Mar 28, 2016

Travel for half price now.....

Friends who love to travel... I have great news for you... there are these travel vouchers that are worth RM600.00 selling now for just RM299 !!  You can save a whopping RM300 per voucher!!!

Isn't that an amazing deal or what!!!!! This voucher is from which I have shared before on my blog so if you haven't read about it, do READ HERE.....

Now you can buy these vouchers and plan for the year end holidays with your kids...

These vouchers are valid from 1st December 2016 - 1st December 2017

This voucher is redeemable for :

- Flight tickets
- Travel packages
- Theme parks
- Hotel stays

You can redeem these vouchers for just about anything you want as long as the value does not exceed RM600. Anything more then RM600 you have to pay yaa.... hehehe
tongue emoticon

Don't you want to get one or two or more now.... There are only 100 pcs available, so hurry!!!  No excuse you cannot travel because it is too expensive... with  traveling is affordable.... 

Recently there was this amazing deal I forgot to share... so sorry it expired already... but see...

Only RM150 per person to go to Balik inclusive of flights, a 3 star hotel stay and breakfast for 3 days 2 nights...where else can you get this kind of deals... is that wild or what!!!!!

Call/WhatsApp: Shahrul Izuan now 0102419090 and tell him Miera introduced you....

This is how the voucher looks go get yours now before the offer ends on 15th April 2016!!!

And don't say I did not tell you so....


  1. This is a steal =D This is good for who love traveling!

  2. TRavel for half price? Who doesn't want it right? HHAAHHA

  3. Look interesting I guess I 'll look into it when I need to travel.

  4. good deal! maybe good for my second half year travels. thanks for sharing this dear, save me from burning my own pocket. lol

    1. hehehe.. no need to burn a hole in the pocket now when you can travel at an amazing price with

  5. How I wish I can travel none stop with a carefree heart. Ok, will tell them you intro us ;) Thanks sis!

  6. Wow, so awesome the great travel deals, thanks for sharing Miera :)

  7. Great travel deals and nowadays it is becoming so convenient.

  8. Oh my! This was the one you shared previously right! So good deal

  9. Wow, what a great idea! Saving $$$ and travel too..Thanks for sharing.

  10. This really a good deal and I like it. it really save a lot of my money. Thanks for sharing.


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