopping :)

  8. congrats to the BMW winner!!! really lucky person!! I wan BMW too!!!!

  9. i want to win BMW too, lots of viral news about this car recently, but oh well congrats to the winner who must be too happy


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