Mar 3, 2016

Indulge in Hut's Delight Meals for just RM14 per person!!

 So yours truly was over at the Pizza Hut at Pavilion KL for the media get together check out the new promo. And my, oh my.... Pizza Hut Malaysia really surpasses their customers expectations by offering more value for money combos..

Fans of Pizza Huts can now indulge in their popular Hut's Delight Meals range that offers abundance and variety for dine in customers for as low as just RM14.00 per person!!! How cool is that

Anyway, you will be delighted to know that the Hut's Delight Meals is available in combos serving for one, two and four people. You will definitely be spoiled for choice from the vast selection  of pizzas, pastas, appetizers and drinks available...

  "The new improved Hut's Delight Meals offer a wider range of variety that is sure to satisfy even the most discerning consumer. The abundance, at a very affordable price is a steal," Sharon Khor, Deputy General Manager , Pizza Hit Marketing says.

 The Hut's Delight Meals variety in an extended menu ensures that customers will have more choices and more savings without any unpleasant surprises in their bill, giving them just pure value.... 

These meals are available all day, providing customers the convenience to partake in an unforgettable dining experience with their friends and family...anytime, any day....

Check out some of the goodies below........ 

Crispy Hot Wings....Crispy fried chicken mid wings and drumettes coated in tangy chilli sauce which is almost as good or even better then some Korean chicken outlets that has popped up all over...

Creamy Fondue - consisting of garlic bread in a thick creamy mushroom sauce...

Mushroom Chicken Treasure - Crispy tortilla shells filled with chicken, mushrooms, onions and tomato salsa..

Caesar Salad - with beef bits and croutons... really fresh and yummy

Creamy Mushroom Chicken Fettucine  with creamy sauce, chicken roll, roasted yellow onion and roasted sliced mushroom.

Meatball Bolognaise Spaghetti (Choose from Chicken or Beef) Served with chicken meatballs, minced meat and roasted onions simmered in tomato sauce.

Island Supreme Pizza... Served with tuna, onions, pineapples, crabmeat sticks with mozzarella cheese and Thousand Island dressing.

Triple Chicken Pizza - with sliced chicken roll, chicken topping and chicken sausage with onions, tomatoes and mushrooms with Thousand Island Sauce.

Island Supreme Pizza - tuna, onions, pineapples, crabmeat sticks with mozzarella cheese and Thousand Island dressing

Tropical Chicken Pizza - comes with sliced chicken rolls and pineapples accompanied by tomato pizza sauce

Cream of Mushroom Soup - a lovely bowl that is rich with mushrooms.

Assam Boi Fizz - made with 7up, with some green apple syrup, lime and assam boi.....  a definite wake me up if you are feeling lethargic and sleepy...

Thanks to Pizza Hut for having me over..  had an amazing time with blogger and media friends trying all these amazing dishes and will be back with the family next to indulge again....

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  1. That is a good meal for RM 14. For me, probably too much to eat but if someone is really hungry, that is seriously worth it.

  2. wow nice. with such an affordable price, we can get so much! would love to revisit again.

  3. Yummy yummy~
    Creamy Fondue was my favourite among all! =D

  4. I miss going Pizza Hut with my family. Will try the new menu out soon

  5. Pizza Hut really has great deals in Malaysia. So much to eat and so less to pay!

  6. Pizza hut always my favourite. I love Hawaiian pizza so much

  7. wow! my mum's favourite though when come to pizza :P sure she will happy to enjoy the new menu :) cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  8. Pizza Hut always offer the cheapest price for Pizza! Love their amazing deals =P

  9. It's been a long time I didn't eat Pizza Hut pizza
    Should try the new menu :)
    They looks delicious and the price is cheap

  10. They have more interesting variety now compared to last time, must try!

  11. it's been a long time since I went to Pizza Hut and I really didn't know they have so many amazing dishes now


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