Mar 23, 2016


Many people might think Alicafe is only for men... but I disagree... my mother in law is about 70++ and still going strong... and she loves drinking Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Coffee...and I am not saying this just because I am writing this story but it is true..

She will always have a packet of Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Coffee in her house...The first time I saw her buying it when we were out shopping, I was almost scratching my head in confusion....

Anyway, Power Root Marketing Sdn Bhd has recently revealed the biggest secret about its flagship product – Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng, Malaysia’s leading pre-mixed Tongkat Ali dan Ginseng coffee brand.

                        The first expose was the introduction of the new brand ambassador for Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng, none other then Faizal Ismail (fondly known as FBI), formerly of HOT FM fame. The celebrity figure revealed that his role as brand ambassador was not the big secret. Instead, it is the fact that drinking Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng has helped boost his energy and stamina levels, maintain his mental focus, and strengthen his body.

Faizal proceeded to share his personal experience of how he became a fan of Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng:

“Yes. I like coffee. In fact, I have tried many different brands because I used to believe that all coffees are the same. Boy was I wrong. When I first tried Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng, I had no idea the difference would be so significant. I was surprised by how nutritious it is. I mean, this is a coffee and yet it made me feel pumped up, energised and focused. Not just in the morning, but throughout the day. I really felt the difference. That’s when I knew that Alicafe is no ordinary coffee and should not be compared with 3-in-1 coffees. Ever since then, I will not start my day without my nutritious 5-in-1 fix of Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng. What this coffee does for me daily is a secret I am glad to share.” – FAIZAL BIN ISMAIL, Alicafe Brand Ambassador

Being a 5-in-1 coffee, Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng contains two additional ingredients that give off extraordinary nutrition which is Tongkat Ali and Ginseng. When combined they add an extraordinary boost of nutrition to body and mind throughout the day.

Tongkat Ali has been well known to enhance energy levels, endurance, stamina and reduce mental fatigue. Ginseng on the other hand is a powerful anti-oxidant and can improve the cognitive function to help the body fight diseases. And this according to Faizal, is the difference that sets Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng apart from all other coffee and maybe my dear mother in law sees it this way too... 

After sharing the benefits of Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng, Faizal presented the two new brand TV commercials, radio spots and the brand new tagline for Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng: Secawan Khasiat. Setiap Kali.”

Re-enacting his role in one of the radio spots he did recently for Alicafe, Faizal lapsed into a bit of Kelantanese. He had practised hard to master the dialect in hope of not disappointing his fans with the delivery.

“Nikmatiloh ye luar biaso haghi ini. Alicafe. Secawe Khasiat. Setiap Kali.” – FAIZAL BIN ISMAIL

The tagline “Secawan Khasiat. Setiap Kali.” bears testimony to the core values of Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng. It’s a reminder of what makes Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng an extraordinary coffee. A coffee that nourishes from morning to night. There’s now a reason for all coffee drinkers to think twice the next time they pick up another pack of coffee.  

“Last year we launched our two new variants of Karamel and Lebih Pekat. Since then, sales have really soared. We believe it is because consumers are very smart. They know a great product when they see one. When they taste it and can feel the difference, that is when leaders are made. As the No.1 Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Pre-mix coffee brand in Malaysia, Alicafe has really made its mark as an extraordinary coffee. Today’s launch of our “Rahsia” is a timely reminder to our consumers to add a cupful of nutrition to their daily coffee.” – Tengku Shamsulbhari, Chairman of Power Root Marketing Sdn. Bhd.

Members of the media and guests were treated to a range of Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng. In particular, the two newest variants of Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Karamel and Lebih Pekat were free-flowing throughout.

Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Karamel
Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Karamel variant combines the indulgent taste of caramel with premium quality Arabica and Robusta coffee beans. Delight your senses with a cup of Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Karamel as you enjoy the delicate aroma of caramel whilst indulging in the delicious caramel accents in your favourite cup of coffee.

Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Lebih Pekat
Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng Lebih Pekat promises a cup of extra creamy and extra rich coffee that is “lebih kaw” to be enjoyed at your convenience.

The entire Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng range has been certified Halal by JAKIM.

The extraordinary goodness of Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng is available at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and provision stores nationwide. 

Now that you know it, the fact that Alicafe Tongkat Ali and Ginseng is so much more than mere coffee no longer is a kept secret.

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